Ginger Mint Anti-Nausea Lollipops Recipe - Scratch Mommy

Ginger Mint Anti-Nausea Lollipops (natural nausea treatment!)

Ginger Mint Anti-Nausea Lollipops Recipe - Scratch Mommy
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Being pregnant is a wonderful thing, but the some of the symptoms that can accompany it are not so pleasant. Take for instance, morning sickness. You get pregnant and for the next couple of months you might feel nauseous and it’s not just in the morning; morning sickness is such a deceptive term! My morning sickness was usually mild all day sickness. Bleh.

Thankfully, I found an easy way to help combat the dreaded morning sickness with this natural nausea treatment. Lollipops! Ginger mint anti-nausea lollipops to be exact! These babies are the perfect thing for taking the edge off of those nausea waves. Ginger and mint are both wonderful tummy soothers.

My recommendation is to make some of these and store them in the freezer. Then whenever you are feeling a bit yucky, you will have one all ready to go! These were always in my mouth as I headed out the door in the morning!

Not pregnant? These lollipops are also great for anyone who is feeling nauseous! Perfect for kids with the flu, too!

Visit Contributor Brittany from The Pistachio Project and learn how to make these Ginger Mint Anti-Nausea Lollipops!

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