Learn how to make an effective and nourishing natural deodorant at home. DIY deodorant is fun to make, and you get to control the ingredients (and skip the baking soda, which most natural deodorant contains)!

Homemade DIY Deodorant Recipe (secret ingredient, NO irritating baking soda, EFFECTIVE recipe)!

Honestly, I don’t sweat that much.


I mean, I wish that I would sweat more (as weird as that might sound). Sweating is your body’s natural way of ridding toxins, so it’s really a good thing. On occasion, I do wear deodorant, especially if I know I’ll be in a situation where I’ll likely sweat.

Since I started my *real* journey toward better health from the inside out AND the outside in, I’ve been going through all of my products and eliminating toxic ingredients…things that are bad for me and bad for the environment. I looked at the label on my conventional deodorant at home and was shocked. It was jam packed full of nasty, harmful ingredients. It was pretty scary, really.

Many deodorants (even those that claim to be “all-natural”) contain aluminum &/or aluminum derivatives (as these serve as an antiperspirant…which we do NOT want). This has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and a host of other horrific health concerns. Parabens are in many deodorants…also downright despicable. Read this post I wrote a while back to learn more about parabens.

Sooooo, off I went to create my own homemade DIY deodorant recipe.

Learn how to make an effective and nourishing natural deodorant at home. DIY deodorant is fun to make, and you get to control the ingredients (and skip the baking soda, which most natural deodorant contains)!
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It had to be effective, yet gentle, and (of course) non-toxic. Now, I know what you might be thinking…

Yeah, and there are already about a million other homemade deodorant recipes out there.

Yup, there sure are. But now, there are one million and ONE. Hehe.

I am proud of this homemade deodorant recipe creation because it contains a few ingredients you may not typically see in deodorants and I’m not really sure why!

I’m ready to share my DIY deodorant recipe with you. It is effective, said by not only me (the not-so-heavy-sweater), but also by my husband (probably-your-typical-sweater). Oh, and it’s easy, to boot. Yay!

Let's learn about some of the raw ingredients needed to create this healthy homemade DIY deodorant recipe!
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First, a little education about why I am using each ingredient…

Coconut & Almond Oils

Raw, unrefined, virgin coconut oil has wonderful antibacterial properties. This is important in those armpits, right? The coconut oil used in this recipe will liquify at 76 degrees; below that and it’s in a semi-solid state. I like to add another oil to help the deodorant stay more fluid, if you would. Enter almond oil.

We have an extensive post on carrier oils here. You’ll see below that you can easily substitute a different oil that is liquid at room temp oil, but I really like almond oil.

Shea Butter

This is another one of those amazing things that nature gives us. Raw and unrefined shea butter is high in vitamins A and E and is incredibly soothing for your skin. Sounds like a good thing to put in such a vulnerable place, like your armpits, huh!? You can read more about shea butter here.


Raw beeswax (all-natural, unrefined, no additives, etc.) helps to stabilize this recipe so it isn’t runny. Beeswax is another inherently excellent choice in skincare products, as it does not clog pores, but it does help the moisturizing properties of the butters and oils in this recipe to ‘lock’ into your skin so they can do their jobs.

Arrowroot Powder

This is a go-to for deodorant recipes, for good reason. Actually, I always have some on hand for both food and skincare recipes. Arrowroot not only helps to serve as a thickener in this deodorant, but it also has the power to help draw out toxins. Sweet! Since when we sweat we are eliminating toxins, why not help draw them out!? Learn more about arrowroot in my online shop here.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Here’s where things really get a bit different than what you typically see in homemade deodorant recipes. Food grade DE is another super thing to keep around your home. I use DE in my toothpaste, garden, once to rid my house of a few fleas, as a means to exfoliate, etc etc etc!

DE is almost entirely silica, which is a crucial trace element needed by our bodies, and one in which many are deficient.

By adding DE into your homemade deodorant, you are giving your sensitive skin a nice dose of DE (essentially, silica) which helps with sensitive areas of skin that might become rashy and it also helps to draw out toxins.

So, not only does DE help draw out moisture and remove toxins, but it also helps to ease sensitive skin. Win! You can read more about DE here. Oh, and remember to purchase food grade DE (and don’t breathe it in…best not to get it into your lungs as it is super finely ground stuff).

Vitamin E

I’ve written a pretty extensive post about Vitamin E here.

Melting down of butter, oil, and wax in our homemade DIY deodorant recipe!
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Okay, now that you’ve been schooled on the ingredients, finally…the simple recipe.

Homemade DIY Deodorant Recipe (4oz)

  • 4oz+ container (I sell metal tins, glass jars, and both black and white deodorant tubes in my Pronounce Skincare Herbal Boutique)
  • Double-boiler (I make my own with a glass bowl over a pot)
  • Kitchen scale (like THIS; BTW…having a scale is a great investment in your kitchen and I use mine almost everyday)
Make It-

  • DeoWhipItGood
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    Measure carrier oils, shea butter, and beeswax into the upper part of your double-boiler (for me, this is a glass bowl)
  • Melt on low heat over bottom part of double-boiler (for me, a pot with shallow water) until everything is combined (the beeswax will be the last thing to melt…just keep stirring)
  • Turn off heat and allow to cool for a few minutes
  • Add arrowroot, DE, Vit E, and EO; whisk vigorously to fully combine
  • Pour into container and place somewhere safe so it can set up (which actually doesn’t take very long)

Rather let us make this DIY deodorant recipe for you? Head over to my shop, Pronounce Skincare, where we offer this in 4 different scents for you!
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In my latest batch I used organic lavender essential oil (this is a brand I use and love) and Patchouli. Why? Well, they smell good.

Oh, and Lavender has some super qualities for skincare (read about essential oils in a post I wrote here). I’ve also used Tea Tree EO, as it also has great antibacterial qualities. Remember though, less is more with EO!

The consistency of this lovely deodorant is firm, yet extremely spreadable. I use my finger to dip out a SMALL amount (seriously…you really do not need much) and just rub it into my armpits. It works perfectly in deodorant tubes, too.

Also, please note…if you are not used to using natural products for your armpits you will likely have a detox phase.

This is totally normal!

Having an initial cleanse is actually pretty important. Or…if you find that you truly cannot go for a few days without deodorant, you will have to use this one (or any other natural deodorant) for a week or so before you body starts to adjust. It pains me to hear of people who try to use natural deodorants without detoxifying their pits, who then complain that they don’t work. You have to get rid of the decaying matter in your body (esp breeding ground pits!!!) before you can ask your body not to smell. …and remember, sweating is a GOOD thing!

We want to sweat…we just don’t want to stink.

If you have been using a conventional antiperspirant there will absolutely be a transition / detox period. My advice is to keep your new deodorant on hand, as well as the old. Perhaps go back and forth for a few days while your body adjusts. The detox period is real. If you use conventional deodorant your body will need to expel all of the toxins that have been introduced there daily.

Having an initial cleanse is actually pretty important.

Many people use apple cider vinegar in the AM and PM for a week or two to help encourage detox.

You may want to do a little extra research on switching to a natural, organic deodorant to help give you a better understanding of what to expect. Also, if you want a stronger scent from the deo, you can always add a few more EO drops (so long as it isn’t irritating you) and you can also add a bit more DE. It will make it a bit more ‘stiff’ in consistency, but will help in grabbing odors.

And there you have it…the perfect effective homemade DIY deodorant recipe. Think you’ll give it a try? Let me know when you do! Until next time…

Jess, aka Scratch Mommy

PS Would you love to try this deodorant, but you aren’t always a DIY-ish person (or maybe you are simply lacking time, motivation, supplies, raw products, etc etc etc etc)?

Please, head on over to my Pronounce Skincare Shop where I sell this deodorant.

While you are there, please look around at all of my other skincare creations. I love making them for my family and for you!

Looking for my homemade DIY DeFunkifying Deodorant recipe for super sweaty pits (STILL with NO baking soda)?

Click the picture below!

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Comments 237

  1. Great recipe…I will certainly try this. Just wanted to mention that you can also use a large Ball jar in a pot of water to melt the ingredients. Just shake every few minutes to help things melt and mix! I make homemade moisturizer this way.

