Wouldn't you like to have a truly safe product effective enough to clean your bathroom, yet gentle enough to clean your face? This DIY face wash recipe is it!

DIY Face Wash Recipe (using the same soap you use to clean your bathroom)!

Yes, you did read that correctly!

Today I’m bringing you a super simple (and effective!) DIY face wash recipe. …and yes, I use the same main ingredient in this face wash not only to clean my bathroom, but also to wash my laundry, clean my kitchen, and even keep my skincare retail store shelves and workspaces clean.

Today we are talking #LifeFromScratch for our home AND body in a gentle, effective, truly non-toxic, and seriously human-safe way.

Speaking of non-toxic and human-safe, if you have been following Scratch Mommy for a while now, you know that decreasing my daily load of toxins is at the top of my priority list. I haven’t always been this way (as friends from years past might tell you). Mountain Dews and Cheetos used to be a daily indulgence for me. BLECH!

But, mixed in with those memories of what I used to eat and how I used to live, I am thankful to also have some memories of a more pleasant time.

One of the first things that I remember making from scratch was homemade butter.

My Mom would give me a small jar half filled with cream and I would shake, shake, shake until homemade whipped cream first formed, and then finally beautiful, golden butter. I felt so accomplished, and it tasted so much better than that stuff in the large tub in the fridge!

I also have very fond memories of working in the gardens with my Daddy.

I learned how far apart to put each row of seeds, how far apart to plant each seed, how deep each seed needed to be, and what it meant to see food go from a seed in my hand to food on my plate.

…but, somewhere along the line, I lost track of all of this.

When my son was born just over three years ago (also with horrific eczema) I started rethinking EVERYthing. I was quickly reminded that the ‘foods’ we eat today and the products we use for our home and body aren’t really ‘real’, as they used to be in days gone by.

For example…

  • The majority of all milk on the market today is actually puss-laced-milk, filled with growth hormones and antibiotics. Why can’t milk just be…milk!?
  • Over 80% of the ‘food’ you find in most grocery stores contains genetically engineered products created by the company responsible for the insecticide DDT (capable of permanently eliminating various pest species and subsequently banned for use in agriculture)…the same company responsible for churning out Agent Orange in the 60’s for the Vietnam War.1 Why can’t food just be…food!?
  • Not that long ago I used a makeup foundation that contained 35+ ingredients (although the DIY foundation I now use contains only 8 healthy, organic ingredients).

I have made so many changes in the foods that I eat (from consuming raw milk to foods from the garden) and in the products that I use (like easy and effective DIY deodorant and homemade facial powder). If you haven’t already, YOU can also make non-toxic changes for your home and body! With a few simple ingredients on hand, the world of DIY is at your fingertips, and I encourage you to play in it as often as you are able!

…don’t worry, I’m connecting all of this, I promise.

My point…?

I want to feel as safe putting something INSIDE of my body, as I do putting something ON my body. Don’t you?

This DIY Face Wash Recipe literally uses the same soap I use to clean my bathroom.

And no…not that toxic stuff in the conventional supermarket aisles.

Wouldn’t you like to have a *truly safe* product effective enough to clean your bathroom, yet gentle enough to clean your face? I know that I do! It’s just one more way that I can decrease the toxic load in my life (and save money by using one product for multiple things).

Branch Basics soap is a one-of-a-kind. Truly, I have found nothing else in the market that is like it! Branch Basics is “…tough enough to dissolve car engine grease, yet safe and gentle enough to wash a baby.”2

Branch Basics ingredients…

Purified water, fatty acids, coconut oil, minerals and enzymes derived from edible and seed-bearing plants.

Pretty solid list, huh!? You can find a few posts re: this pure, pharmaceutical-grade soap on our site here and I encourage you to take a peek! Now, let’s hop into this super easy DIY face wash recipe, perfect for any skin type!

DIY Face Wash Recipe (using the same soap you use to clean your bathroom)!
Makes 8oz of face wash.
  1. Use a funnel and combine all of your ingredients.
  2. Then, simply give your face wash a small shake (to temporarily combine your oils and water), pump into your hand or a washcloth, and use!
  3. Gently rub into your face and rinse with water...or don't! If you use castile soap, you will want to rinse, otherwise...rinsing isn't actually necessary, as these are all healthy ingredients you can leave on your face to work their magic.
If you have particularly oily skin, add a bit more more castor oil.

