Stinky Feet…Be Gone! (DIY Foot Deodorant Powder Recipe)

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You must be reading this blog post with someone else in mind.

Maybe your lover has stinky feet? …no!??

Possibly it’s your teenage son (they can stink up a pair of sneakers in no time flat)? …no!??

A friend! Yeah, that’s it!! …no!??

Perhaps, you are simply interested in learning more about a DIY foot deodorant powder recipe. You like to learn…right!??

Maybe, just maybe…it is you. And that’s okay.

The way you got here and the reason you are here does not matter. You are here and you want to know more about a foot deodorant. I’m on it!

Stinky Feet Be Gone - DIY Foot Deodorant Powder - By: Scratch Mommy
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Why Do My Feet Stink!??

…or someone else’s feet; of course, maybe not be your feet. 😉 Well, the technical term for stinky feet is malodorous feet. Yes, it’s a real issue with a real technical term.

There are a few things to keep in mind with stinky feet (and excessively stinky pits, too). There is usually an underlying reason. Now, if you’ve been out working in the garden for hours in 90 degree temps, of course you are going to stink.

If it is just a normal activity day and you find yourself being incredibly stinky, to the point you think others would notice, there are likely some underlying reasons…

  • Diet– Yes, just as you hear for other medical issues, diet is likely a concern with stinky feet. How’s that? Stinky feet could be caused by bacteria and fungus. Bacteria and fungus have to discharge out of the body someway, pits are feet are two likely avenues.
  • Detoxing– This is me….and really, it’s a good thing! When you detox from the inside out, where do things go? Through your skin via your sweat. Yuck…I’ve been detoxing like a madwoman lately, so my feet have been staaaanky! I am not afraid to admit it.
  • Adrenal Stress– Do you have chronic stress in your life? You might sweat more than the normal person. It might be time to consider yoga, meditation, exercise, etc.
  • Old Shoes– Yup, it might simply be time for a new pair.

What Can I Do NOW For Stinky Feet?

It will take you second to whip up this DIY foot deodorant powder…literally, seconds!

My guess is that you have many, if not all, of the ingredients listed below at home. If not, no worries. They are relatively inexpensive and extremely multipurpose in use.

DIY Foot Powder Deodorant Recipe - By: Scratch Mommy
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  • Scale- This is my favorite scale (and at the time of this post it was on sale for 48% off, but it’s always affordable even when not on sale)
  • Container- Recycle an old powder container, a glass shaker, or a small mason jar like this (totes adorable, huh!???)

Make It:

  • Put container on scale and hit ‘tare’.
  • Add arrowroot, hit tare.
  • Add clay, hit tare.
  • Add essential oil drops.
  • Secure lid and shake, shake, shake!
  • Sprinkle into your shoes, apply directly onto your feet after a bath or shower, sprinkle into your socks, &/or all of the above!

Why These Ingredients?

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White (Kaolin) Clay-

This is a very light and pure clay and is simply an excellent choice for any body powders, masks, cosmetics, etc. This clay is great for sensitive skin, yet very effective in abilities to draw out gunk and moisture.

Learn more about kaolin clay here.

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Arrowroot Powder

Arrowroot is similar to kaolin clay, in that it helps to draw things out, but it has a different density and texture. For that reason, I use a nice mix of both.

Learn more about arrowroot powder here.

Essential Oils

  • Tea Tree– Oh, how I love this essential oil. This is a must have in every home, for sure, as it finds its way into many of the DIY products floating around my home.
    Among other benefits, this oil is fungicidal, antiseptic, anti-infectious, and antiviral. Learn more about tea tree essential oil here.
  • Lavender– Yup, another go-to, must-have, keep-around-always essential oil. Lavender oil is fungicidal, antiseptic, calming, deodorizing, antibacterial, enhances the immune system, etc etc etc. Oh, and it smells UhMaaaZing! Learn more about lavender essential oil here.
  • Sandalwood (Australian)– This essential oil is also a favorite for me. It is rustic, romantic, and really…quite intoxicating. For the purposes of this foot deodorant recipe, sandalwood essential oil not only gives an intense woody/Earthy/delicious smell, but it also is antiseptic and moisturizing. Beyond that, it can’t hurt to have some on your feet, as it is a known aphrodisiac, helps relieve tension, and provides a calming and soothing sensation. Learn more about sandalwood essential oil here.
  • Geranium (Egyptian)– What a helpful essential oil! Repel mosquitoes and other bugs with my DIY recipe using this essential oil AND use it in this foot deodorant, as it has been shown to be helpful for combatting yeasts (like athlete’s foot). It is a strong smelling and potent essential oil (with the Egyptian varieties being more refined and ‘easier on the nose’ than Chinese varieties), so you do not need much. From this oil you also get antioxidant and antiseptic qualities. Learn more about geranium essential oil here.

Like this recipe?

I have LOADS more DIY recipes here on my blog.
Just to name a few…

Like the idea of DIYs, but never seem to have the time to make them, or buy all of the necessary ingredients? No problem…I’ll make your DIYs for you, friends.

Check out the Pronounce Skincare Shop!

Always the finest in organic, healthy, *real* skincare solutions.

If/when you DO whip up this foot deodorant power, let me know your thoughts. I always LOVE talking healthy skincare and healthy, green-living DIYs!

Until next time…

Jess, aka Scratch Mommy

Photo credits: Pink Toe Nails & Spilled Powder

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    I have been using Lavilin for nearly a decade, both as an underarm and foot deodorant. I love it, but my husband’s body doesn’t react as well to the product. I’ll try your recipe for him!

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