      1. You are the BEST I made this deoderant and its the best ever I even used it on my 8 and 5 year old grands from out of town (what’s with little girls smelly now days lol but I wanted something with out baking soda and this is it AND I went 2 days without any and still smelled good they are so impress and look forward to seeing it and having me smell under their arms each day lol they each have their very own

    1. Hello Scratch Mommy!

      Thanks so much for all your recipes, you’re doing great things here (both with selling the products for those that aren’t into DIY, and providing all the recipes – wonderful!).

      I do have a question for you. For 7 months I used deo that my friend made me, consisting of baking soda, coconut oil lavender, teatree, all the typical things. Nothing bad in there. It worked amazingly well, but eventually it started irritating my armpits so I can no longer use it (one spot on one armpit gets SO irritated: red and burning). Thus, I went on the search for a non-baking soda recipe and found yours here. I made it recently, have been using it for 2 weeks, and it really doesn’t work. 🙁 I stink worse than ever before.

      I know you mentioned that our armpits need to detox, but, wouldn’t 7 months of using a totally clean deodorant have detoxed my armpits? Or, do you think the detox requires more time? If anyone has any details on length of detox that they experienced (as in: the time it took for this deodorant to work) I’d love to know. I am not giving up on this deodorant yet! It definitely at least totally healed all the red and irritation and is wonderful for keeping the skin calm.

      Thanks so much for any advice.


      1. Post

        Hey Anne-Marie! Yes, stick with it and don’t give up! 7 months of using a clean deodorant is still different than using my deodorant. Your body is likely detoxing now from the extra baking soda, as it really isn’t properly PH balanced for our skin (hence the irritation you have had going on after using it for a while). Stick with it, girl. Follow the link I provide for a healthy detox and give that a shot. Hang in there…it’ll be worth it!

  2. Hi,

    Was just wondering if this homemade deodorant would be just as effective if I leave out the DE and follow all of the instructions? It’s the only ingredient I don’t have at home right now. Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Lulia,

      Hmmm, good question! You will still be getting many benefits and ingredients that help with unsavory smells and help to draw that moisture out, but the DE is kind-of crucial in the ‘drawing out’ efforts. That said, it is certainly worth a shot. For me, I’ve found that the DE is quite a help, but we are each very different in our chemical makeup, so you may not really need it.

      I say to go for it! If you do decide to whip some up, please check back after a few days and let me know how it is working for you.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

        1. Ooooo, I love French green clay! I use it in a lot of my own personal products (and will be introducing into some products in my skincare shop soon, too). Yes, it is a great detoxifier. You may just have a very effective deo recipe on your hands here! I say to give it a try. What a great thought!

          Let me know how you like it,

          1. Hey Jess,

            Just made your deo with french clay instead of DE! Just put some on, I am very excited about it!! Only challenge with french clay, although I only need to apply a very small tad bit, is that is that it leaves a slight greenish look to armpits, and some little green grains…for fall/winter time when your armpits are not showing, I’d say that it’s fine, however when it comes to summer…not sure about that. I will let you know how effective it is in terms of fighting off BO! I’m just getting into making homemade products, and what I loved about this deo recipe is that it does not contain baking soda! I tried the traditional deo: baking soda, coconut oil and arrowroot powder, loved the consistency, but my pits got fireyyy red and itchy, and then I decreased the BS, but still I got little bumps, so I figured I can’t use BS AT ALL on my pits! Might have to make this again later with DE since it will not colour my pits! Thanks again for your help!

          2. Post

            Hi Camille,

            Mmmmmm, you could certainly try. I have not tried that, as I find the DE to be really effective and beneficial in this recipe. Let me know if you do try. Happy DIYing!

        2. I have some white french kaolin clay and some Australian kaolin clay which I am going to try one of them in the formula. The colour should be perfect. I am very familiar with the properties of baking soda, and it is extremely alkaline, which is perfect for dissolving plaque on teeth and counteracting acids. But it is not good for skin as it is at a corrosive PH, so I am not surprised at all the dismal failures in deodorants.

          1. Hi, I just read your comments about BS and how it is harsh for the skin.
            However, I just read on a different DIY site that bs mixed with water could be used as a simple face mask to help with acne.
            It was so simple that I actually tried it right away and love the results. My face is incredibly soft, my pores appear smaller and my face feels tighter as though it is helping with the elasticity. As far as the acne, I will know more later in the week if it helps. Any thoughts regarding Baking soda on skin would be greatly appreciated.

  3. So I normally make mine with the BS but it causes me underarms to get very red and raw, will this ellimanate that problem? Because I love the DIY stuff!!!

    1. Hooray for another DIY friend!

      That is another reason why I set out to create my own. The BS recipes make me breakout, too.

      I have had nothing but great success with this recipe and I’ve been using it for months. Now…that said…we all have differing chemical compositions and make-ups, so we all react differently, but I say you should give this a try, as it is much more gentle on the skin.

      Good luck, happy DIYing, and thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      1. I was super excited about this recipe, I also can’t tolerate baking soda very well. But I smelled awful when I used this :/ I know it’s not a transition issue because I haven’t used commercial deodorant for over 6months. I tried adding more DE with no success as well. Any suggestions please?

        1. Maybe add some tea tree oil? It’s a good natural disinfectant and the smell is a bit stronger (it fades during the day, so don’t worry)

        2. I have the same problem Hayley, I understand there is a detox period but the odor was very strong even after I stopped using it.

        3. Post
          1. I made your recipe using Bentonite clay because I just could not find food grade DE anywhere in Holland. I added 8 drops of tea tree oil for its anti bacterial properties and 14 drops of lemon grass oil because I totally love that scent. The first days of use it felt a bit strange – I wasn’t used to the sweat glands under my armpits working and it felt a bit tingly. Now everything is settled and I love the way the deodorant works. The only thing is that – unline with commercial deodorant – I have to re apply after about 6 hours or I will stink so I keep a stick in my handbag now 🙂

  4. I just whipped up a batch of this today and I use actual deodorant sticks to pour into. I may end up using my fingers still, as I don’t want to “overdo” the amount I put on…. I did have a question though – mine ended up coming out looking brown. It smells great because I used apricot oil, but is this normal? I see yours is white and I’m wondering if it’s just because I used a different kind of oil instead of almond? I am really hoping it doesn’t stain my clothing! The BS recipes I’ve tried in the past not only give me a severe chemical burn, but also stained most of my clothing an orangy-yellow color. It was hard to get out and took a few washes each time. Does this seem to happen with this recipe?

    1. Hi Amanda,

      I am glad that you whipped some up! I think you’ll love it.

      No, mine is not white. It must just be the lighting of the pictures. The DE makes it a bit grayish-tan…maybe with a hint of brown. 😉

      I have some more pictures here, which are up-close and personal, so you can better see the color. I have had absolutely no issues with stains on my clothing; none at all.

      Enjoy your new deo! 🙂


      1. Hi,
        I am ready with all ingredients to make my first batch of deodorant, but I will never get my son and husband to try it unless it is in a deodorant stick container…. I have these ordered. Is there any adjustments I need to make it have the right consistency so it doesn’t run out or anything? Don’t want a mess my first time out with it.

  5. But natural deodorants aren’t antiperspirants. Do you know of a natural remedy for that? Sometimes you just don’t want to sweat. In fact, I don’t care for it unless I’m out exercising.

    1. Hey there Brandy. I just read your note about not wanting to sweat. I totally understand this, since we have grown up being taught that it’s gross. I just wanted to offer my perspective: antiperspirants keep your sweat glands from doing what they are made to do, which is to secrete toxins while sweating. I like to keep my sweat glands clear so they can get rid of the toxins. Just a thought.

      1. I agree! Rather trying to not sweat where things that are sweat friendly and endeavor to make your sweat inoffensive. Sweat is needed to detox from heavy metals and bpa and pthalates and stuff. urine and blood detoxes things that sweat cannot and sweat also has toxins which are detoxed primarily or exclusively through that pathway. If you are blocking sweat you are necessarily holding onto toxins or detoxing incompletely.

  6. I saw this on facebook and ordered it off etsy. Then I read the comments on facebook and noticed there was a concern that the DE could cut your skin? Is this a problem?

