Giveaway – 2 Sample Packs of Grass-fed Bone Broth from Bare Bones

Holy cow! What a celebration for the re-birth of Scratch Mommy, right? I know we said we were going to host 7 days of giveaways, but we were having so much fun that we decided to tack on one more giveaway!

Just in case you missed them, there is still time to enter for:

And now, for the last giveaway in our extravaganza…

2 Sample Packs of Grass-fed Bone Broth from Bare Bones Broth!

We're giving away 2 sample packs of grass-fed bone broth from Bare Bones Broth over at Scratch Mommy. Enter to win this nutrient-rich health food.
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At Scratch Mommy, we whole-heartedly believe in the power of healing through food. We believe in rich, nutrient-dense foods to nourish our souls, our bellies, and our minds. That’s why we’re so excited about partnering with Bare Bones Broth to give away 2 sample packs to two lucky winners of their grass-fed and pastured bone broth.

Ryan and Kate (founders of Bare Bones Broth) began making homemade bone broth for their friends and family in their home. From there, as the demand grew, Bare Bones Broth evolved. Now, they make small batches of gelatin-rich bone broth from pastured and grass-fed animals, and organic veggies and ship them across the country.

This liquid gold is rich in easily assimilated minerals and nutrients and is perfect for nursing mothers, athletes, people recovering from a surgery or sickness, and just normal folk, like us, that just want to put good things in their bodies.

Entering is Simple!

Just use the rafflecopter widget below. Two winners will be selected. Good luck!

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  1. I’ve recently been learning, just how good bone broth is for our health. I knew it was good to sip chicken broth when sick, but didn’t know much beyond that! So I really want to start making some and stocking up my freezer so it is readily available daily. Thank you so much for the chance at winning some “Bare Bones Broth”

  2. I think i would sip it … but of course I would share it with my boyfriend. We will be trying our hand at making bone broth now that it’s cooler now.

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