Hi, I'm Loriel and I suck at DIY. You too? Here are my confessions of being a not-so-good DIY'er and I've shared one product that saves the day, every day.

Confessions of a Not-So-Good DIY’er (and the solution!)

Cooking from scratch? No problem. DIY-ing? Eh, problem-ish.

From my last post, you’ll know that I do dream and have aspirations to include DIY stuff (from cleaning products and makeup, to garden and home decor DIY) in my life but they are merely just an idea floating around in my head.

I blame Pinterest for that.

Regardless, I think what makes me not pursue the dreams is that DIY-ing scares the living poo out of me. I know it’s silly, but DIY stuff is intimidating to me.

First there is the skill factor and I’m pretty clumsy so DIY type stuff tends to not be my forte. How I manage to get paint in my hair when I’m painting something so small or making a gigantic mess by accidentally knocking over the vinegar with my elbow is beyond me.

And then there’s the outside projects…

Like when I had the bright idea to make a chicken swing and “I could do it by myself” and slipped and almost sawed my finger off. Yeah, Scott usually takes the projects over… for the sake of my safety and, well, for everything. That photo above was taken right after I was sawing the branch — he insisted he do it.

I also tend to have a million questions during the task with no one to ask. Okay, I lied a little. If I am doing any kind of beauty or personal care product, I luckily have the original Scratch Mommy a phone call away. She usually saves my ass quite a few times… okay, okay, actually every time. But anything else, I have no one to ask!

And then there is the money factor and this woman ain’t made of gold!

No seriously. DIY scares me because of how much money I need to put IN before I actually get a product. For someone who is on a tight budget, experimenting is a really risky move. What if the product you are trying to make doesn’t turn out right? What if it doesn’t work? On the flip side, if the product does work then the money invested is well worth it.

I’m typically not a gambler so I go for the safe route and just buy a product. But then there’s the “But-What-The-Heck-Is-In-This-Product?”

It’s like this weird cycle I go through. First I dream of DIY products, then I get scared. Then I buy a store-bought version, then I get irritated and concerned because the ingredients are not up to my par. Then I consider making it from scratch which puts me back in the dream phase. AKA not getting me anywhere.


I know, I’m weird but I can’t be the ONLY person in the world that feels this way!

So what’s a not-so-good DIY’er supposed to do? Compromise quality for convenience? Go against what you believe in because you suck at DIYing?

The answer is simple: Buy Branch Basics.

No seriously, it really is that simple. If you’ve never tried Branch Basics before then you, my friend, are in for a real treat. Their product actually gets you excited about cleaning.

How could that be you ask?

It’s an all-in-one cleaner! Need to clean the 3 month old stain out of your carpet? Or how about the soap scum on your shower that you haven’t cleaned in, oh I don’t know, more than 6 months? Branch Basics has you covered. All you have to do is figure out your dilution and get to cleaning.

No time experimenting. No wasted money. No need for a million cleaning products. AND IT ACTUALLY WORKS!

Need more reasons to switch to Branch Basics? Read my post: 7 Reasons Why You Need to Switch to Branch Basics’ Non-toxic Cleaner.

And if you’re really feeling like maybe you want to brave the DIY stuff, you can put a few essential oils into Branch Basics with your favorite smell and BAM! You’ve done it yourself. Just make sure you don’t spill it all while you’re reaching for your essential oils.


Ready to try Branch Basics and not have to worry about DIY-ing??


Come back and let us know how you are liking your new one-stop shop, natural cleaning, human-safe soap that doesn’t require you to DIY!

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  1. Hi Loriel,

    Great article – it definitely takes a lot of practice to become a good DIY’er. In my case, home ownership is practice within itself lol. Branch Basics looks like a great cleaning too!

    Thanks for the post – looking forward to more stuff like this.


    1. Post

      Thanks Carlos! Oh yes, it’s like once you become a home owner, the projects never end!

      Branch Basics really is great. So far I’ve used it to clean a stain out of my carpet, out of my husband’s work shirts, as laundry detergent, as dishwasher detergent, to remove my makeup, clean scum off a shower door, and clean my counters.

      So yes. Branch Basics is a must have in any house!

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