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The Scratch Mommy network of contributors are talented, like-minded bloggers who love living life…from scratch.

Our contributors are a life-giving piece of the Scratch Mommy community. Contributors are bloggers who actively create unique content on their own interesting blogs that have a ‘from scratch’ theme. We love all of our contributors in the Scratch Mommy community. They all work hard and their unique ideas and creativity is amazing!

There are two types of Scratch Mommy contributors…

  1. The Uncommitted Guest Post – These contributors simply write a guest post for Scratch Mommy. Guest posts are submitted to the Scratch Mommy Founder Jess by email, or via the Wufoo form application on the site. Writers in this category are published in the name Scratch Mommy Guest Author, with a byline mention at the bottom of the post. Guest authors are tagged via social media outlets during publishing. This is also the testing ground for new writers considering joining the team.
  2. The Regular Traffic Generator – This category of bloggers has an author profile on the Scratch Mommy site, contributes regularly to the site (with a minimum of one original blog post per month), and works with the entire Scratch Mommy community to drive traffic back and forth between their blog and Scratch Mommy. This category of writer is also on the list to be tapped to write sponsored posts when they become available. Their personal content can also be submitted as snippets (linked directly to blogger sites) or recycled content (with a fresh new introduction) to be shared directly from the Scratch Mommy site to maximize exposure and referrals. If any unique, profitable, and fun opportunities come up in the future, these will be presented to this committed group of writers first. Regular traffic generators will be invited to join the Scratch Mommy contributor team for a three month commitment (hopefully longer if the fit is great). Contributors can be terminated at any time.

Assets Of A Scratch Mommy Contributor

  • Maintains an active blog revolving around at least one Scratch Mommy ideal
  • Excellent content creator and writer
  • Unique and easily identifiable voice
  • Storyteller
  • Beautiful pictures
  • Great attention to detail
  • Enjoys seeing the fruits of her/her labors of love
  • Driven to obtain success in blogging (whatever that may mean to each individual contributor…the team will support it)

Why Be A Scratch Mommy Contributor?

  • Scratch Mommy authors are social media savvy! Contributors are invited into a private Facebook group, only for our wonderful community. It is in this place where we will regularly and collaboratively work, laugh, brainstorm, ask for support, offer support, share blog articles for each other over our social media outlets, and so much more. A *truly* positive environment will abound with fellow bloggers!
  • #LifeFromScratch Facebook Group! We have a closed Facebook group for Scratch Mommy readers AND Contributor readers to join and talk about all things life…from scratch! This is a place where lots of great questions are asked from readers (and Contributors) and great communication takes place. This is a place where you can authentically talk about anything regarding life from scratch, a place where you can link to your own blog (and posts on Scratch Mommy), and find like-minded people to connect with. Check out our group here (and ask to join)!
  • Scratch Mommy authors have opportunity for monetary compensation in exchange for written sponsored articles. Each month the Scratch Mommy editorial staff will work together to ensure that we have an excellent, wide variety of articles within our main categories. This will include one original post from each author a month (with an initial three month commitment as an author), and when opportunities arise that fit our vision and mission, sponsored post options.We also have opportunities available for free items for written sponsored articles (like a free Blendtec)! We’ll keep you posted of these opportunities in our Facebook group.
  • Cashola! As a Scratch Mommy Contributor you are required to commit to one quarter as an author in our Community (3 mths). You will be required to write one post per month, and for each  successfully completed and published post you will receive $30. This means you will write 3 posts during each quarter, possibly more if you apply and are selected to author any sponsored post opportunities (for which you will also be paid &/or receive product; amount specified during the application process).
  • Scratch Mommy authors will receive a byline for each written post, as well as a place on our about page devoted to introducing authors to readers (you can see that here).
  • There will be an opportunity on Scratch Mommy to share a snippets of your best performing blog posts! This community is all about support. What better way than to showcase to our readers some of your personal blog articles. This will include a short paragraph introducing your post, one quality picture, and a link directly to your site. You can see Scratch Mommy Community posts here.We will also be happy to share some of your own already written posts (recycled content) with a fresh and new intro on the Scratch Mommy site. If this interests you, we are interested, too! (Snippets &/or recycled content are not paid opportunities, but they are opportunities to drive traffic directly to your site).
  • Scratch Mommy Pinterest Board – Just for Contributors in our community! You can pin your own content to this board. Our following isn’t MASSIVE, but it’s a pretty decent size, with over 22,700 followers and growing! Check out our Pinterest Contributor board here.
  • Networking! As eluded to above (but it deserves its own bullet point) being a Scratch Mommy author will give you a fantabulous opportunity to network with fellow bloggers and an incredible editorial staff. You will have opportunity to see how an e-magazine operates. You will also get an inside scoop on working with companies. Networking, people!!!

Like What You Hear?

Please, take a couple of minutes and complete this short application. We are always looking for new contributors to bring on board with our Scratch Mommy vision.


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