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Ways To Take Care Of Yourself During That Time Of The Month

That Time of Month, Aunt Flo, your period, Shark Week (does anyone actually use that one?)…

We all know what it means and we all hate it. Let’s face it ladies, our menstrual cycle is no joke! Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing part of our bodies and the more you learn about your cycle the better! But that one week a month, life just isn’t all that great.

Suddenly we are bombarded with being overly emotional, inconvenienced with extra bathroom trips and feminine paraphernalia, and cramps… oh those cramps! We can feel like the world is going to end but this time of the month is also a good time to focus on self-care. You are already focusing on you because of all the “bad” that you are dealing with during your period, so why not focus on the good as well and really pamper yourself?

Listed below are our favorite ways to take care of yourself during that time of the month. Many of these will actually help you with all the lovely symptoms of your period, but some are just a nice way to take some time for yourself.

Ways to Take Care of Yourself During That Time of The Month

Aromatherapy Bag

Cramps seem to be a common thing when dealing with your period. This diy heating pad is a great mixture of calming lavender and cramp relieving warmth.


Got PMS? There’s a tea for that! No really, there is a tea… actually there are lots of teas. Many herbs are wonderful for that time of the month. Red raspberry leaf is an all time favorite for women as it tones the uterus and helps regulate your cycle. Dandelion is great for reducing bloating. Relieving cramps can be done with the aptly named cramp bark (which truly does work wonders).

Herbal tea for that time of the month- Scratch Mommy
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Cramp Salve

Move over painkillers, there’s a new natural remedy in town! Salves are often used for muscle relief so is it really so surprising that we could whip up a salve for menstrual cramps? This menstrual cramp relief salve harnesses the power of essential oils to help reduce those cramps!


Most of us are deficient in magnesium so supplementing with magnesium is a good thing to do. However, it’s extra important if you are looking to reduce cramps. Magnesium helps relax muscles, thus easing your pain. You can take oral supplements but I prefer to use topical magnesium like this diy hydrating magnesium oil.

Soak in the Tub

Reading a book in the bath or just sitting in silence in a warm tub will do wonders for your soul and any pains you might be dealing with. These diy herbal bath teas are wonderful for some time of relaxation. Founder Jess’s Softening Skin Scrub would also be a nice addition to your soak in the tub!

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Okay, so many exercise is not the tip you wanted to hear. Not many of us like hearing that we should exercise. However, regular exercise can help reduce cramps! Even if you are not regularly doing exercise, just doing 15 minutes of exercise each day during your period can help ease the pain. Exercise helps send oxygen to your muscles so they get less cramps.

Natural Feminine Products

This isn’t necessarily a very pampering tip but switching to natural feminine products like mama cloth or menstrual cups will help you feel better during that time of the month. Conventional feminine products contain toxins which are said to make our cramps worse than they need to be. Many women who switched to natural mama cloth or menstrual cups have reported a reduction in cramps. Plus, you’ll be producing less waste at the same time. Go you!

Pamper Your Skin

This tip won’t help you with PMS symptoms but it will make you feel better! Taking a bit of time out of your day for a moisturizing facial scrub, edible facial mask, or an herbal facial steam is a great way to wind down, focus on you, and give your face some love. If you aren’t feeling DIYish let Scratch Mommy Founder Jess send you some of her brilliant Pronounce Skincare line products for pampering (think Body Butter, Lavender-Infused Lotion, and her 4 piece Total Face System)!

Get a Massage

A great massage will instantly relax you and can really workout any aches and pains you might be feeling during that time of the month. You can make this edible massage lotion and find someone special to give you a good rub. Not in a romantic mood? Just forget to mention that this massage lotion is edible (wink wink).

I hope these ideas help you take care of yourself during that time of the month. May you take a few days out of each month to spend a bit of time on yourself because you deserve it!

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  1. The exercise suggestion is one I have recently discovered. Fit2b, an online exercise site, has the yummiest pms routine with movements and stretches that help enormously during that time! I don’t look forward to that time of the month, but knowing that relief is possible is encouraging.

    1. Post

      Off hand, I do not have any suggestions. Many of the tips above might help since they help with overall PMS symptoms. But suggestions for specifically sore breasts, I have not looked into (yet)

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