This Easy DIY Blender Face Mask leaves you with radiant moisturized skin. Contains Avocado, avocado seed, honey, oatmeal, banana and lavender.

DIY Blender Face Mask for Radiant Moisturized Skin

This is me with my daughter Bella. She is creative, kind hearted, caring, sensitive, stubborn, empathetic, smart, and loves animals almost more than anything else in the whole wide world (except for Mommy, Daddy and her brother, Adam).

She is beautiful inside and out and she has taught me what it is to be a woman and to love from the bottom of my heart.

Bella was almost 4 years old when her brother came into the world. Like most older siblings, she had to go through the adjustment of sharing her parents with a new child. We made sure to help Bella realize just how important and loved she is in our family, and what an important role being a big sister is. Bella has always been a Mommy’s girl, so we made one of the perks of being a big sister that the two of us would have regular “Mommy Daughter Dates.” Sometimes we go to a movie or for ice cream, but often stay in and spend one on one time together while “the boys” are occupied somewhere else.

Regularly the two of us do crafts together, sew little projects, cuddle on her bed having heart-to-hearts, bake, and make a big bowl of popcorn and do fun “girly things.”

A few weeks ago a Blendtec 725 arrived at our door.  You would have thought that a new puppy had been delivered to the door, she was so excited! A Blendtec blender had been on my wish list for quite some time and I may have put a bug in her ear that the Blendtec could make ice cream! Yummy! Plus the two of us regularly watch the Blendtec Will It Blend videos together. Bella watched me unpack the box, was fascinated by how the Blendtec walked you through how to use the blender step by step on the pretty digital screen, and couldn’t wait to blend up our first smoothie.

We’d had our Blendtec for a few days when I started to dream up how we could incorporate the Blendtec into our next Mommy-Daughter Date. Mommy-Daughter spa day anyone? I turned to the ultimate Scratch Mommy, Jessica Healey for some help concocting the recipe. Jessica has invented tons of great skincare products that she shares the DIY recipes for and sells in her skincare shop. Every winter my skin gets extremely dry so I knew that I wanted a recipe that would moisturize my skin, I also thought that having dewey, glowing skin for the holidays would be nice.

I consider myself a foodie, but I’ve never had a good blender prior to this. In fact before the Blendtec arrived it had been several years since we had a blender in our house. I was so tired of blenders that left big chunks of ice when you were making drinks, or that the blades spun and spun and spun but the ingredients just sat there so I decided to donate it to the Goodwill. I was excited to put the Blendtec to the test.

My husband had recently told me about the health benefits of avocado seeds; they are packed with antioxidants and avocado seed oil increases collagen in the skin. I had a pretty good feeling after watching the Blendtec blend a baseball in this Will It Blend video that an avocado seed would be no problem and a great addition to creating a face mask for radiant moisturized skin.

DIY Blender Face Mask for Moisturized, Radiant Skin
Tools Needed
  • ½ avocado (Packed with Moisturizing Monounsaturated Fatty Acids, Vitamin E & Vitamin C which moisturizes, has anti aging properties and helps build elastin)
  • 1 avocado seed (Full of collagen and antioxidants that are great for the skin)
  • ½ banana (Moisturizes, sloughs away dry skin to give you a radiant glow and is packed with Vitamin E)
  • ¼ cup raw virgin coconut oil (Has disinfectant and antimicrobial properties which cleanse skin while moisturizing. This is the coconut oil that Scratch Mommy uses in the skincare shop)
  • 2 Tbl raw honey (The clarifying properties in honey will help unclog pores. The moisturizing properties will sooth your skin and give it a glow. The antibacterial properties will help fight acne. This raw honey is a favorite.)
  • 2 Tbl organic whole oats (Oatmeal softens and soothes your skin. It also has fabulous natural exfoliant properties. These are our favorite oats for eating and skincare!)
  • 1 tsp dried lavender (Inhibits bacterial growth which is great for breakouts, helps reduce scarring from acne, aids in healing of skin and has relaxing aromatherapy benefits. This is Scratch Mommy's favorite lavender)
  1. Put ingredients in blender.
  2. Blend until smooth. I used the soup setting to blend so that the face mask came out nice and warm.
  3. Smooth on skin**. Leave for 20 minutes or until dried.
  4. Wash off with a warm washcloth.
  5. Enjoy your moisturized, radiant skin.
  6. **If you have sensitivities to any of these ingredients, please do a patch test first before applying to your entire face.


As I put all of the ingredients together in the blender I loved the array of colours. The vibrant green avocado, the creamy white of the banana and the coconut oil, the flashes of purple in the lavender and the rich brown of the honey.

I decided to use the soup function on the blender so that it would warm the ingredients as it blended. And did it blend? Was the avocado seed blended into a fine puree?

Absolutely! The ingredients blended into the perfect consistency for a face mask and the soup setting made it the perfect temperature to put on your face!

The two of us had a great time playing spa together and the end result was beautiful, radiant skin.

For days afterwards my face feels moisturized, radiant and refreshed! Playing “scientists” was a fun way for Bella and I to enjoy our bonding time. She loved creating her own DIY face mask and was amazed that the Blendtec was able to chop through that avocado seed. Afterwards she asked me if we could have Blendtec Spa Days every Mommy Daughter Date Day.

Want more healthy, natural recipes that you can make in your blender? Check out the Blendtec website for an array of fabulous recipe ideas!

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This post is sponsored by Blendtec, however, the opinions and photos are of our own. Authenticity is important to Scratch Mommy so we would never promote any brand or product that we wholeheartedly don’t believe in or wouldn’t use ourselves.


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  2. This mask looks like something I could use during these cold, dry months. I entered to win the Blendtec because I don’t think our blender can handle the avocado seed.

  3. I did this with a nutribullet auto-iq. Handles the avocado seed just fine. I also added almonds to get a nice scrub going. Worked great!

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