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Fruit Facial (Detoxing, Age Defying, Blemish Busting Face Mask + Juice Recipe)

Grab your juicer to create a delicious juice recipe…AND THEN use the pulp to create a lovely fruit facial face mask recipe (a detoxing, age defying, and blemish busing face mask that you are going to LOVE)!

Healthy skin truly starts from the inside, since we really are what we eat. Your skin regenerates itself about every 27 days and it relies on the food you’re eating to do that. Eat crappy food, and you’ll have crappy skin.

Even with a good diet and a healthy lifestyle, we can all succumb to the occasional (or not so occasional) blemish. Instead of turning to conventional and toxic skincare products, freshen your face with this anti-aging, detoxing, and blemish busting face mask.

Furthermore, there are toxins literally everywhere around us and it isn’t possible to avoid all of them. You can do a full body detox with a juice cleanse, or you can incorporate juicing into your everyday diet. Not only will it reboot your body, but it will flush out toxins and cleanse the liver to give you healthy, glowing skin. Get all the nitty gritty details on how to do a juice cleanse here.

Sometimes even with a great diet though you can have some blemishes, wrinkles, sun damage, and other skin issues. My hormones like to protest once a month and I’ll break out on my chin and forehead, even though I’m eating hormone balancing foods. The great thing about this juicer face mask recipe is that you can drink the juice to cleanse your body, and then apply the nourishing pulp to your face for a lovely fruit facial. You’re detoxing and getting healthy skin from the inside out and the outside in!

Why These Ingredients?

Anti-Aging Strawberries

The first item in this fruit facial face mask recipe are anti-inflammatory and age defying strawberries. They’re packed with vitamin C and antioxidants that protect skin from sun and free radical damage. They also help regulate sebum production, improve elasticity, fight wrinkles and discoloration, and improve collagen synthesis.

Balancing Lemons

No, I don’t mean that you need to juggle some lemons for clear skin. Lemon juice helps your skin balance oil production and is good for oily and acne prone skin. It’s also loaded with skin healthy vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, and folate. They help fight acne and blackheads, lighten dark spots and blemishes, and fight free radical damage.

Cool As A Cucumber

Using cucumber for your skin may conjure up images of cucumber slices on the eyes of spa goers, but they really are great for your skin. They’re cooling and are packed with vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, and magnesium. They also contain caffeic acid to reduce inflammation and soothe irritated skin. The peel contains silica that helps firm skin. Cucumber’s flavanoids and antioxidants help tone and shrink dilated blood vessels, and reduce wrinkles.1

Cleansing Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is one of my absolute favorite skin care ingredients for its ability to draw out and trap toxins. This ancient healing clay is harvested from volcano ash. When it gets wet, it draws heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, and benzene into its matrix where it holds on to them for good. Heavy metals from fish, pesticides, processed foods and mercury/silver fillings can really take a toll on your skin and overall body health.

Bentonite clay is rich in silicon, potassium, calcium, sulfur, magnesium, and iron. It’s great for dermatitis, psoriasis, and irritated skin. It also has antibacterial properties that speed up healing time of damaged skin. Bentonite clay pulls excess hydrogen from cells to oxygenate them, which helps the body have faster healing times and fights aging.

Learn More: 5 Ways To Use Bentonite Clay (complete with DIY recipes!)

…but does it work?

After using this fruit facial face mask, I have to tell you that my skin feels absolutely amazing! Even my husband loves it. The acne that was on my forehead was visibly diminished after the very first application of this fruit facial. The bentonite clay is a tad bit drying as it’s pulling toxins out of the skin, so I followed it up with my homemade face lotion and some essential oils.

Scratch Mommy Founder Jess’s Pronounce Skincare Face Moisturizer would be a real treat to apply after this mask, too (actually you should check out her entire face line in her Pronounce Skincare Total Face System)!

Fruit Facial (Detoxing and Blemish Busting Face Mask + Juice Recipe)
Serves: This recipe makes enough for two face masks
  1. Put the cucumber and strawberries into your juicer and juice. Set aside the juice, and place 1 T of the pulp in a glass bowl.
  2. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice over the produce pulp. Sprinkle the bentonite clay over the mixture and mash everything together with a fork.
  3. Use your fingers to apply the face mask with circular motions to your face. Rinse off after 10 minutes.
  4. Follow it up with a non-toxic face lotion if desired (like Pronounce Skincare Face Moisturizer).
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