YOU can help us have Quaker Conceal or Reveal their use of GMOs - read more and sign the petition to demand mandatory GMO labeling! #ConcealOrReveal

Will Quaker Oats Conceal or Reveal GMOs?

Hi, Jess here. I have some important information to share with you about something that affects all of us.

It affects you. It affects your children. It affects our environment.
In fact, there isn’t much that the topic of this post does not affect.

It is so important to us over here at Scratch Mommy that we applied and were accepted to take part in a massive initiative this summer to help create a major SHIFT in the right direction of knowing if the food you are eating is what you really think it is.

We are asking all Scratch Mommies to come forward and help cause a ruckus so we can create change. And we are not dreaming small. No, no…we are dreaming and manifesting BIG! So, let me ask you a few questions…

  1. Do you want to know what is in your food?

  2. Do you feel it is your right to know what is in your food?

  3. Don’t you think it’s about time that BIG FOOD listens to what 92% Americans want?

    92% of Americans support mandatory GMO labeling in the food industry, but it has yet to pass as companies spend MILLIONS of dollars lobbying against it(1). 

I respond with an emphatic YES to ALL of the above questions!

If you do, too…keep reading. The tides are turning: Chipotle, Target, and other brands are beginning to ditch GMOs. The more we can get big brands on board, the sooner we can see labeling (read: more accessible healthy food for everyone!) become a reality.


Did you know that Quaker’s parent company, PepsiCo, is spending millions to keep you and your family from knowing what’s in your food?

Quaker is one of the Big Food companies using their deep pockets to lobby against mandatory GMO labeling. Through the trade association, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, they’re supporting a bill in Congress we call the DARK Act – because it would Deny Americans the Right to Know whether our food has been genetically engineered.

Sign the petition below to ask Quaker to join us and to support mandatory FDA labeling of GMOs!

It’s hard maintaining that honest image when they’re stopping consumers from knowing what’s in their food. GMO crops have led to huge increases in herbicide use, which contributes to an array of threats to the health of people and the environment. And in case you missed it, the World Health Organization recently labeled the main herbicide used on GMO crops as probably carcinogenic. People all across the country are fed up with being kept in the dark. That’s why I’m working with Just Label It to bring the Conceal or Reveal campaign to Quaker’s doorstep. But we need your voice, too.

Sign the petition: Ask Quaker to support mandatory FDA labeling of GMOs, stop funding anti-mandatory labeling efforts, and stand up against the DARK Act!

Wait! Please, won’t you take a few seconds to share this important campaign with your friends &/or family members?

[Tweet “I am joining @JustLabelIt’s #ConcealOrReveal campaign asking @Quaker to support mandatory FDA labeling of GMOs. []”] [Tweet “We have a right to know what’s in our food. @Quaker will you #ConcealOrReveal? Support mandatory FDA GMO labeling []”]

[Tweet “Most of the world requires #GMO labeling to give people the right to know what they buy. @Quaker #ConcealOrReveal! []”]

Here are two possible Facebook posts you can copy and paste to share:

Ninety-two percent of Americans believe that GMO foods should be labeled. Without labeling, companies like @Quaker are keeping us in the dark about the food we buy. Join me in asking Quaker to support mandatory FDA labeling of GMOS! #ConcealOrReveal []

I’m joining @JustLabelIt’s #ConcealOrReveal campaign asking @Quaker to support mandatory FDA labeling of GMOs! Add your signature here: []

 Ask Quaker to support mandatory FDA labeling of GMOs, stop funding anti-labeling efforts, and stand up against the DARK Act!

GMO crops have led to massive increases in herbicide use, which causes human and environmental health threats.(2)

We have the right to know whether GMOs are in our foods so we can choose not to support the chemical treadmill.

Working together, we will hold food companies accountable for refusing to support mandatory FDA labeling of GMOs, expose their contributions to anti-mandatory labeling efforts, and show overwhelming support for mandatory labeling. Consumers will know that GMOs have dramatically increased the use of probably carcinogenic herbicides and will be able to choose foods with all the information they deserve.

Expect to hear more from Scratch Mommy this summer about the campaign. We will keep you posted as things progress. We hope to have you on board in demanding that Quaker do the right thing. We would LOVE to hear from you…

Why do you feel Quaker should support mandatory FDA labeling of GMOs?

Why do you feel it is important that Quaker stop funding anti-labeling efforts?

This post was created for the Just Label It campaign for which I am a paid labeling advocate. However, the opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. It should be MANDATORY to disclose what is in the food & beverages that are sold in this Country.
    Also, another bit of information that needs to be disclosed is where the products are manufactured not just who distributes them.

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