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Good question! No, Diatomaceous Earth (DE) has been used in skincare products for years and years and years. It is perfectly safe (and beneficial!) in skincare products.

      Food grade DE is a mild, soft, gentle exfoliant of sorts, so mixed with the other healthy ingredients you are doing your delicate pits a nice favor. 😉 You are giving your armpits a great dose of silica, and DE helps to draw out toxins. It’s a win-win.

      We do not have hard shells like creatures we sprinkle with DE in our gardens, so it is working totally differently on them than on us.

      I have been using this deodorant for quite some time and love it. I have sold many to happy customers, too. I have had a few orders come in throughout the day and will be packaging them in the next couple of days. I think you’ll love your new deo. 🙂

      Let me know if you have any other questions,

      1. I just wanted to pipe in on the DE thing. We have been using and eating food grade diatomacous earth for 7 years. My family (children too) and animals are all treated with DE internally once a year. I use it in my chicken coop and with my cats and dogs. we are all happy and healthy. The only thing you should not do is inhale it. It can irritate the lungs. I have never had a problem with using it. I have never ran into someone who had a problem using it. Those people on the internet who had a problem with it, used pool grade DE which is dangerous. Pool DE is not the same as food grade DE.

  7. Hi is there anything else to use instead of beeswax as i am allergic to it, as well as honey, evening primrose, gluten and more. thanks

    1. You could try candellia wax… it’s what I’ve used in mine (also used in making lip balms and things). I think I ordered it from mountain rose herbs.

  8. I make homemade deoderants, too, but have always found ANY of the oils and butters seem to stain my clothes and I do NOT sweat. When I did, years ago, the oils and butters still stain my clothes. Any ideas??

  9. I just made a batch of this up. I substituted Kaolin Clay for the D.E. I love how it smells- I used lavender EO, tea tree oil and some other fragrance oils. It set up beautifully. I’ll use it tomorrow and let you know how it works! Great recipe, thanks alot!

      1. Hey Scratch Mommy- I used kaolin clay and my deodorant turned out super! 🙂 I didn’t have any DE, and I didn’t have any Vitamin E. But the texture is firm and smooth, and it melts instantly and absorbs quickly when it touches my skin. I’m going to make another batch and fill an empty deodorant stick with it. Thanks so much for an excellent recipe!!! 🙂

  10. Hi! I just made your deodorant and it turned a yucky brown color. Is that normal?
    It looks a nice white color in your finished pic, so not sure what happened there! I followed it exactly!

    Thank you and great blog!!

    1. Hi Kendra,

      Aww, yes…it actually is a tanish-brownish color. I took those pictures outside and the lighting made it look lighter. The DE makes it look more tanish.

      You can see here how it looked inside when stirring it up before pouring…

      If you followed the directions as they are written, which you did, I am sure it is perfect! Let me know how you like it! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words,

  11. OK here’s my update. I made a batch of this and the color isn’t that dark. It doesn’t stain my clothes at all. I’ve used it for several days and it works! Once, my left armpit did have odor as the day wore on and the right one didn’t. I realized that I might not have put enough on under that arm. Thank you for this gentle but effective recipe! It’s as easy as baking to make this up! I won’t be buying Tom’s anymore at $5.00 a pop!

  12. I “cooked” up a batch yesterday and I have a few questions. I ordered some of your deo from Etsy and I found it much more grainy than the stuff I made. Did I do something wrong? My measurements may have been off by a few grams but I was almost spot on with everything. BTW, I used lemon, tea tree and ginger EOs and it smells wonderful. I’m using it today so hopefully I won’t be whiffy by the end of the day. Thanks.

    1. Hi Becky,

      Thanks for stopping by! No, I am sure that you probably did nothing wrong. My guess…? Just having a few measurements off (or even a different brand of Diatomaceous Earth) might have made the difference.

      BTW…your EO combination sounds delish! Let me know how you like it throughout the day. 🙂


  13. I need help!! I tried to modify this recipe to match the ingredients in the deodorant I had just finished from Meow Meow Tweet, but I was a little careless and didn’t really measure anything. Now I have something with almost the right consistency but way too melty at room temperature and the second it touches the skin it feels like pure coconut oil. Should I keep trying to add other ingredients or just start over and not waste any more? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi there,

      Well…that’s a tough one. I have no idea what you used and in what amounts, so I cannot really say for sure. Measuring is kind-of important.

      Since it is too melty, you’ll want to thicken it up. Adding more shea butter would do that, but again…I have no idea what ingredients you actually used and in what amounts. Sorry I cannot be more helpful!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Hooray for finding another use for our good friend DE! Yes, I am sure that you must always keep a supply on hand for your chicken coop. I hope to one day have chickens of my own…I do have the supply of DE ready. Hehe.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  14. Thank you for this! The baking soda in my homemade deodorant is driving me bonkers recently. Can’t wait to try, thanks!

    1. Ahhh, yes. The old baking soda irritation. That happened to me when I first started dabbling with my own recipe. I heard other say the same thing, so after some digging around I realized that baking soda is not a good PH match for our bodies. Eek!

      I’m glad you found my recipe, too. Let me know how you like it.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  15. I sweat my fair share and yours too so… yeah… deodorant is crucial! LOL I use homemade stuff with baking soda but it does get very irritating on my skin some times. I’ll have to give this recipe a try!

  16. I was just wondering if you had any problems with the deodorant staining your clothes? I have made and used homemade deodorant in the past and I always find that the oils stain the underarms of my shirts. Any advice I could try would be great, thanks!!

    1. Hi Jennah,

      Thanks for stopping by! Great question.

      No, I have had no troubles with this staining my clothing, at all. No one who has purchased it from my skincare shop has said anything about this either (and there are many, many repeat customers).

      You only need a very small amount (think pea-sized amount).

      Give it a try…whip some up! I think that you will be pleasantly surprised. 🙂


      1. Hi. I love this deodorant!!! However, it does stain all my clothing especially the lighter items. I use a very small amount – about the size of a pea but it still leaves dark residue as well as oil stains on the clothing. Thus far I haven’t been able to get the stains out either. I have tried several methods but nothing as worked. If you have any insight for me on how to get it out of the clothing, I would greatly appreciate it. I would hate to have to stop using it since it works so well (even in hot weather in Orlando while park hopping). Thanks so much.

        1. Yikes! I am happy to hear that you love the deo, but sorry to hear you have stains. I wonder if we are using exactly the same ingredients? I haven’t had a single stain.

          You could try rubbing some arrowroot powder into the spots before washing. I rub in arrowroot and then my detergent. I let it sit for a while before washing and stains come out well for me (even my oil covered ‘work’ clothes when I’m making products). Again, sorry you have stains and I hope you can find a remedy for them.


          1. Hi. Thanks for your reply. I would guess we are using the same products since I purchased the exact items you linked to in the article. (I wanted to make sure it was exactly like the version in the recipe). I will try the arrowroot option and hopefully that works. Thanks for the helpful tip.

  17. I love this recipe and want to try it, however I am severely allergic to latex and Shea butter is natural latex. Is this essential in your recipe? Do you recommend a substitute like cocoa butter? Ideas…Thoughts? 🙂

    1. Hi Jessikah,

      Ahh, right you are. They are related and some people do react to shea if they have a latex allergy. I only recently learned that.

      Yes, cocoa butter would be delicious in this recipe! I might add a touch more oil to the recipe, just because shea butter is more soft than cocoa.

      If you make it with cocoa butter, please report back your findings! I have made a special order for a customer and added cocoa butter (she loves the smell), but never made it without the shea.


      1. I made it with cocoa butter and I’m finding the strong chocolatey scent in my armpits a bit odd…maybe that’s just me though 😛

  18. Thank you for this recipe! Do you think bentonite clay (redmond clay) would work for this recipe in place of the DE? I saw someone else comment that they tried Kaolin Clay and another French Green and French White clay. Thank you!

  19. I made this recipe a week ago and I really like it. It works. My body had to adjust from using antiperspirants but by the end of this week, it’s working and it smells great. I chose jojoba oil and I added an ingredient, bentonite clay (msp?). The only thing I will do differently , for the next batch, is use more beeswax, this batch came out “pasty”, so I use a make up sponge to apply, but perhaps with more beeswax, it’ll just glide on. I also made it for a friend who loves it too! For EOs I used tea tree, eucalyptus, and lavender. Thanks for posting!

