Spring Clean Everywhere! Grab our favorite 20+ DIY non-toxic cleaning recipes PLUS our free spring cleaning checklist!- Scratch Mommy

Non-Toxic Spring Cleaning (20+ DIY recipes PLUS a FREE checklist)

Do you do an annual spring cleaning? I don’t think many people do anymore! Why is that? Is it because we have such busy lives? Is it because the task of spring cleaning seems so intimidating?

I find that it’s usually a little bit of both. Spring cleaning is usually such a big task that I’ll think about it and then decide not to do it at all because there’s just no way I could find that much time to clean. I’m already scrambling around to have my house in a just presentable state so how could I take the time to do a good deep cleaning?

However, if you break down spring cleaning into sections or use a handy checklist like the one at the bottom of this post, then spring cleaning suddenly looks possible. I can do anything if I break it up into smaller tasks and give me a checklist and I will plow through that baby in a heartbeat!

Spring cleaning is obviously the time to clean your home but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to clean up your cleaning products! I would say that most store bought cleaning products contain less than healthy ingredients in them. Why spend all your time cleaning your home if you are going to be dirtying up the air you breathe with those cleaning products? Let’s chat about non-toxic spring cleaning…

…I know that suddenly learning about cleaning product toxins is not what you want to hear. You were just getting used to the idea of tackling spring cleaning and now I’m telling you that you shouldn’t use all those familiar products in your cabinet! Never fear, odds are you have all the toxin-free cleaning products you need in your home already! No need to run to the store or spend tons of money on new products. I’m a fan of easy and cheap year-round, but especially for non-toxic spring cleaning!

So in addition to our handy non-toxic spring cleaning checklist below, I’m sharing 20+ DIY cleaning recipes and tutorials so that you can spring clean in a toxin-free way!

Learn our favorite non-toxic cleaning tips, tricks, tools, and recipes...and grab our free checklist, too!- Scratch Mommy
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Oven and Stove – Cleaning the oven is probably one of my least favorite things to do. However, with this scouring powder the job is made a lot easier and without all those toxic oven cleaner fumes. When you are done with the oven, use the powder for the stovetop as well.

Stove Vents – Those vents that do such a great job of whisking away smoke and grease get really gross. I’m talking seriously gross. Cleaning them is not for the faint of heart but it will be worth it, I promise.

Freezer – We spend so much time cooking that cleaning the fridge and freezer gets overlooked. Learn about Scratch Mommy Founder Jess’s freezer debacle and organize your freezer today!

Dishwasher – You wouldn’t think a dishwasher would get all that dirty, but it does! Cleaning it is not hard, it just requires a few steps and this tutorial has it all laid out for you. (If you are in need of an effective homemade dishwasher detergent here’s an easy recipe from my blogging buddy Kristy).

Microwave – I think we all know that microwaves can get nasty! If you still have one in your kitchen, here is a great natural way to clean your microwave.

Counters – Don’t forget to clean those counters! Odds are you clean them everyday, but if you are looking for a great natural counter cleaner, this one truly is amazing. If you have some vodka you’d like to use, check out our vodka disinfectant spray…very multipurpose! Also, if you love thyme, you’ll love this counter spray.

Mirror – The mirror is so important to have cleaned. I might not notice a shower with water spots but I will notice a mirror! Did you know you can make a great DIY multi-purpose cleaner that works wonders on mirrors?

Grout – I loathe cleaning grout. However, clean grout can really make a bathroom sparkle so cleaning it is a must! I like to use this easy method for cleaning grout.

Tub – Nobody wants a dirty tub, right? How about cleaning your tub with this herbal scouring powder? It’s all natural and smells great!

Counters – Just like the kitchen counters, you probably clean the bathroom counters pretty often. Also like the kitchen counters, you can use the same great natural cleaner!

Sink – This herbal souring powder works wonders on sinks! Soap suds and dried toothpaste…be gone!

Toilet – Lastly, we need to clean the toilet before the bathroom is fully cleaned. Give this natural toilet cleaner a try!

Spring Clean Everywhere! Grab our favorite 20+ DIY non-toxic cleaning recipes PLUS our free spring cleaning checklist!- Scratch Mommy-2
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Dusting – Everyone knows how to dust right? Use this great citrus dusting spray so you have less dust particles flying through the air.

Wood Polish and Restorer – Give your wood furniture some love with this great polish. What’s more, you can even restore your wood if it’s been neglected or abused by water damage with the same polish!

Windows – Make those windows sparkle and shine with this natural window cleaner!

Non-Toxic Laundry Is Possible! Come grab 20+ DIY spring cleaning tips, tricks, and tools...PLUS our FREE spring cleaning checklist!- Scratch Mommy
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Washing Machine – You’d think something that washed clothes wouldn’t get dirty but the washing machine needs an occasional scrub too! This tutorial shows you how step by step.

Dryer – Your dryer needs a cleaning too! All that lint can hide in so many spots and it actually becomes a fire hazard. Need instructions on how to tackle this project? This is a great numbered tutorial!

Spring cleaning involves the floors, but come learn how to do it non-toxically! Grab 20+ DIY spring cleaning recipes AND our free spring cleaning checklist!- Scratch Mommy
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Wood Floors – Do you have wood floors? Try cleaning them with this all natural floor cleaner so your house is toxin free.

Carpet Cleaner – Getting your carpets professionally cleaned is great but sometimes you can’t find a green carpet cleaner and sometimes it’s just not in the budget. Try cleaning your own carpet with this non-toxic carpet cleaner.

Carpet Powder Freshener – If you aren’t going to steam clean your carpets then at least freshen them up with this easy peasy natural herbal carpet powder!

Pin &/or print this lovely checklist and you’ll be ready to tackle spring cleaning your home this year, in a non-toxic fashion!

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  2. Thanks for the great post. I love a good spring clean and always feel so accomplished after one. Your post is very informative!

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