Banana Bread Coconut Cookies

Banana Bread Coconut Cookies

Hello friends!

Before we get to the Banana Bread Coconut Cookie recipe I wanted to let you know that while I am catching up on organic skincare orders from my shop I am still bringing all of you some of the BEST of the BEST blog posts from some of my favorite bloggers. This guest post series has been a lot of fun for me (and I have more coming). Here are two super guest posts from this past week you might have missed…


What a treat I have for you!!! One of my besties is stopping by with cookies that are TO DIE FOR. Super sweet Loriel from Healthy Roots, Happy Soul writes about all things *REAL*…from real food, to DIYs, to helping people know how to say NO to GMOs (check out her ‘Unraveling GMOs’ book here), to raising her adorable little fellow, to her gardens, and much more. …and she is simply an amazing person. I know you’ll really like her.

I am literally drooling as I write this post. I keep looking at all of her amazing photos below and re-reading the ingredients in these cookies. …just wait, you’ll do it, too!!!

Check out the recipe below AND THEN be sure to check out Loriel’s bio at the end of this post. I’ve included her social media links so you can be sure to go and give her some *REAL* love. <3


I am so excited to be here, writing for all of Jessica’s peeps. I met Jessica more than half a year ago and I am happy to say that not only is she my blogging friend, she’s grown to be a friend in real life. I love her, I love her posts and I love her skincare line.

Scratch Mommy’s number one fan over here! I’m even more excited to be sharing a real food sweet treat that can be eaten for breakfast. Hellooo, it doesn’t get any better than that!

If there is one thing I can remember from my childhood it was licking the bowl whenever my mom finished making a sweet treat. I was the batter queen. I’m sure I helped her mix the pre-packaged cake mix but I know I was definitely present for the licking of the bowl.

I remember her always saying, “Don’t eat too much Loriel, you’ll have a stomachache afterwards.” I never quite understood why (and personally didn’t care) but now that I’m older and a little wiser, I understand.

Besides the cake mix being boxed and full of weird ingredients, I realized the eggs came from factory farm hens which live in crowded, disease-ridden conditions. Yikes!!!

Thankfully I’ve grown a little wiser with my food choices and now that we eat pastured animal products (happy, roaming animals), I can let my son lick the bowl of all the yummy from scratch concoctions I make with confidence. I’m still trying to figure out whether he likes the batter from my chocolate pillow cake bliss bars better or my super moist vanilla cupcakes. Either way, I don’t have a problem letting him eat raw egg yolk that came from a pastured hen and often put it in our homemade smoothie-turned-popsicle recipes for an extra nutrient punch. We can never get enough good fats around here!

That being said, the other day I had a pile of bananas that were, um, getting a little too brown. My husband always gets onto me for stuff like that. I tell him to take a chill pill and relax because I have it all under control. Cough cough. Most of the time… Other times it goes into my DIY trash can compost bin and I never tell him.

Will you keep that secret for me? 🙂

I love Pinterest because of all the inspiration that is lurking behind every beautiful picture. I hate it because I get sucked in. Surely I’m not the only one, right? I guess that’s a good love/hate relationship to have if it ends up resulting in some really awesome banana bread coconut cookies.

Yup, you heard me. Banana bread coconut cookies. How freaking awesome, right?

So you know how I had those overripe bananas screaming at me to be made into something? Well I popped a few of those into my bowl along with wholesome oats, nutritious einkorn flour (my very favorite flour), and mineral-rich coconut sugar. Since I have a whole gallon of coconut flakes that I desperately need to use, I threw in a handful of those plus some chocolate chunks. Nothing is ever complete without chocolate!

The result was basically banana bread wrapped up in a cookie form!

Deceiving? A little.

Delicious? You bet your buns!

I even brought these to a gathering the next day and only brought a few because I was afraid people were not going to accept the bread texture in a cookie but dang, was I wrong! I got compliments all day and they were gone within minutes.

The best part about these banana bread coconut cookies is that they can actually be eaten for breakfast! I know, exciting right? I mean, there are bananas, oats, eggs and butter in it, so why not? I always love an excuse to eat something cookie-like for breakfast. But that may just be me, I sorta have a sweet tooth.

Banana Bread Coconut Cookies


Make it:

  • Preheat your oven to 375°
  • Stir sifted einkorn flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, cinnamon together in a separate bowl
  • In a large bowl (I used my KitchenAid stand mixer with paddle attachment but you can use a hand mixer) beat butter until light and fluffy (about 2 mins)
  • Slowly add coconut sugar and beat for about 2 minutes
  • Beat in banana, eggs and vanilla until it’s just combined
  • Using a wooden spoon, stir in flour mixture, oats, shredded coconut and chocolate chunks. The batter will be slightly stiff and it make take a little muscle power to mix thoroughly
  • Drop by the tablespoon full on a greased baking sheet, or a baking sheet with these silpat mats (these cookies don’t expand too much so you can leave about an inch and half in between each cookie)
  • Bake from about 8-10 mins (mine took 9 minutes)
  • Enjoy with a nice glass of cold, raw milk

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Loriel is the creator of Healthy Roots, Happy Soul.
She is a mother to one young boy who keeps her on her feet and motivated to continue to learn how to make her home and world a better place to live in.
She loves sharing real food recipes, kitchen tips, and DIY projects on her blog. She hopes to inspire and empower anyone she comes in contact with to make healthier lifestyle changes.
Visit her at

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And you MUST check out Healthy Roots, Happy Soul’s YouTube Channel. It’s there that you’ll see just how adorable Loriel really is.


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