  20. I’m excited to try this deodorant. I just made some homemade deodorant a few days ago with baking soda, and it was not good. It worked, but caused quite a bit if irritation. I made your recipe yesterday, and think it is the perfect solution. I used my doTerra EO’s equal parts of Bergamot, Melaleuca, and Wild Orange. I went for soothing properties in my oil selections, but I must admit, the EO’s combined have a very nice neutral scent. Just curious, approx how long does a batch last with using it every day?

  21. Cool article! Will try this out for sure. I’m using Lavilin underarm cream, and while it’s by far better than all the other brands I have tried, I am definitely open to explore other options as well. Thanks again!

  22. Hello, I was just wondering, since there is no baking soda in your recipe. What is in it’s place for cutting odour?
    thanks Trish

  23. My daughter in law made some for us today. I’m really looking forward to this! I do have a sensitivity to latex (wish I had read the comments earlier) but we will see how it go 🙂 Love following you on facebook. Thanks for all you do.

  24. If I were to get a tube of sorts, would it be the roll one with the ball or the stick like the white-ish stick? Or the stick that screws up the gel? Which would be most appropriate? I’m not a fan of containers you stick your fingers in, no matter how clean! Can’t wait to try this though!

    1. the stuff sold in gardening contain many harmful chemicals, same as DE they use in pools. you want to use food grade DE, which is safe and edible.

  25. I made this deodorant last night and applied it after my shower. When I woke up i sniffed and got a wiff of something a little off :/ I was using a previous DIY deo with baking soda but it caused darkness and irritation (IT DID WORK THO). I really want this recipe to work!!!!! I didn’t use the Diatomaceous Earth but i used everything else. My essential oils were lemongrass, grapefruit, and tea tree. How much of this stuff should I be using? Is the DE crucial for this recipe? Help 🙁

    1. Hi Cindy,

      Thanks for your note. I wish I could say more, but I haven’t tried my recipe without the DE. I would say it’s pretty crucial to both effectiveness and consistency.

      Your choice of essential oils sounds lovely!!! 🙂


  26. I made this recipe a few weeks ago and really like it. I did have to use it exclusively for about a week before I stopped smelling somewhat funky part way through the day. Now it lasts me all day. I am thinking that my body had to detox itself off the chemical deodorant Iwas used to use. You asked for feedback on roll-on use. I didn’t think it would be thin enough for a roll on and so I cleaned out some old stick tubes to see if they would work. The dilemma was how to keep the deodorant from leaking through the holes in the bottom before it cooled and hardened. My first batch I cut pieces of parchment paper to fit and set them on top of the base (the piece that pushes the deodorant up the tube) after cutting a hole for the center rod. I screwed them all down to the bottom and used the end of a spoon to make sure they were flat and even. That worked ok but there was still some leakage. Didn’t effect the use of the tube, I just don’t like waste. My next, and successful experiment, I softened some beeswax pastilles in the microwave until they were just soft enough to mold. I then covered the bases with the beeswax until all the holes were filled, screwed the bases to the bottom and filled them. Voila, no leaks!!! Give it a try!

  27. I have a question. I love the deodorant, but it is definitely doesn’t cover odor as well as the previous diy deo with baking soda I had been using. For my oils, I used lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus. Is there any way that I could amp up the odor fighting of this deodorant? Thank you!

    1. Hi Lacey,

      Sure, you can up the EOs a bit. You could also add some more DE &/or arrowroot. That will make the deo more ‘stiff’, but will also increase the odor fighting abilities.

      …keep your eyes peeled on my blog. I have a customer tried and tested and approved ‘Super Defunkifying’ DIY deo recipe coming soon. It was born out of a custom order for a valued customer and it is…UhMaaaZing. 🙂


      1. Jess- when is this new recipe coming out? I’m looking forward to it…I need something more to help with my odor.

      2. Is there any chance you would have this recipe out really soon? I am getting desperate lol. I am just about to go back to store bought and I was allergic to that sigh. Help!

      3. I am very interested in the new recipe as well, as I need odor control. At the moment I am using essential oils that work well, but are overwhelming at times, and expensive to use as deodorant. After going through breast cancer treatment though, I refuse to use antiperspirant and none of the natural deodorants in the stores actually work. I was about to purchase the ingredients for this recipe, but after seeing this post I am a little hesitant, as I think I would want to try this new recipe. Are the ingredients the same? Is there anything in this recipe that is not in the new one or any new ingredients I should purchase while I am online ordering everything else? How soon will this recipe be posted? I am very interested! I really appreciate you sharing your recipes, thanks!

      4. Hi,

        I still have to buy several ingredients for this, but I was wondering if I could use olive oil instead of almond, since I already have that?

      5. I’ve tried your current recipe and I love how nourishing and moisturizing it is. However, it’s not quite strong enough for me. Any idea when your “Super Defunkifying” recipe will be available? Thanks so much!

        1. Soon, soon, SOON! 🙂
          Make sure you are signed up for my newsletter (you can do that at the top of this page) and you’ll be in the know when the recipe goes out. Meanwhile, add a bit more DE &/or EOs to help give it a stronger ‘punch’.

  28. So glad to find a recipe without baking soda as I have tried recipes in the past and found it very irritating. Unfortunately however, I also seem to react to coconut oil. Can you suggest a substitution for it? Thanks!!

  29. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Just finished my first really big batch, and it worked great! I have been using it for about three months. I had to make a huge second batch due to requests! I do find that after working in the yard in the heat and humidity of Louisiana it helps to clean up and reapply before going out in public!! And it did take a few weeks for my body to adjust. I also didn’t have the Shea butter or almond oil, and it still worked great! Thanks for the DE tip! Also added bentonite clay.

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  31. Hi, if I don’t have a scale to weigh ingredients, can you please give me a breakdown of ingredients in tsp, tbs, cups????

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  33. Lately my DIY deodorant has been vodka or grain alcohol with grapefruit or orange EO…seems to work pretty well, but I have to be sure I have enough EO to take care of the alcohol smell just in case I get stopped on the road! Not sure how this will hold up when the weather gets really, really hot….

  34. I have a question about the deodorant stick dispensers that people are using. I want to do this since it is convenient but essential oils are not supposed to be kept in plastic. Is it okay to use them like this?

    I’m new to essential oils so can someone explain when it is okay to keep them in plastic containers?


    1. The essential oils are what gives the scent, so removing them will be unscented. I can make custom deodorants for customers in my shop. Simply order a 6oz size (the smallest order of Deo I do on a custom basis) and then write into the notes section “No Essential Oils, Please” and I’ll take heed. Hope this helps! 🙂

  35. Jess, I can see in the picture that the color is like that of the deo I make. I used food grade DE once, in place of BS and my deo went a taupe color. How is yours so white/ivory looking and will it stain white undergarments and even shirts or dresses? I did not use the one I made because it was so dark and I thought it would cause staining. Does your cause staining or discoloration, maybe even a dullness of the white clothes? I would really like to try a deodorant without baking soda. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. I just made some and mine is dark dark brown? I guess from the DE. I used the kind I use for my chickens! unless I did something wrong.

      1. Unless the kind you use for your chickens is the kind that’s made for humans, that may be the problem. Apparently poultry-grade DE isn’t the same as pure DE made for human consumption.

        (I’m not an expert, it’s just what I’ve read)

      2. Hello! Mine is a bit darker than the pictures imply. I took the pics outside in natural light and did no editing. So, it does appear lighter than reality in my pics. Just make sure you use food grade DE. 🙂

      1. Hi ! I have to tell you that I put this deodorant to the test today. I went weeding in the garden for almost 3 hours in 80 % humidity. I was sweating PROFUSELY ! When finished I immediately took a shower but before I did, I bravely did a smell test on the armpits of my shirt ! NOT ONE BIT OF ODOR ! I was amazed ! The only thing I did smell was the EO I put in the deodorant. And for those of you who are worried that the DE clogs the pores, it doesn’t. My shirt was wet but smelled fresh ! Thanks Scratch Mommy ! You are a genius !

