Soothing Homemade Tea, Anyone…?

German Chamomile – What Can’t It Do!??

Welcome to Part Two of my gardening miniseries! If you missed part one (all about a beautiful, massive orange giant), click here to read it.

Today I’d like to introduce you to a delicate white flower with a lovely yellow center…German Chamomile. This is an easy to grow flower and makes a lovely addition to your flower gardens (and possibly your veggie gardens, too).

Why Grow German Chamomile?


German Chamomile, as you can see, is quite beautiful. This flower grows in clumps, almost like a random, floppy small bush. This makes it nice for growing in pots and as an underbedding in vegetable or herb gardens, but not necessarily as a showcase flower next to other prominent flowers that stand tall on their own. (I guess it depends on what you like).


You may have purchased some from the store, or had some in your favorite tea/coffee shop. The dried flower heads of German Chamomile make a very tasty tea! I speak from experience when I say that Chamomile tea is very relaxing. It is a nice treat to have before bedtime, or if you are feeling anxious. Along with many others, I would agree that the flavor is slightly apple-y. It is smooth and super yummy.

I have read that you can also eat the flowers and leaves of German Chamomile, but have yet to try it. I will certainly be giving it a go this summer and will keep you posted. You can read more about how to eat them at this website.

Healing Properties

Now this is where things get fun. Not only do I like the look of German Chamomile and love the tea, but I am super excited to have my own German Chamomile so that I can have easy access to utilize the amazing healing properties of this lovely flower. Here is a list of things I’ve seen German Chamomile help…

…see that last bullet point!?? If you’ve followed my blog for a while now, you know that this is very important to me. I currently use Mountain Rose Herbs German (Blue) Chamomile Essential Oil. I use this oil (very sparingly, as it is quite potent) in the bath, my homemade body butters and lotions, and even diffused in the air. Now, I do not have the appropriate materials to extract the beautiful blue essential oils from the flowers I will harvest, but that doesn’t mean I cannot harness the awesome power these small flowers hold!

I plan to not only drink homemade Chamomile tea, but I plan to bathe in the flowers, too! I will be drying out many of these flowers and use the essence of them in my own handcrafted skincare products.

Can I Grow German Chamomile?

Probably! Like many things, this flower will grow best in rich soil, but this is certainly not necessary. The flowers will adapt to many conditions, even doing quite well during drought. They do not require a lot of room and will do well in pots or placed next to rocks or an edging for a garden.

When & How Do I Grow German Chamomile?

Now. 🙂 Actually, from what I’ve read you can grow this type of Chamomile in spring or fall. It can be sown directly into the ground and thinned, like many other things you’ll grow in your garden. When the flowers bloom, you’ll want to pinch off the flower heads (in early morning after the dew has dried, but before the full sun comes out). They will then regrow more flower heads…and continue the cycle.


Here are a few excellent resources to learn more about German Chamomile…

Until next time…

Jess, aka Scratch Mommy

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  1. This is great information. I had no idea chamomile was good for so many things. Now I want to look into growing it too 🙂 thanks for linking up with us on Wellness Wednesdays!

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