It's been a long hard Winter so let's jump into Spring with these 16 must have DIY's to celebrate Spring and all the wonderful things that come with it!

Jump Into Spring: 16 Must Have DIY’s to Celebrate Spring

I think I can speak for everyone when I say this past Winter we had has been awful and long — it seemed like everyone and their mother got some sort of nasty sickness that never seemed to go away. But, thank goodness Spring is here which means warmer weather and sunshine for most everyone!

Whether you like to celebrate Spring by opening all your doors and windows and making a thorough clean sweep, getting out in the garden, or heading to the beach or park, we’ve got you covered with 16 must have DIYs to celebrate Spring.

1. DIY Sunscreen

A best seller in the Pronounce Skincare shop, this DIY sunscreen is easy to make (learn to make it here) and is completely free of any kind of toxins. It’s perfect for your first trip to the beach or the first all-day garden day.

2. Homemade DIY Deodorant

No trip to the beach, park, family outing, or escapade in the garden should go without your homemade DIY deodorant. Another best seller in the Pronounce Skincare shop, this deodorant keeps you smelling good.

3. Defunkifying DIY Deodorant

Alright, so there are just some of us who are a little sweatier and stinkier than others — it’s okay! Whip up a batch of this defunkifying DIY deodorant and you’ll have no worries of stinking it up at your brother’s kid’s birthday party. Don’t have the time to make it? It’s available for sale in the Pronounce Skincare shop!

4. DIY Stinky Feet Powder

Speaking of stinky, all those outdoor outings may be making your feet stinky. Try this DIY stinky feet powder to help eliminate the odors.

5. DIY Cracked Foot and Heel Salve

If you’re feet are looking a little scary from that long and hard winter, treat yourself to this amazing DIY cracked foot and heel salve. You’re feet will be sandal-friendly in no time.

6. 3 Ingredient DIY Rosemary Cedarwood Facial Toner

Give that face a good cleanse with this super simple 3 ingredient rosemary cedarwood facial toner by contributor Amanda over at Refocus on Being. Your face will love you for it.

7. Facial Cleansing Cloths

While we’re talking about cleansing the face, you Scratch Mommies may want to make your own reusable facial cleansing cloths so you don’t have to worry about being wasteful! Contributor Jamie over at How to Just About Anything shares how simple it is!

8. DIY Caffeine Eye Serum

Dark circles, puffy eyes, and plain grogginess is no fun. Wake those eyes with this DIY caffeine eye serum from Community Manager Kylie over at Everblossom. Who said coffee could only be your best friend if you drank it?

9. Vitamin C: An Easy and Effective Anti-Aging Treatment

Has winter had an effect on your skin, too? This anti-aging treatment by contributor Jena over at Cleans the New Black will make your skin feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. This would be especially good if you forgot the sunscreen and ended with a sunburn.

10. 3 Ingredient DIY Chapped Lip Remedy

Speaking of sunburns, your lips probably haven’t seen sunshine in a while so the first time you’re out and about, you may experience chapped lips. No worries, this 3 ingredient chapped lip remedy by Editor-in-Chief Loriel of Naturally Loriel is so easy and so effective, your lips won’t stay chapped for long.

11. DIY Dandelion Lip Balm

Spring means flowers — especially dandelions! If you’re like contributor Carly over at Modern Hippie Housewife, you’re excited at the site of dandelions because that means you can start making things like dandelion lip balm!

12. DIY Healing Ointment

One of the best things about Spring is being able to let the kiddos run wild outside after being cooped up in the house for Winter. You might want to keep a batch of this DIY healing ointment by EIC Loriel of Naturally Loriel — just in case you end up with a boo-boo or two.

13. The Only 3 Household Cleaners You Need

Contributor Carly over at Modern Hippie Housewife shares how to make your own DIY cleaners using a few simple ingredients you likely have on hand already. Bonus: One of the recipes call for citrus rinds which helps eliminate waste from all those margaritas you’re making now that the weather is nicer!

 14. DIY Non-toxic Ant Spray

Are the bugs creeping and crawling into your house? Are you looking for a safe alternative? Contributor writer Jena over at Cleans the New Black shares an awesome non-toxic ant spray that actually kills on contact. Plus, she shares a few tips on how to eradicate them from your home in a natural way.

15. DIY Bug Spray

Hasta la vista mosquitoes! This DIY bug spray is super simple to make and it’s equally effective! Don’t want to make it? Find it for sale in the Pronounce Skincare shop.

16. Muscle Relaxing Soak

All of these fun Spring-time activities can take a toll on your body — especially if you’ve been hibernating all Winter. Treat yourself to this muscle relaxing soak from contributor Heather over at The Homesteading Hippy. You’ll be happy you did.

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  1. Great DIY recipe round-up for spring! I especially liked the comment on the cleaner “Bonus: One of the recipes call for citrus rinds which helps eliminate waste from all those margaritas you’re making now that the weather is nicer!” 🙂

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