  36. How do you ship your products? Do you find that any of your items melt? I’m trying to make a cream with shea butter, beeswax and coconut for my dad but am afraid to send it out to him. I don’t want it to be a hot mess of goo by the time it gets two states away. Any tips?

  37. Any advise you can give on making this stronger, or longer lasting? I’m not a very “smelly” person, but this deodorant doesn’t get me through a full shift waitressing. I haven’t used commercial deodorant in years, so I know I’m not detoxing. Baking soda irritates my skin, and so does the crystal deodorant I’ve tried (so did the chemical brands I used to use)… I would really love to find something that works for me!

    1. Hi there! Since you have eliminated detoxing as a possible concern, I’d say that adding more DE would be helpful for you. Also, feel free to add some more essential oils, so long as they aren’t irritating for you and you follow guidelines of approximately how much you should use.

  38. I tried this recipe and it did not work for me. I was so funky smelling that I only gave it a long weekend to try it out. I mixed it with my old recipe and was very happy! So I added about 25g of baking soda to what was left and it seems to be working pretty well. The other ingredients are very, very soothing and I’m more comfortable than I was with the simpler recipe I used previously.

    1. I’m glad that you were able to tweak the recipe and make it work for you. If you find that you are irritated down the road, you might try it without the BS again. It’s actually a pretty strong irritant for many people, as it’s not PH balanced for our body’s makeup. You can read some other comments and suggestions I’ve left for people here that might help you adjust to life without the baking soda, if it starts to irritate. BUT…I’m glad you are loving the way it is so soothing. I love that, too. Thanks for stopping by!

  39. I am very sad. I thought finally a diy deodorant that wouldn’t irritate my pits and would keep me from stinking. Sadly after only a few hours in 70 degree weather when I wasn’t even sweating I started to smell funky. I even added 1 T of bentonite clay to the recipe and still no luck. I used 20 drops of lavender and 2 drops tea tree oil. I guess I will go back to the irritation farm. What is a girl to do? I found out I was allergic to store bought deo, baking soda deo creates a rash, and now I just smell really funky. Sigh. Maybe I should just buy a t-shirt that says sorry I stink get over it. Let me know though if you ever get the new recipe posted please that you said was super de-funking. 🙂

    1. Hi Teri,

      So sorry to hear that it didn’t work on your first day…but I’m honestly not shocked. Whenever you switch to something different (very different, in this case) for your armpits you (more than likely) WILL stink a bit! You have to keep trying. In fact, I recommend that you actually detox for a couple of days before trying something natural. Seriously…sounds crazy…but if you can go for a weekend (or even a bit longer) with no deodorant you will give you body a chance to detox. Our bodies NEED this detoxing phase.

      Having an initial cleanse is pretty important. Or…if you find that you truly cannot go for a few days without deodorant, you will have to use this one (or any other natural deodorant) for a week or so before you body starts to adjust. It pains me to hear of people who try to use natural deodorants without detoxifying their pits, who then complain that they don’t work. You have to get rid of the decaying matter in your body before you can ask your body not to smell. …and remember, sweating is a GOOD thing! We want to sweat…we just don’t want to stink.

      I would love for you to try this again and let me know how you do. You may want to do a little extra research on switching to a natural, organic deodorant to help give you a better understanding of what to expect. Oh…also, good idea with the essential oils. You can always add a few more drops (so long as it isn’t irritating you) and you can also add a bit more DE. It will make it a bit more ‘stiff’, but will help in grabbing odors.

      Finally…one thing that sticks out for me here is that my deodorant doesn’t irritate you. That is GREAT! It sounds to me like you should do a little extra reading, give it another try, and then see how it goes. You are off to a great start with the deodorant not irritating…so I’d love to see you see it through a bit longer. Let me know when you do! 🙂

  40. Do you think this would still work well without the beeswax? I’ve been looking for a good baking soda free deodorant as mine also gave me a rash. 🙁

    I’m sure leaving out the beeswax would make it less solid but I’m wondering if it had another purpose other than that.


    1. Hi Amy,

      Gosh…really great question. Honestly, my hunch is no…that it wouldn’t work very well. The beeswax does help it to be more solid and helps it to stay in place while wearing it. I fear that it would be, too runny without it. BUT…that said, you never know until you try! That’s how almost all of my DIYs come to fruition! So, if you have the goodies already at home then I say whip it up and see how it works. Let us know if you decide to try!

  41. I bought some of this deodorant and love it! I am going to make it myself today. My man really loves his Old Spice. I was wondering what you thought about adding some drops of his aftershave to it for fragrance instead of the essential oils. I realize it introduces alcohol and other substances. Do you think it will affect the consistency or effectiveness?

    1. Hi there! Yay!! Glad you love it AND are going to DIY it yourself! 🙂

      I think that adding a few drops for hubs will be just fine. Please stop back and let me know how it turns out!

  42. My deodorant was totally the wrong texture. It was pretty hard instead of more ointment-like. It was really hard to spread, but effective! I think maybe my scale wasn’t very accurate and I had too much arrowroot powder and DE. I’m about to try again!

      1. The new batch turned out great! I was very careful in measuring and even put a teeny-tiny bit less arrowroot powder and DE and a teeny-tiny bit more of the oils. It was totally different. The first bath, when whisked, almost immediately set-up. I had to spoon it out. This time it was still liquid, so I was able to pour it out. It set up quite nicely. The man didn’t get his special Old Spice this time – I was too nervous to get it right….next time. Next time I think I’ll add more Tea Tree Oil as well. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi there! Well, the DE is pretty important to this recipe, but you could try subbing in a clay (like kaolin). DE is quite affordable (see my link above), but if you have a clay on hand that you like it *might* work for you.

      1. Hi there, I just came across your site and I’d like to order your deodorant before I make it myself. Is the fragrance for males the one with patchouli? Wondering if one is unisex as my husband and I both intend to use it. Thanks!

  43. Tried homemade deodorant with baking soda and loved the odor control but unfortunately had horrid reaction. We are talking pits aflame here! Found your recipe and made it. Bummed it doesn’t work as well. I usually use a crystal roll on with it and it seems to do the trick. I am wondering if you have put a small amount of baking soda in and if that works? I’m really loving this recipe ( my pits have never been so smooth) but I just have a bit more funk than I’m comfortable with! Going to take a small amount and add a small bit of baking soda. Open to any other ideas!

  44. I’d love to try this one (already bought all the ingredients) but I don’t have a scale. Can you give the measurements in cups, teaspoons etc? Thanks! Love your site!!

    1. Post

      Hi Hanna,

      Ack…so sorry. I don’t measure my recipes in cups, teaspoons, etc. They are best created by weight. You can find an affordable scale online through Amazon, or possibly at a big box retailer. Once you have it, trust me…you’ll want to use it all of the time (for baking, DIYs, etc etc etc).

      You can read about my favorite digital scale here (and get another great DIY recipe for using it)…

      1. Hello again! I bought the scale and made a batch. Been using it for two days now .. And I am sad to say it doesn’t keep me stinkless!
        Previously I’ve used baking soda home made deodorant which worked perfectly (no stink whatsoever! Even after 8 h hike) but it gave me horrible itchy bumps, broke my skin etc.
        If I had used aluminum deo previously I could understand I have a detox period, but would this be the case when I’ve used baking soda one? Please help!!

  45. After reading the comments, I made this for hubby with French white clay instead of DE because I had some on hand (was finally able to find food grade DE locally in a natural food store, it was with the cleaning/plumbing chemicals!) I scented it with a bit of neroli and Shea blossom fragrance oil from Brambleberry because it’s a nice, masculine scent and I hadn’t tiny bit left from a sample. Hubby was using it and really liked it. He had been using just a scented talc which was nice but not super effective when really put to the test. He just got back from a conference in Las Vegas and said that the new deodorant worked great! Even with all the hot weather and walking around and being crammed into crowded conference halls, he was never stinky! He was really impressed! Thanks so much for the recipe!

  46. The first two batches that I made came out fantastic! Thank you. The next batch I made wasn’t as solid I would have liked it. My question is once made can I put it back in the double boiler and add more beeswax to make it harder or will that ruin it?

