Missing the minty fresh feeling of your conventional toothpaste now that you've switched to a cleaner product? Try this DIY minty mouthwash to leave your mouth feeling refreshed and clean.

DIY Minty Mouthwash

My family made the switch to homemade, coconut oil toothpaste about a year ago, but like many homemade alternatives, the toothpaste took a little… getting used to. It’s a little on the salty side, a little on the not-so-sudsy side, and doesn’t really leave your breathe feeling “minty fresh.”

As time went on, I began to adapt to the salinity and lack of sudz, although I still couldn’t compromise with the missing minty fresh-feeling. You know, that feeling after you brush like you’d expect to see your breathe with each exhale – I missed it.

So, with that, I embarked on a DIY mouthwash journey and have concocted a beauty.

I feel like a bit of a witch when I mix up this DIY Minty Mouthwash (potion) – a dash of homemade tinctures here, a little essential oils there — all mixed into a homegrown peppermint tea! It’s really quite lovely. Best of all, that minty fresh breath feeling that I’ve longed for since switching to homemade toothpaste, is back! With no excuses left, I now have a completely all-natural, oral hygeine routine and there’s no turing back.

Check out Modern Hippie Housewife’s recipe for DIY Minty Mouthwash!

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  1. Great post. Love how unique it is as I’ve never actually seen a DIY mouthwash before!

    I have to take advantage of this as I am always buying mouth-watch.

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