Branch Basics Giveaway – Win 1 of 2 Branch Basics Starter Kits!

Enter to win 1 of 2 free Branch Basics Starter Kits in our Branch Basics giveaway! Plus, only a few days left to order with our exclusive coupon code (20% off)!
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If you’ve been around the Scratch Mommy e-magazine much at all, you’ve noticed our absolute *love* for Branch Basics. Most of our Contributing writers have a bottle or two, and that’s for very good reason!

Before I get to the good stuff (yeah, it’s a Branch Basics Giveaway!!! TWO of you are going to win a FREE Branch Basics starter kit!)…

Let’s recap our favorite things about Branch Basics!

Click here (or the picture) to read all 7 reasons, but here are my 3 personal favorite things of Loriel’s 7…

  1. Multi-purpose – Use this cleaner for your toilet, laundry, face (keep reading for my recipe), and more!
  2. No words I can’t pronounce – None, zip, zero, zilch!
  3. It works – Yes, it does…it works better than ANY cleaner I have EVER used (…even my own DIY cleaning recipe).
    Click the picture above to see the cleaner in action for Loriel’s husband’s shirt!


Although Editor-in-Chief Loriel has come a long way in her DIYing journey (see her recipe for a 3 ingredient DIY chapped lip remedy here on Scratch Mommy), she has a habit of pinning more than she could ever possibly create.

Sound familiar?

Click here, or the picture above, to be in good company. You’ll also discover how Branch Basics can still be a DIY solution for both the non-DIYers and DIYers alike! …keep reading for that face wash recipe!


Polar opposite of how Loriel feels, Crystal truly is a DIY Queen! In this post (click here or the picture above) she shares what DIYing means to not only her, but to her littles, too. It’s a family affair for Crystal, which I love!

What does she trust for cleaning up the messes that her littles create AND the messes ON her littles? You guessed it, Branch Basics.
…Seriously, click the picture because you just gotta check out her post-DIY green bathtub!


Here it is…my very favorite DIY face wash recipe. Branch Basics truly human-safe soap alone will destroy the dirt and grime on your face, but the extra ingredients I add into this DIY recipe totally take it to the next level.

With ingredients like witch hazel, aloe vera, and Branch Basics…you know it’s uber healthy for your skin!

Ready to get your hands on a starter kit?

The Small Starter Kit includes:

  • 12 oz Branch Basics 2X Concentrate
  • 3 24 oz Bottles (1 All-Purpose, 1 Bathroom, 1 Streak-Free)
  • 10 oz Empty, Refillable Hand Foamer
  • Brochure and dilution guide

Thanks to the amazingly kind and genuine founders (Allison, Marilee, and Kelley), we have a treat for you.

For a limited time you can order anything that Branch Basics offers and receive 20% off your purchase total!

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Click here, use coupon code (SM20), & save 20%!


Want to toss your name into the hat and try to win your very own Branch Basics starter kit? Go for it!

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Comments 35

  1. My husband and our son both have sensitive skin and my husband has bad allergies and is sensitive to strong smells. This will help keep non toxic products out of home and be beneficial to my family.

  2. I stumbled across Branch Basics a couple years ago and have used it in my house ever since. I do not want to win for myself but to give one to my parents. They are still using toxic chemicals to clean their house and my two little boys love going over there but I hate what they clean with. Maybe this would convince them that a green cleaner really works!

  3. I love that it is for so many uses, that it is still non-toxic, yet strong to do the tough jobs. I would love to win so I could try it Thank you.

  4. Thank you for the chance to win such wonderful products. Keep up the good work.Health & happiness to you & yours.

  5. I am trying to remove as many unnecessary chemicals from my life as possible. This starter kick would be a great way to kickstart my chemical free cleaning (of myself and my house!)

  6. I love that you’re able to pronounce all the ingredients! Too often with “natural” products I find there are still questionable ingredients- with Branch Basics you get exactly what it says 🙂

  7. So the other day I was cleaning my bathroom and while I was scrubbing, all i could smell were the chemicals and I kept thinking how terrible this has to be for my body! Then I came across a link to Branch Basics on the Scratch Mommy blog and decided this is totally what I need. I have already started purging all the commercial cleaners from my house and this starter kit would be perfect to really begin my scratch cleaning regimen!

  8. I’ve been making DIY detergent but my husband says his clothes don’t smell good. We need a product that does the job without pouring toxic chemicals into our home. BB could do that.

  9. I’d love to get this because we are trying to clean out our home: skincare, cleaners, etc, and this looks amazing. I love how this soap is so versatile in uses.

  10. I am completely impressed by this company! i love anything that can replace multiple products in our home with a free and clear cleaner. It’s awesome, i would love to try some!

  11. I am finding as many ways as I can to eliminate chemicals and go the natural route. Cleaning has been a difficult area to do this because many natural cleaners I have tried do not seem to work as well. I would love to use Branch Basics!

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