    1. Post
  47. Post

    Hi Hanna,

    Yes, you could still need a time to adjust, for sure!

    You are moving to something brand new to your body…I would give it more than two days (and perhaps apply a little more than you did). If you can work through this period and not have to go back to irritating baking soda or aluminum filled products, you’ll be really happy. 😉

  48. I was making the baking soda/arrowroot/coconut version until my husband had a bad reaction to the baking soda and his underarms turned bright red with inflammation. If I did not add any baking soda we would smell. Then It found your recipe and it is amazing!!! Thank you!

    I did adapt it to make it hold up better in a plastic deodorant container and added a tiny amount of baking soda that helps keeps you stink-free in Texas without causing that horrid baking-soda rash.

    10g Shea + 10g Cocoa butter (instead of 20g Shea, love cocoa butter)
    5g almond oil (instead of 10)
    15g beeswax (instead of 10, more solid for roll-on)
    12g DE + 3g baking soda (instead of 15g DE, tiny bit of baking soda keeps stink away but does not seem to hurt sensitive skin)

    I poured this in an old deodorant container and it is just like store bought in consistancy, but so incredible effective. I just made a batch for my sister who is pregnant and my 11 year old niece who just started needing to use deodorant. I feel so good they aren’t exposing themselves to dangerous chemicals.

  49. I use corn starch, baking soda, mineral oil and coconut oil. I spray a tiny bit of my favorite fragrance in the jar. This works great once I stopped using store bought.

    1. Post
  50. I finally got all of the ingredients and made my first batch without essential oils. I have been “detoxing” from regular deodorents for a few weeks now. Can’t wait to see how this works. Maybe next round I will get get a few EO’s to try out. I love your sunblock and foundation so I expect this to be great as well.

  51. I am relatively new to the homemade bath and body scene, but I’ve recently had my eyes opened to the harsh realities of toxins in commercial products, and have decided to make a change. I searched a while for a recipe for deodorant that looked unique and inspiring, and yours won. I made a few of these today for Christmas presents, and put them into old deodorant sticks that had been used up. They work great in a twist-up container. It set up amazingly and goes on smooth. I have only worn it once, so no noticeable results yet, obviously, but I’m really excited to be moving away from the toxins in regular deodorants.

  52. Hi Jessica,

    This looks like a great alternative for me as I’m suffering from the baking soda based deodorant. It only happens sometimes, my skin just starts to irritate and my armpits look like they’ve been burnt with fire!
    I think it’s all a matter of dose, but it’s very hard for me to hit the right amount, if it’s a little too much it irritates my skin, but if it’s too little, it doesn’t do the job and I stink.
    So I decided to look for other recipes and I’ve found this one.
    There are some logistics troubles for me as I can’t find DE or arrowroot powder nowhere here in Israel and I didn’t find any online shop that ships overseas, but I’ll manage to get it somehow.
    One question I have is, due to the fact I’m vegan and don’t use any animal based products, will the deodorant be OK without the beeswax? I guess it will only change the consistence, right? Perhaps I’ll have to use less liquid oils so it won’t be too runny.


    1. Post

      Hi Ziv! I understand and respect your Vegan lifestyle and desire to not use beeswax. I’m just not sure it will set up properly. Do you have carnauba wax (which is a plant derived wax)? You could sub that (using less than I suggest using for beeswax, as carnauba is a harder wax). Hope this helps. 🙂

      1. Hey Jessica,
        Thanks for your answer, I’m glad to know there’s an alternative for the beeswax.
        I have just one more question.
        I understand the bad smell in the armpits comes from bacteria.The baking soda is good for avoiding the bad smell, it has something to do with creating an alkaline enviromnemt where the bacteria cannot survive as they prosper in acidic enviromnents, no bacteria, no smell.
        In your deodorant, which one is the agent that does this job instead of the soda?
        My wife doesn’t have the problem with the irritation, so I make for her deodorant with lots of baking soda, but lately she claims it doesn’t really do the job and her armpits started smelling bad, even after having a shower, she still can smell bad smell.
        So I’m concerned now that if even with the good old baking soda receipt it doesn’t work for her, will your receipt do the job?

        Thanks a lot,


      2. Hey Jessica,
        Thanks for your answer, I’m glad to know there’s an alternative for the beeswax.
        I have just one more question.
        I understand the bad smell in the armpits comes from bacteria.The baking soda is good for avoiding the bad smell, it has something to do with creating an alkaline enviromnemt where the bacteria cannot survive as they prosper in acidic enviromnents, no bacteria, no smell.
        In your deodorant, which one is the agent that does this job instead of the soda?
        My wife doesn’t have the problem with the irritation, so I make for her deodorant with lots of baking soda, but lately she claims it doesn’t really do the job and her armpits started smelling bad, even after having a shower, she still can smell bad smell.
        So I’m concerned now that if even with the good old baking soda receipt it doesn’t work for her, will your receipt do the job?

        Thanks a lot,


  53. Hi I strongly suspect I have an issue with Shea butter. Any suggestion to get around that ? With your recipe? I’ve noticed when I’m over weight or unwell, i smell when I perspire. I live in Australia- no avoiding perspiring here! Great website.

    1. Post

      Hi Mary Anne! Yes, you can sub cocoa butter for the shea. It will likely change the texture a bit (making it a tad more stiff), but it should work fine. I would add just a bit less cocoa butter than I list for shea. Hope this helps!

  54. I am getting serious about being more natural, less chemical etc. Also nearly every deodorant/antiperspirant gives me a major rash(There is literally one brand I have been able to find that works and doesn’t bother my skin). I have very sensitive skin… I know, not very manly…

    I’ve been looking at DIY deodorants for a few months now and finally decided to try this one. I have everything I need ordered and on it’s way. I decided on “Thieves Oil” for my essential oil blend. It had pretty much everything I was looking for all in one, and seems like it would smell amazing as well. I’m hoping this solves my issues that I have been dealing with for 20 something years of my life.

  55. I am sensitive to coconuts, almonds and apricots. Any suggestions on good substitutes? I have highly sensitive skin and have reacted badly to baking soda and magnesium oil deodorants. Looking for a good alternative that doesn’t use coconut oil.

    1. Post
    1. Post
  56. Hi there,

    I love this deo! You may have addressed this already, and if you have, I am sorry. I tried to sift through all of the comments. My batch turned out quite brown, and since it’s winter, I have been wearing dark clothing and long-sleeved items of course. What happens in the summer, when we are sleeveless? When I apply, my armpits do look brown! Any tips or advice? What has your experience been? thank you for an awesome recipe!!

    1. Post

      Hi Kari,

      So glad you love it, too!
      Hmmmm…Yes, it is a bit more brown than the photos show (I took them outside in natural light and they look a bit washed out here), but I haven’t had issues with it browning my skin at all. I’m not sure! Maybe put it on in advance and let it soak in. Wish I could help more, but I haven’t had this issue.

      And you are welcome…happy to share my recipes. 🙂

  57. Ive made your deodarant a couple of times now and really like it. Thanks for the recipe but I’m wondering if you could tell me what maybe happened the last time I made it. The first time I used DE from capsules, because I had them on hand. The second time I used DE food grade that I ordered from amazon and thats the only difference. This time it was much darker in color than the first but more interestingly very smooth when I first made it but became more grainy as I continued to use it. Not uncomfortable to apply but just requires more rubbing to make sure the granules dissolve. Have you ever had that happen? And what can I do to avoid that next time? Thanks again!!

    1. Post

      So glad you like the recipe, too, Beth! Hmmmmm…did you get food grade diatomaceous Earth? That is important. Otherwise, I can’t imagine what would have been different between the two. Just different sourcing for the DE, perhaps? I wish I could help more.

  58. Hi Jess, Just wanted to say I received my 2 ounce deoderant the other day and I love it! Thank you so much for something without baking soda in it. I have tried other deodorants with baking soda and they always leave me red and itchy. I want to make more with the recipe you have provided. I really like the tins you use and was wondering where I might get ahold of some. Yours have screw on lids and I have not been able to find some to order. Would appreciate your help. Thanks again for the great deo!

