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Red Raspberry Leaf: Why it’s for ALL women (plus, a smoothie recipe!)

I grew up through my childhood and early adult life thinking herbs were something you cooked with and that was all. I had no clue when I was younger that herbs could have a huge impact on my health. In fact, it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my third child that I even gave herbs a second look.

When I was pregnant with baby number three, I discovered red raspberry leaf tea. Red raspberry leaf tea is like the natural mama’s must have when pregnant. If you’ve never heard of all that it can do for the mama to be you’ll want to read this post, but I’ll give you a teaser… it makes labor a hundred times easier! That was my reason for chugging down this tea like it was going out of style!

However, I didn’t stop drinking red raspberry leaf tea once I had my baby. After I had my baby, I kept drinking red raspberry leaf tea and 5 years later, I still have at least two cups of this tea every day!

Why? Because…

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Let me tell you why I think red raspberry leaf for women (ALL women) is important!

Reasons for Women to Drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

  • High in many nutrients including calcium, iron, magnesium, and vitamin C.
  • Strengthens the uterus
  • Regulates menstrual cycles
  • Can decrease heavy cycles
  • Reduce menstrual cramps
  • Helps with PMS


Reasons for Moms to Be to Drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

  • Relieves morning sickness
  • Makes labor easier and often faster
  • Lessens postpartum bleeding
  • Reduces afterpains
  • Increases milk supply


How to Make and Drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

You can buy red raspberry leaf in pre-bagged tea, in which case making tea is as simple as dropping a tea bag into a cup of steaming water. If you are using loose leaf tea…

  • Add 2-3 teaspoons of loose wild-harvested or organic red raspberry leaf to a cup of steaming water
  • Let steep at least 10-20 minutes
  • You can also make this tea in big batches and make it into iced tea

However, I want to share a secret to making this tea taste amazing and making it easier to incorporate into your life.

The secret?

Red raspberry leaf tea smoothies. That’s right…smoothies! We are taking the powders of red raspberry leaf tea and turning it into a delicious smoothie that you can have for breakfast or even a snack!

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Smoothie Recipe (plus, learn all about red raspberry leaf)- Scratch Mommy
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Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Smoothie
  1. Pour cooled tea into blender.
  2. Add in frozen fruits and whirl away!
  3. Once everything is incorporated to your desire, you are finished! See wasn't that easy?
We recommend using wild-harvested or organic ingredients.

NOTE: When we post about red raspberry leaf here on Scratch Mommy we typically receive few reader comments regarding use during pregnancy, so we’ll tackle that now.

Of course, consult with your own naturopath, midwife, herbalist, MD, etc for any questions you have, as we are not in the business of providing medical advice.

According to Rosemary Gladstar, author of Herbal Healing for Women, “Four herbs are particularly recommended by experienced herbalists and have been used safely by pregnant women for centuries. Rich in vitamins and minerals, red raspberry leaf, nettles, alfalfa, and dandelion act as system supporting tonics for overall health of the expectant mother.”

Red raspberry leaf, taken as a tea or in capsule form, strengthens the uterus, alleviates morning sickness, eases labor and delivery as well as postpartum discomforts, and aids in milk productions. Women with a history of miscarriage, however, should not use this herb until the second trimester.1

Wanna learn more from Rosemary Gladstar (whom we love here at Scratch Mommy)? Read our review of one of Rosemary’s finest books here.

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  1. I grow raspeberries at home. Would the smoothie have the same benefit if I used a few leaves from the plant? Or does the tea have something else in it?

    1. Post

      Hi Katie,
      You can use raspberry leaves from your own garden. I’ve not heard of anyone using them fresh so I’m not 100% sure that you can use them fresh but I have seen people dry their own raspberry leaves and make tea with them.

  2. I just came across your blog today researching for some other stuff. I’m excited to try some of your natural skin care recipes.

    This recipe sounds good. I can attest to how well raspberry leaf works. I have used it for 40 yrs. (growing up to currently) and have raised my children on it. Raspberry leaf should be a staple item in every woman’s kitchen. I have used it for many purposes but my favorite is for dealing with my PMS issues. I never experienced PMS until after having my sixth child (I have seven) and I can tell you how well this works. I have made a tincture with various herbs in it and it immediately stops my cramping and slows down the bleeding dramatically, almost to a dead stop.

    I like my tinctures because they’re more concentrated and I can add a few drops to a drink, etc. It’s just very convenient. I even pack a bottle in my purse. 😉 Never know who may need some. 🙂

    1. Post

      It will not ruin the effects, so you definitely can add a protein powder. I personally only use collagen as my protein in smoothies (and I have used it in this recipe!) but you should be able to use whatever you normally like to use.

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