*Essential oils are detailed below.

***This face wash will not create a later. A lather is actually not necessary to properly cleanse the skin. That said, if you feel as though you must have a lather, you can add 1-2 T of castile soap to get the lather you seek.

For this recipe, I use an 8oz glass pump bottle, but you can use any size container you like, including Branch Basics foamer bottle! If you are using a 4oz container, for example, simply divide everything above by 2, etc etc etc.

Wouldn't you like to have a truly safe product effective enough to clean your bathroom, yet gentle enough to clean your face? This DIY face wash recipe is it!
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Why These Ingredients?

For those of you who follow Scratch Mommy and the DIYs I love to share here, I always find it important to detail the reasons behind ingredients. SO, here we go!

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel works for oily skin, normal skin, and dry skin. How unique! As far as cleaning goes, witch hazel does a fantastic job of cleaning out the daily grime from pores, while not being a drying agent. It is also a natural toner and skin relaxer…which is why I use it in my naturally healing DIY aftershave spray.

Branch Basics

100% food grade + 100% plant-based enzymes + safe on eyes, safe on skin, safe to breathe, and safe if accidentally ingested.

Branch Basics human-safe plant enzymes penetrate oil molecules and proteins and washes all of the day’s nastiness away as soluble, biodegradable components. …and since coconut oil is a main ingredient, we all know that it is fantastic for our skin!

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera = super healer! It is a light and non-greasy moisturizer with anti-inflammatory properties. Full of antioxidants, it also stimulates growth of new cells and reduces redness…all while being a super gentle worker on your face. Perfect!

Castor Oil

What a real treat castor oil is for your face! Castor oil is thick, so a little goes a long way. The addition of this  ingredient will help to further dissolve dirt and oil, and also help wash away any eye makeup you have on and carry it away onto your washcloth &/or down the drain.

Castor oil is super moisturizing and can actually replace the need for a moisturizer (which is one reason why many of you will be able to simply let your face wash dry, without washing it off).

Vitamin E

While not a preservative, vitamin E is about the closest natural thing to a preservative that you can use. I don’t care for most of the preservatives available, but will definitely use nourishing vitamin E to help decrease oxidation in my creations. You want to add it in an amount of 1% or less of your total product, so again…a little goes a long way.

Carrot Seed Oil

Although this ingredient is not a make-or-break in creating the recipe (you can leave it out), carrot seed oil certainly is a great addition to this face wash, and many other body products you might create!

If you have dry, mature, or wrinkled skin, you definitely want to add a bit of this into your healthy new face wash. Because carrot seed oil is very high in antioxidants, it really is a natural addition for anyone looking for anti-aging ingredients. The ability of this oil to rejuvenate skin is incredible! That is why you often see it in many (toxic) ‘high-end’ skincare regiments. …but, we all know that we can create our own organic, truly healthy DIY versions, right? Right!

A little goes a long way with this oil, too. It will turn things orange, so only a few drops are necessary.

Essential Oils

There are loads of essential oil additions you could make to this DIY face cleaner, or…you can use none! Just as a bit of guidance, here are some of my favs that you could add, to help combat specific issues or concerns you might have with your facial regimen.

Lavender Essential Oil

A super safe, calming EO good for pretty much any skin concerns you might have! Lavender essential oil will work well for those with acne and oiliness, as well as those with dry skin and issues with elasticity. Plus, it smells Heavenly! I used 10 drops in my last DIY face wash batch.

Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium essential oil is another ‘all-in-one’ oil. It is as great for acne breakouts as it is for helping to heal dry skin. Geranium oil does have a strong scent, and a little goes a long way. For this recipe I would use no more than 4-5 drops.


Frankincense essential oil is a natural skin toner, helping to decrease the size of pores. It also has been shown to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, all the while helping to soothe dry skin. Frankincense is another strong-scented (and powerful) EO, so 4-5 drops will be plenty for this recipe.