    1. Post
  59. The first time I used this my armpits had a very painful outbreak. After research, I found a detox recipe. Between using the detox recipe for a week and then putting fractionated coconut oil on before applying the deodorant, this works wonderful. I love knowing that all those horrible chemicals are no longer entering my system. It adds a new element to feeling “clean”.

  60. Great recipe! Our family is making the switch to homemade bath and body products after reading about all the nasty stuff that’s in regular store bought stuff! Before using this deoderant, I did a mud treatment on my pits, just as you would for your face, using bentonite clay to help detox my pits. I used patchuoli, geranium, and lavender essential oils and a little extra d.e. and have been delighted with the results! Looking forward to future bath and body recipes! 🙂

    1. Post

      <3 Fantastic! Your detox sounds perfect, too.

      So glad you're loving your new DIY deodorant. And yes...we will always have lots of new DIY recipes coming out. So glad you found us!

  61. Do I absolutely have to use a scale (don’t own one)? Can you give the measurements in T and tsp? Thanks for a great website.

    1. Post

      Thanks for your note, Nik. No, unfortunately I do not create my DIY recipes using T and tsp. A scale is your best bet to get an accurate concoction. You can find a great affordable scale here. It’s the one I own and love. You can learn more about it HERE on our site, too.

  62. Good evening! Still loving this recipe! For the ladies who have found it to leave marks on there clothing, which I have not have happen, try waiting a bit after applying deodorant before putting on your outfit for the day, also try using arrowroot powder, cornstrach, talc, or if not sensitive a bit of baking soda dusted over it to “set it” Hope this helps! Here’s to happy pits for all! 😉

    1. Post

      Fantastic! I’m glad that you are loving it, too, Karen. 🙂

      This is a good tip! I also don’t have any staining, but helping it to set if in a hurry and not having time for it to soak in and dry with a healthy powder is a good idea.

      Thanks so much for your feedback. It’s much appreciated!

    1. Post
    2. Hi,
      After reading through all of these comments and seeing the question asked repeatedly about needing the recipe measured in cups, tsp., etc., I would like to make the suggestion of going to a website that converts it for you; grams into tablespoons and the like. http://www.convertunits.com is one to check, it’s very quick and easy! Just thought I would share, because I will be using it! ha-ha
      Thanks for this wonderful recipe, I can’t wait to whip it up and use it!

      1. Post
  63. I made the deodorant a couple of weeks ago and I have to say, it definitely works! My only “complaint” is that it’s a bit hard. I had been using a baking soda and coconut oil mixture, as well as arrowroot and coconut oil (sometimes the baking soda bothers me, but most times it’s okay). So…my question. I was thinking of modifying your recipe so that I make it with: DE, arrowroot flour coconut oil and Vitamin E. Leaving out the beeswax and shea butter. Your thoughts? Or just leaving out the beeswax and keeping the shea butter? Would love to hear other’s thoughts and ideas on this!

  64. Be careful of that unrefined beeswax.. I used to use it in homemade Chapstick till last year, when it made my lips dry and swollen.. Did some research and learned that some people can develop an allergy to propolis after repeated use..

    1. Post

      Hi Christine,

      Beeswax really is a lovely ingredient and has great benefits for most people. A very small percentage (from what I’m reading approx. 4 to 6%) of the population is suspected to have a sensitivity to propolis. Your comment here is a good reminder, though, that we should all be aware that many ingredients (even natural &/or organic!) are potential allergens for people and can cause allergic contact dermatitis on the skin. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  65. Hi Jessica,
    I have a daughter and she now needs to use a deodorant, but I do not want her to use the commercial deodorants, so I searched the internet and came across your recipe. It is really good that you explained the benefits of each ingredient because it made me understand its importance and how your recipe will work on the body to fight the stink. We are using it now and I love that we were able to choose what scent we wanted. I also understand about the detox phase so I am giving myself a couple of weeks before expecting it to be effective for me. My question is, is it natural that it does not work its powers yet with my daughter eventhough she has not used any deodorant before this? Is she also in a detox phase? How long will it take before it works for her? Thank you.

    1. Post

      Hi Gina! Great question…and I really don’t have a definite answer for you. Detoxing involves more then just detoxing from a previous deodorant. It also involves detoxing things like food and other body products, as those things do come out through sweat. I can’t say how long it will take with any certainty. You might want to do the detox (both of you) and then keep using the deodorant. I’d give it a couple of weeks and you should see results. I’m so glad you are introducing her to a natural and healthy alternative to the toxic products on most store shelves!

  66. Happy to see this posted. I use a recipe similar to this. At first I broke out in a rash on my arms, but that only lasted for two days. I love it.

  67. I tried this after detoxifying (with apple cider vinegar, water and essential oils) for a week – mixed all the ingredients correctly and got a nice consistency – but I’m afraid it didn’t work for me! After putting it on in the morning at around 7:00 and heading to work, by around 10:30 the odor began to come through.
    Such a shame as I’m allergic to baking soda DIY deodorants (they broke me out in red bumps) and was looking for a recipe for a safer alternative.
    I think my last chance might be trying lemon juice, zinc oxide, or adding benontite clay to the mixture… eeek :L

    1. Post

      Hi Becki. Thanks for your note…and I’m glad you gave it a try. I will say that using it for one day only is not a good way to see if it works! Even though you did the detox (good job!!!), you are using a new product and should give it more than one try. Also, you might need to reapply, especially at first, since your body is adjusting. Finally, you might simply need a bit more oomph. My DeFunkifying deodorant recipe might be a better deodorant for you. I’d love for you to give this another try for longer than one day…perhaps even alternate with your old deodorant so your body can adjust? Wishing you the best and thinking that you really *can* break free from the baking soda!

  68. About to try this….. I head to my bathroom for an old Deo stick container to reuse and discover that they are all only half full! Who knew? going to try a smaller one or maybe a travel one, hopefully the stopper runs to the bottom . Never thought deo companies were only selling half sticks! What a waste of plastic, and very sneaky too.

  69. Hi Scratchmommy,

    Is it possible for me to make a more lotion like version? I wanted to make one for me I can place in a squirt bottle. If so what ingredient would I add more of to dilute this?

    1. Post
  70. I LOVE this deodorant! It’s fantastic! I’ve been using a “natural ” deodorant for a few years but still suffered with odor & had to reapply throughout the day. Not so with this recipe. Evens holds up through hot flashes????. Truly the most successful DIY recipe I’ve tried. Thank you for sharing.

  71. If you put it in the roll on applicator, use more beeswax to make it a little less ‘melty’. I had to scrape mine out and add some more because it was melting on the stick, and getting all over my shirts and leaving oily stains.

  72. Can you use castor oil as a carrier oil? It’s melting point is -18C and -0.4 Fahrenheit. Also would you consider putting Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees in this recipe, as I think it would be helpful to European ect. readers. Thanks!

  73. I love this! I made a small sample batch a while back and it worked really well for me. I recently started a blog, and I would love to share this, because it works so well. A lot of the homemade deodorants call for baking soda, which I do use frequently for many other things, but baking soda and my armpits do not agree. Get back with me when you get a moment please.

    1. Post

      Hi Faith. Hooray! So glad it works so well for you, too. 🙂

      Sure, feel free to share on your blog. You can share a picture of mine, a brief snippet from my recipe intro, and then link back to my site for your readers to get the full recipe and the ‘how to’ make it. That would be wonderful to spread the healthy, effective, non-toxic DIY deodorant love. <3

  74. I have to say I am extremely impressed with my results from this deodorant! I started my detox about a month ago (which lasted about 2 to 3 weeks) and started using this deodorant 3 weeks ago. First off, I should add that I am someone who naturally sweats a LOT! And I mean on an everyday basis just sitting around I sweat more than some people do when they workout, but a lot of that has changed. Even with antiperspirants I would sweat a lot and have to reapply 2 or 3 times a day to stop the smell. I now sweat less after switching to this deodorant and I don’t smell! Occasionally, I reapply in the late afternoon just to feel extra fresh, but it isn’t necessary because I don’t smell (just the scent has faded by that time). For my essential oils I used
    2 drops frankincense
    2 drops melaluca
    2 drops lavender
    8 drops lime
    12 drops lemongrass
    I absolutely love the smell of it and I chose those oils as they have great benefits for my armpits. I’m thankful for you posting this because I really wanted to make the switch from commercial deodorants, but I didn’t want to use baking soda after hearing how it affected many people. Breast cancer runs in my family (grandmas on both sides and my mom have had it) so I am trying to do what I can to prevent it. I’m only 21 so I’m hoping this switch isn’t too late to help lower my chances of cancer. Again, great recipes and it really works better than any conventional deodorant I have ever used!

