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Edible Massage Lotion

This Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or any day consider treating your partner to an extra special massage that includes some DIY edible massage lotion.

It is the month of Valentine’s Day and whether you’re going away with your partner or choosing to do something at home, it is a nice time to do something a little special, something a little more romantic. Hopefully we all make time for special days and moments with our partners, but admittedly it is nice to have a special occasion set aside to do something a little over-the-top. And for many of us, over-the-top still means doing-it-ourselves.


This edible massage lotion is made of three very simple and perfectly edible ingredients that also feel great on the skin. Use this lotion to rub on the body and then feel free to taste your partner with no icky oils or residues. This edible massage lotion is open to endless customization as well…simply switch up the extracts to those you most enjoy, and use raw organic maple syrup instead of honey for the vegans among us.

When purchasing ingredients to make this edible massage lotion be sure to find vegetable glycerin that clearly states that it is of ‘food grade’. There are glycerin types that are suitable for external use while not being edible. Check those labels clearly. Most health food stores will have food grade vegetable glycerin, and you can pick up a great organic food grade vegetable glycerin here.

One word of caution about the extract used to flavor the lotion – choose something fruity or nutty, even vanilla extract. Avoid extracts like cinnamon or mint as they might actually burn sensitive skin. Obviously, avoid any extracts to which you or your partner might be allergic.

To Keep or to Gift?

Well, both (of course)!

When giving as a wedding or bridal shower gift – Package it up in a small bottle so that it’s suitable for getting on a plane for the honeymooning couple. For an anniversary gift, consider giving the lotion alongside a nice bottle of champagne or wine.

When keeping the lotion for yourself – remember to set that time aside, allow the massage to be long and soothing. Allow the time to one of deep connection during days of busy lives. Use these quiet moments to truly connect on a very deep level with your partner. Take turns and enjoy each other and the simple sensations that come with massage.

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Edible Massage Lotion
  1. Whisk everything together until completely combined.
  2. Pour into a clean bottle with a tight fitting lid.
All of these ingredients have incredibly long shelf lives, but in the interest of safety and avoiding stomach upset, use up within 6 months.
So this Valentine’s day, grab that bottle of wine, box of chocolates, and some homemade edible massage lotion and meet your partner in a quiet space for some one-on-one time.

Use that over-commercialized holiday to start some new, personal traditions and perhaps make that edible massage a monthly or even weekly routine.

Here are a few other ideas for Valentine’s Day (or any other special day)…

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  1. This This is nothing short of amazing! thank you so much for sharing it! i am hosting a mega bachelorette party this weekend, and this is just what i needed. i am going to make a lot for party favors! thanks to you

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  4. This is such a great idea! Edible massage oil, who thinks of that! Brilliant. And I love your advice about avoiding mint, been there done that, it wasn’t pretty. Can’t wait to try it with Frankincense, or Almond!

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