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Wow! We’ve hit DAY 2 of our BIRTH DAY celebrations. Each day, to throw an awesome party for the (re) BIRTH of Scratch Mommy, we are hosting a contest. Did you miss DAY 1? There’s still time to enter to win a tote of goodies from Scratch Mommy Organic Skin Care.

And today …..

Enter to win a copy of the popular ebook DIY Natural Remedies by Nina Nelson, Shalom Mama.

About this book:
Have you ever set out to make your own DIY Natural Remedies, only to be hit with overwhelm?
I know I did when I got started. The natural remedy books I read called for long lists of herbs, essentials oils and accessories. Dutifully, I bought what they suggested (I’m grateful my dad’s an organic herb farmer – that helped with the investment costs!). And you know what?

I didn’t use much.

What I found was that I only needed a few of these ingredients for many of the recipes I made. If the recipe didn’t call for one of my top herbs, I knew which one(s) could be substituted. Knowing what properties I was looking for made this simple. And I was delighted to find I could create many DIY Natural Remedies without taking up much space.

And so I offer you DIY Natural Remedies. This ebook contains 25 simple recipes you can make with just a few ingredients. No need to fill your cabinets with herbs – just a handful will do (ok, maybe two handfuls). Same with essential oils, accessories and other ingredients.

I encourage you to have fun with these recipes. Customize them when you feel comfortable doing so. Make extra. Give them freely as gifts. Help spread the word that natural remedies work and they can be really simple.

What will you learn?

  • How to create your own natural medicine cabinet
  • How to use essential oil remedies
  • Top herbs & essential oils to keep on hand at all times
  • 25 simple recipes for natural remedies you can use on the whole family
  • How to make herbal bar soap

Learn more about this awesome DIY Natural Remedies Book HERE.

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  1. I love all the DIY and informational posts that have been a part of Scratch Mommy. I can’t wait to see what the contributing authors also have in store when it comes to DIY, Information, and basic household stuff! 🙂

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