  75. I love this deodorant recipe. I used coconut oil infused with calendula and plantain for a little extra. I was looking at the stronger deodorant recipe but I’m not a fan of Neem oil. It is just way too strong and overpowering for me. I did try it in another deodorant recipe and ended up trashing it.

  76. I made this recipe with lavender, frankincense, tea tree and patchouli essential oils. I was expecting an initial phase where it didn’t work too well, but I’m thrilled to say that it’s doing the job from day 1! I have also been using a bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar and water paste (there’s a recipe on the Wellness Mama site) for 5-10 minutes to help draw out any nasties before using this deodorant. I used to use an antiperspirant so I’m noticing that I’m sweating a little now, but I can deal with that. Thanks so much for a great recipe!

  77. I love this deodorant. I made it for my Mom and myself. It was thick enough for a tube. Now I’ll just have to experiment with the fragrance I want. Thank you so much for sharing. I live in Florida so I think I may use a little more clay to thicken it up a bit. Or should I use more of another ingredient?

  78. I used kaolin clay instead of DE (did not have any..), don’t know if that is why it did not work for me (I have been using deo with BS or just coconut oil previously), but my daughter and boyfriend loved this. The deo became so hard that it was impossible to get it out of a jar with fingers, but for a deo stick it worked perfectly. Will adjust the amount of hard and soft fats for next time ’cause I like mine in a jar 🙂

  79. Thank you so much for the amazing recipe. I have made it a few times, experimenting with different essential oils. The one difficulty I seem to be experiencing is that about 3/4 of the jar (bottom portion) has a granular texture, while the first 1/4 is smooth and creamy. It is a bit rough on application, but eventually melts down. Do you have any suggestions to prevent this from occurring?

    1. Post

      Hooray! So glad that you love it, too. <3
      Hmmm, it sounds as though it might not be mixed up enough. Also, sometimes (depending on the brand of DE) you might have larger granules. In that case, I simply wouldn't pour the bottom part.

    1. Post
    1. Post
  80. I made this deodorant about 6 months ago. It did take a while for my body to get used to it; if I recall correctly it was about a month. The side effects are some excessive sweating and some body odor, you just have to get past it (which I did). I found that it doesn’t matter if I use a little bit or a lot, it works! (So use a little.) I also found out that if I use my Olive Oil based Healing Salve before the deodorant, it does NOT work that well, if at all. However, if I use Coconut Oil before the deodorant, it works just fine. (I just put the Healing Salve on last.) Overall this is an awesome recipe that I will continue to use. Thank you for posting it.

  81. I have to say that I AM a stinker… and tried everything, including the baking soda recipes that burned my pits. I’m definitely making this today, thanks for the recipe.

    My tip for the transition…. Magnesium oil spray. I stopped using my ‘secret’ deodorant last December and its been 5 months now that I’ve used Magnesium oil spray only. What a difference. I have not had the stench. However, i know with warmer days coming that I’ll need something more effective and this blend sounds perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  82. I followed the recipe exactly, using Jojoba Oil for the carrier (it was what I had on hand at the time) and without the Vitamin E (I didn’t have any on hand).
    I used an EO blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, cajeput, rosemary, lavender and vetiver and oh my GOODNESS I am in love. Not only does this deodorant smell wonderful, it WORKS and doesn’t turn to liquid on a hot day! DEFINITELY my new “go to” deodorant recipe!!!

    NOTE: I did not have any food grade DE, so I stopped at a local health food store which carries bulk ingredients and spent roughly $0.69 on the DE and Arrowroot Powder to make this recipe 🙂

  83. So, my scale DIED on me about halfway through this recipe!! And just for anyone who has a similar experience, 15 grams of arrowroot powder is 1.88 tablespoons (I found an arrowroot converter online!!), and the best guess of some food-grade DE people I also found online, 15 grams is about one tablespoon. That’s what I used, anyway, since I wasn’t going to do any better with my dead scale! FYI! lol Sorry I can’t help with the oils/butters, but I measured THOSE before it died. It was a sudden death. ;(

    1. Post

      Sudden Death! Not good!!! Well, I’m glad that you were able to find those measurements to complete your deodorant. Thank you for sharing here in case others experience the horrible Sudden Scale Death (shudder…).

  84. This is one of the best recipes I have ever tried for making the homemade deodorant. These deodorant for kids just work best and provide all day protection against smell while keeping the kids fresh and confident.

  85. I was just wondering if you knew of any good quality online stores like Mountain Rose Herb in Canada so I can order all my supplies to make lots of your DIYs? I loaded up my cart on MRH and shipping to Canada was like $50!

    1. Post
  86. I want to try this recipe, and I already have most of these ingredients or can buy them locally, except the sweet almond oil.

    Could I use avocado or sunflower instead? Or something else I can get at the grocery store?

    The almond oil is the only think I need and I don’t want to have to pay shipping for one ingredient.

    What’s your experience with these oils in deodorant?

    1. Post
  87. I just wanted to leave a comment on my experiences with this recipe. Let me first start by saying that I’m a huge fan of this website and it’s many recipes. Most of the recipes I’ve used have turned out great. I tried this deodorant recipe and used it for over 6 months (I wanted to make sure that I REALLY tried it out before calling it quits). Here is what happened:

    At first, I loved it! It smelled good and felt moisturizing on my sensitive armpits. I was optimistic about the effectiveness. It worked great at first. I have horses so I work outside every afternoon and all day on the weekends. The deodorant did not hold up to those sweaty horse afternoons and weekends. I tried reapplying it before going to the stable thinking it had probably worn off during the day but it did not help. It ended up being a mixture of my armpit stink and the lavender scent of my deodorant. Keep in mind, I stuck with this for 6 months! I know there is a detox period and I made it through that and just continued on hoping that things would work themselves out in the armpit area. The other thing that happened was it stained my clothes. I’ll admit, I may have overused it trying to not smell like BO at the stable. But still.. that sucks! On a positive note, it worked well at my job in an air conditioned building. The recipe was easy to make too which was awesome. I think that this deodorant would work best for someone who does not sweat too much and works inside all day. I don’t want to be too negative because this deodorant probably worked great for some people. I just wanted to add my opinion and experience to this list.

    Thanks for reading! DIY Mommy, keep posting your recipes! I really enjoy trying them and this is the only one that hasn’t worked out for me. The rest have been awesome!

    1. Post
  88. Thank you for the recipe. Extremely excited to try this as the baking soda often gives me a rash. Interesting to add DE though and I happen to have some as have been using in my smoothies lately. Who would of thought to add it to deodorant. Cant wait to make this.

  89. Oh how I love the look of this recipe! I know this was posted awhile ago but I hope you still read the comments. I know charcoal is used a lot these days and I’ve seen it used in deodorant. Do you think I could add some charcoal to this recipe or is it not really needed since the DE sounds like it does the same thing as charcoal would?

    1. Post

      Hi Trisha! Great question…you certainly could add some in, but you’d want to take out some of the other powder (DE &/or arrowroot) to keep the same consistency. I have never added charcoal, and my concern is that it might turn clothing a darker color…that’s something to be aware of. If you give it a go, please let us know how it goes. Happy DIYing!

  90. I do see where you said it makes 4 oz., and that you sell black deodorant tubes. The tubes says it is for 2.65 oz. Will there be left over deodorant after making the recipe and filling the tube?


    1. Post

      Yes, you will have a little leftover. I actually fill my tubes to 2.5oz here at the shop and if you do that you’ll have a little room at the top of the tube and about 1 oz leftover (if you fill two tubes). You could pour that into a metal tin or small glass jar and apply with your finger. I hope this helps. Happy DIYing!

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