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A Bitter Tea Recipe To Help Aid Digestion

The summer season can be one of picnics, campouts, and potlucks…a season of food shared in large quantities at weddings, family reunions, and vacations. These are important moments in life and shouldn’t be avoided, however they can also wreak havoc on our digestive systems. Help your body feel its best, even after overeating, with a cup of this warming and bitter tea recipe to help aid digestion: Ginger Chamomile Digestive Tea.

Bitter flavors help the body digest food more easily.

Drinking bitter herbs in tea can help stimulate the stomach to release enzymes and acid while also helping the gall bladder secrete more bile, both of which help the body digest food. Chamomile is a mildly bitter herb full of all these digestive benefits. It’s also a common enough flavor that is easy to embrace and a common enough herb to be found on the grocery store shelves.
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Warming spices, also known as carminative herbs, stimulate circulation to the digestive organs.

This increased circulation can help breakdown food and increase absorption of nutrients. Ginger is a carminative spice that is readily available and familiar even for the herb novice.

Combining the bitter with the carminative can be a tasty and simple way to aid digestion.

In this particular blend, the spicy ginger and bitter chamomile herb combine delightfully to give the drinker all the digestive benefits mentioned above. Using dried herbs in this tea blend means that it’s easily transported for all those summer adventures, too!

Ginger Chamomile Digestive Tea
  1. Combine the chamomile flowers and dried ginger pieces into a tea ball. Pour the boiling water into a cup over the tea ball. Allow the tea to steep for at least 10 minutes. Drink slowly to allow the body to slowly digest the tea and food causing any issues.
  2. While adding honey can help make the bitter flavor more palatable, try to drink this tea without added sweetener. It is the bitter flavor and how the body reacts to that on the tongue that gives this tea much of its healing punch.
  3. Mix up individual servings of the tea blend and store in cloth teas bags or tie into muslin pouches. Carry them in jars or plastic bags for sipping in hotel rooms or even by campfires to aid digestion even while on the road.

Keep your system running in tip-top shape even during those moments of overindulging or less than ideal food choices with this simple and oh-so-tasty digestive tea.

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