What I’ve found is people are either ‘IN’ the patchouli-lovers-camp, or they are ‘OUT’. Personally, I am 100% in! Patchouli essential oil is an immediate mood lifter for me, which makes for a great addition to a face wash. …not to mention the antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial properties it has been shown to have, all while also helping to soothe fine lines and soothe eczema. This is a strong-scented oil, too, but I like about 10 drops in my face wash.

Love The Thought, But Not Feeling Particularly DIYish?

That’s okay, I get it. I personally have way more things ‘pinned’ and ideas floating around my head than I’ll ever be able to accomplish! If this is you, first…you HAVE to read this post [Confessions of a Not-So-Good DIY’er (and the solution!)]. Second, I’ll make this recipe even more easy for you.

For a super-de-duper DIY face wash, simply pick up a bottle of Branch Basics and mix it as a 1:3 dilution with water and…WAHLAH! Instant simple face wash. Of course, you won’t get the added benefits of the ingredients I use in this recipe, but you will have a super simple way to rinse the day’s dirt and grime away. You can read more about this crazy simple recipe here on Branch Basic’s site.

You’ll also find my basic recipe already created for you in my Organic Skincare Shop. In fact, you’ll find Step 1 (Face Cleaner) inside of my Total Face System over in the shop!

Ready To Clean Your Bathroom And Face With One Product?

Isn’t this super exciting!??

This is not an exaggeration…with one single product, my life has seriously changed for the better. Branch Basics will clean your tub, destroy the rings around your hubby’s shirt collar, dissolve spills on your white carpet, AND safely & effectively wash your face. Brilliant!

This post is sponsored by Branch Basics, however, the opinions and photos are our own. Authenticity is of the highest importance to Scratch Mommy, so we would never promote any brand or product that we wholeheartedly don’t believe in or wouldn’t use ourselves.

Comments 11

  1. I had never heard of Branch Basics until I came across your face wash recipe on Pinterest. I ordered some right away. While going over the site and reading about their products I found they are located in Austin, TX. This really made me happy, because I’m a Texan and like to ‘buy local’ when I can. You have a great blog and I’m so happy to have found this recipe.

  2. question regarding face wash using Branch Basics. Do you first dilute Branch Basic concentrate before adding to mix, or is it straight out of bottle?

    1. Post
  3. I’ve been trying the oil cleansing method for the last few months and am continuing to struggle to find an oil combination that doesn’t clog my pores. How would this face wash treat acne prone skin? Is there anything you would add to it? Tea tree oil?

    1. Post

      Hi Meredith. Great question! It can be a struggle to find the right combinations that will best help our skin. I feel your pain. I’d love for you to take a look at a post we have here on Scratch Mommy to learn a bit more about carrier oils. You might find some helpful information over there. Also, yes…I would definitely say to give this a try! Perhaps just once a day (choose morning or night) and then continue your oil cleansing method. See what happens. I am in *love* with this face cleanser…so gentle, yet effective…for both my drier and oiler skin (thanks oily T-zone! 😉 ). And yes, a few drops of tea tree oil could most certainly be helpful! Happy DIYing!

      1. Great! Thanks so much for your quick response. I’ll give this a shot soon. I just recently bought branch basics and am already in love!

        One other quick question – what would be the reason for using this cleanser in addition to oil cleansing vs in place of oil cleansing? I’ll plan to do oil cleansing at night and use the cleanser in the morning, but I’m just curious.

        Thanks so much! I’m in love with your website!

      2. Okay…I lied. ONE more question 🙂

        With the 2x concentrated formula that branch basics has now, would I use 1 oz in the recipe? Or would it still be 2 oz?

      1. Post

        Hi Meredith! They have one solution that you make into several different products. It’s all about the ratio added for each individual product. They have a starter kit which is perfect to get you going. HERE is the starter kit, with the oxygen boost, too.

  4. I made this .. minus the Branch Basics. Added Castile soap! I have struggled for the last 5+ years from hormonal acne. Changed make up, changed face wash, everything! Heard about this oh so heavenly Oil Cleansing Method. Um! What did I do to myself! Now I was fighting cystic acne!ouch! I made this and in a months time, my face is totally cleared up. Skin feels amazing! Even noticed less crows feet. This stuff is awesome!

    The smell… well… it is worth it!

    1. Post

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