If you're looking for an essential oil air freshener option that doesn't use electricity and looks nice, you can make a DIY essential oil reed diffuser.

DIY Essential Oil Reed Diffuser Air Fresheners

I love a home that smells amazing. I love to walk in, or through, the house and be either invigorated, energized, calmed or soothed by a wonderful scent.

Before I started living a life from scratch I used to accomplish that with regular old not-good-for-you candles that came with a side helping of toxic chemicals. But now I know better, and those were cast aside without another glance. Someday I’d love to get around to making my own non-toxic candles, such as tallow candles, or aromatherapy candles but that time is not now.

Enter essential oils.

Different essential oils can be used for their inherent properties: cleansing, energizing, calming, uplifting. You can use single oils, or even create custom blends to cleanse the air in your home, effect your personal mood, find focus, relax and soothe yourself — the possibilities are almost endless.

We have a couple of small electric diffusers that we often run in the house, especially during cold, flu and allergy seasons. But there are times, like in the winter and in the dead heat of summer, that having yet another running electric device is not my idea of a good time; I truly do not enjoy the additional burden on the electric bill. I am also the type of person who enjoys having different scents in the different rooms of the house whenever possible (what can I say? I like change!), and even in our small home that would still be quite a few diffusers.

So if you are looking for an essential oil DIY homemade air freshener option that does not use electricity and looks really nice, you can make yourself a reed diffuser.

This is also a great idea for those who want a lightly noticeable scent that is different for every room, or even for rooms or closets that are too small to run a diffuser in. We have a reed diffuser in our bathroom (with a cleansing blend – see below for ideas) and our bedroom (usually a relaxing blend). And not only are these a great electricity-free air freshener option that can be changed and updated as often as you feel the urge to, a homemade reed diffuser will also make a fantastic and thoughtful gift.

If giving as a gift, you don’t want to give this fully assembled (too much of a chance for a mess). Just be sure to bottle up your selected oils with labels on the bottles, maybe even premixed with the carrier oil in a sample sized or other small glass bottle and arrange your decorative glass bottle, reeds, bottle of oil and directions into a nicely presented package. The recipient is sure to be pleased with their gift!

Just remember, this is not as powerful a room scent as you would get using a diffuser, and scent rises, so I advise you to place your DIY essential oil reed diffuser on a table or somewhere at or below eye (or nose) level so that the subtle scent will be noticed and appreciated!

You’ll Need:

  • Any color glass jar or container with a small opening. You want a small opening because it will help lessen evaporation.
  • Reed diffuser sticks. Any color will work!

DIY Essential Oil Reed Diffuser Air Fresheners

  1. Pour your carrier oil into your glass container. Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol (you could even substitute vodka if needed), and your essential oils.
  2. Swish everything around lightly in the bottle to incorporate everything together, and put your reeds into the container.
  3. Depending on the size of your container, you could use anywhere from 5-10 reeds (the more reeds, the more scent you will have but you don’t want the whole thing to look too “bulky” either), I always just add the reeds one at a time until I like how it looks!
  4. Choose where to place your new DIY Essential Oil Reed Diffuser Air Fresheners and enjoy them!

Here are some suggestions of essential oil combinations for different purposes (you can also use single oils, it all just depends on your personal tastes):

Here are some other great ideas for natural non-toxic air fresheners:

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Looking for more DIY oil diffuser projects? Check out DIYideaCenter where this recipe is featured, along with 7 others!

And keep those windows open in the summer! The scents of grass, flowers, freshly cut grass, rainfall and so much more will come wafting in!

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