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Eat Your Way To Great Skin!

When I was in high school, it was the early 2000s. The internet was dial up, social media outlets, blogs, and gossip websites were still on the horizon and if you had a cell phone you were really, really cool. So, to entertain ourselves, we reached to teen magazines for our celebrity news, fashion advice, beauty tips, and fun.

One of my favorite parts of these teen magazines was the silly personality quizzes. My friends and I would read through the answers, choose from option A., B., or C., tally up our points and laugh as we found out if we were a “Plain Jane” or “Party Gal.”

Strangely enough, nearly fifteen years later I can still remember a question from one of these teen magazine quizzes that stirred up quite the debate at the lunch table.

The magazine article author asked “Would you rather have… A. Perfect Hair, B. Perfect Skin, or C. Perfect Teeth?”

On the surface, the question sounds pretty superficial. Vain, even.

But, it actually turned out to be a good conversation. Everyone got in on weighing the pros and cons.

At that age, I heard from my mom all too often as I ran off to the pool with friends that, “You only get one skin!” as her effort to encourage me to wear sunblock (like Pronounce Skincare’s SkinShade). For a minute, I thought that it might be nice to not worry about my mom’s nagging and that occasional zit that always seemed to show up when it was most inconvenient.

But, I knew enough about food, even then, to know that…

[Tweet “Good teeth would allow me to eat well, giving both my hair AND skin the nutrients they would need to be great.”]

Here at Scratch Mommy we all love to talk about natural, handcrafted skincare solutions, often. But, it’s not just what we put on our bodies that is important. What we put in our bodies is vital to our skin as well.

There are certain foods and eating habits that help keep your skin smooth, ageless, bright, and healthy. Here is our quick start guide so you can learn how to eat your way to great skin.


Stay Hydrated

Another reason to reach for you eight glasses of water each day? Staying well hydrated helps to increase the blood flow to your skin keeping it rosey versus dry and tired looking. A little lemon in your water not only gives it a little flavor, but also helps to flush your system giving you clearer skin.

To stay hydrated and keep your skin glowing, be sure to avoid caffeine and alcohol which dehydrates the skin.

Get Lots of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a super antioxidant that helps prevent aging, heals blemishes, and keeps skin glowing. To reap the benefits of wrinkle fighting Vitamin C reach for colorful fruits and vegetables like strawberries, blueberries, sweet potatoes, oranges, and broccoli.

Cut Back on The Fake Stuff

There are countless reports out there telling us to stay away from sugar and starchy carbohydrates, like white breads and pastas. But, the havoc they wreck on your skin is reason alone to cool it.

Sugar has an inflammatory effect on the skin that breaks down living tissue causing a dull skin tone and accelerating the signs of aging. While starches restrict blood flow and leads to an over production of insulin damaging collagen which can create wrinkles and fine lines.

Don’t Be Scared of Fat

Good fat, that is.

Avocados, nuts, olive oil, pastured/grass-fed bone broth (both chicken stock  and beef stock), and some fish (sustainably-caught) are great for your skin as they act as a natural moisturizer. These foods are full of fatty acids, anti-inflamatories, and Vitamin E, which all keep skin supple and radiant. Not to mention, they help fight many skin conditions, like eczema.

Sun Worshiper? Eat Tomatoes

The pigments in tomatoes not only help fight aging, it can also help to prevent burning from the sun which will help limit chances of skin cancer, sun damage, and age spots. Pass the sauce, please!


When it comes to skin, my mom was right, you do only get one. But, if you feed your skin well, both inside AND out – with help of the many Pronounce Skincare products – one skin is enough.


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  1. I knew a few of these, but I did not know about the tomatoes! I love tomatoes and grow lots in my garden in the summer. I rarely get sun burns… maybe that is why 🙂 This year I will be planting even more tomatoes! Pinned!

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