Learn how to use mint herb for your body, home, and as food!- Scratch Mommy

How To Use Peppermint Herb (for the home, body, and food)

Peppermint…that fragrant, almost extremely invasive plant in the herb garden is a miraculous botanical. This abundant and easy to grow herb has seemingly no end to its many uses, which is a very good thing considering how fast it spreads.

So, how to use peppermint leaf herb that grows so abundantly? The multitude of uses for mint includes everything from tasty food additions, to rejuvenating body care, to pest prevention, and so much more.

Learn how to use peppermint herb for your home, body, and food here in our ultimate mint herb guide!

Mint Herb Ultimate Guide (uses for body, home, and food!)- Scratch Mommy1
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Mint for the Body

Peppermint is often the first herb many of us learn to use medicinally probably even before we realize it. The power of mint’s tummy soothing abilities seems to be one that is ingrained in us a humans since the beginning of time. It’s smell is one that often calms us as the delicious flavor is ingested.

Heal: Mint can help ease nausea, upset stomachs, and many other digestive ailments. A cup of tea will often soothe those digestive issues, but a mint-infused soothing lollipop can even be better.

Freshen: The smell of peppermint seems to make us all feel fresh and clean, making it the perfect choice for a DIY mouthwash.

Calm: A common ingredient in many sleepy-time tea blends, mint can help soothe the frazzled nerves at the end of the day. Use the tea as an aid to help the body and mind relax and sleep soundly.

Rejuvenate: While mint is calming when taken internally, the cooling feel of it on the skin can help rejuvenate tired and achy feet. Substitute mint essential oil in our lemon foot scrub recipe to get this amazing benefit. Also, check out this DIY Mint Chocolate Whipped Body Butter recipe, which uses only 3 ingredients and smells just like a peppermint patty. Yummy!

Mint for the Home

All those reasons peppermint is good for the body, make it good for the home, too.

Rodents: Mice and other rodents don’t like the smell of mint, making it a perfectly safe and natural pest control method. Plant mint outside around areas they might use to get inside. Alternatively, put some peppermint essential oil on cotton balls and place those balls in cabinets and stuff in holes to keep pests from entering the house. Learn how Scratch Mommy Founder Jess uses only 3 ingredients (including peppermint essential oil) to keep the pests out of her home.

Cleaning: Mint contains some antiviral and anti-fungal properties making it an ideal addition to homemade cleaning products. This is why peppermint made it into our top 10 list of essential oils for cleaning your home.

Mint as Food

Peppermint is a delicious addition to both sweet and savory dishes. It can be used fresh or dried meaning it’s perfect addition to the cooking routine all year long.

Infuse: When mint is abundant in the summer and fall, infuse fresh leaves into honey for a delicious treat that gives additional flavor to that hot winter tea and baked goods.

Chocolate: The classic combination of peppermint and chocolate never seems to get old. Add leaves to brownie batter or hot chocolate for a delicious homemade treat.

Salad Dressing: Toss chopped mint leaves into vinaigrette or creamy dressings for a flavorful burst to those green salads.

Iced Drinks: A few sprigs of fresh peppermint make an especially refreshing addition to homemade iced teas, lemonades, and cocktails during the hot days of summer.

With all these uses and benefits, it’s no wonder that peppermint grows so abundantly, it seems as if there could never be enough. Now that you know how to use mint, be sure to harvest that mint often and dry it for later so that it can have a place in the medicine cabinet, kitchen, and cleaning routine.

Please, make sure that you are growing your own peppermint herb (organically!) or purchase quality organic mint herb, like our very own Pronounce organic peppermint leaf herb.

A Few Precautions: Mint is generally considered a safe herb but as with anything it isn’t for everyone. As always double check with a doctor or pharmacist to be sure mint won’t interfere with any prescription medications. Always dilute mint essential oil, as it can burn sensitive skin. As always avoid it if anyone is allergic and seek advice from trained professionals if you have any concerns. 

Learn more about the versatility of our favorite herbs for use in the home, for body, and as food.

Here are a few of our best ‘from scratch’ recipes using our favorite herbs!

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