Farmer Spraying Herbicide In Suit

Food That Has A Story – Hey Quaker…Stand With The Majority Of Americans And Label GMOs!

I love a good story.

You know, one where you get to learn a lot about a person or a situation…just a good, insightful, detailed story. You, too?

What about the story of your food? That doesn’t seem too terribly interesting, but if you think about it…I think you’ll agree that you definitely want a story with your food, too.

Would you prefer your story to be about fruits and veggies raised by loving and caring hands, or one where the seeds have been genetically manipulated and then sprayed with toxins so powerful that the workers must wear safety suits and masks? See picture below…

That is not the story that I want to hear! I want to hear how farmers Joe and Joanna work hard tending to their crops naturally, the way that it’s been done for years upon years! I want to know that the raw carrots I feed my son have not been doused in an herbicide that is probably carcinogenic (source).

The way things stand right now, it’s very difficult to know the story behind my favorite foods. While it’s true that some companies really do want to ‘do things right’ by labeling through the GMO Verified Project, that’s not enough for me.

It boils down to this…

I want to know exactly what I am eating and exactly what I am NOT eating!

Americans across the country are speaking up for our right to know what is in the food we eat and how it is grown. A large majority want to the right to choose foods grown without promoting an increased use of probably carcinogenic herbicides and pesticides.

The vast majority of Americans support mandatory GMO labeling and want to know what’s in their food according to a recent Consumer Reports national survey (source).

We want large food companies to stop blocking our right to know through the DARK Act or other anti-mandatory labeling initiatives. We also want to call upon Congress and the FDA to institute mandatory GMO labeling.

The only thing we’re advocating for is the right to know what is in our food, and the opportunity to choose foods that aren’t part of a chemical treadmill.

It’s troubling to see the food industry spend tens of millions trying to use the world’s poor as a pawn – instead of taking a hard look at the impact of their industry practices.

We are not alone in our desires to know what we are eating and what we are feeding our children. Please share and watch the video below. Dow and Monsanto might have HUGE dollars, BUT we ALL have a voice! Perhaps having some influential people standing with us we will be able to make change.

Watch the video…and then…SIGN THE PETITION. We have a right to know!

As we mentioned in our past two posts (Will Quaker Oats Conceal or Reveal GMOs? and Why Brands Should Support Mandatory Labeling), we are targeting Quaker first, but we will be going after other companies. Why Quaker?

That’s a lot of money that are spending to keep us in the DARK, wouldn’t you say?

Let’s get back to having stories for the food that we eat.

Let’s talk about from where our food comes and know that it is nourishing for our bodies and souls.


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