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It’s day 4 of the brand new Scratch Mommy and all of us are settling in with our new creation like new moms do… basking in the joy of this AMAZING thing that we made, getting to know all of the detailed intricacies of what makes our “baby” click, and not getting much sleep.

We’re having the reverse of a baby shower, all this week we are giving YOU gifts! Have you entered to win the popular eBook DIY Natural Remedies and Grass Fed Tallow or Lard from Fatworks? What are you waiting for! Go enter!

Today we have another great gift that we are giving away!

Enter to win a copy of one of our very favorite e-books Make Your Own Makeup by Lori Klein

We all know that there is some REALLY bad stuff in commercial makeup and skincare… but do you know just how bad it is and what it’s doing to your body? When you have a minute, take a peek at the Skin Deep Database, look up your cosmetics and skincare products and be prepared to be shocked and horrified. You’ll then want to start researching natural alternatives, including making your own (or ordering from the Pronounce Skincare shop)! Don’t worry mamas! We’ve got your back. The Make Your Own Makeup e-book is the perfect place to start. 

Entering is Simple!

Just use the rafflecopter widget below to earn entries. Good luck!

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  1. I’be been eyeing this book for awhile, now! Hopefully this new site is as amazing as the last one. Looking forward to lots of contributors.

  2. Honestly, everything. I’m interested in learning all things. I’m making about 1/2 of our home and personal care products. We are raising meat chickens for the first time. We follow a Paleo diet. I am a parent of many and we are slowly remodeling and decorating our home. I love to try new things and definitely don’t know everything about any of the above subjects.

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