These little DIY lavender rose bath melts are moisturizing, soothing to muscles, and calming. Drop just one into a hot bath and it melts in about five minutes.

DIY Lavender Rose Bath Melts

Hearts and roses…

No, not the ones you got from your special someone this morning, but the hearts and roses from my DIY Lavender Rose Bath Melts.

If you ask me they are a perfect compliment to this lovely Valentines Day; because after all don’t many Valentine’s nights conclude in the bath? (If not, they totally should!)

So here’s the deal–

These bath melts are soothing to tired muscles, calming to the nerves, and ultra moisturizing. You can easily make a batch this morning and they will be ready to use on your Valentine tonight. Just drop one in warm bath water and you and yours will feel relaxed, blissful, and calm.

It’s also such a simple DIY, you can have your little one help you make it.

p.s. Happy Valentines Day Scratch Mommies! Enjoy today by making it a #lifefromscratch holiday.

9/17/19 – Clean’s the New Black is no longer in business. 🙁 Check out these recipes on Scratch Mommy (and our sister site, Pronounce Skincare) instead!

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