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DIY All-Natural, Extra Hold Beard Balm

Lumber sexual. Beard appeal. According to Pinterest: a passport to awesome.

Chances are probably higher than ever that you have someone close to you that is rocking a beard. And if you are close enough to this person, perhaps you’ve learned just how much work a good beard can be. I know I have!

My husband loves his beard – a more recent addition to his appearance that he now lives and dies for. Before my husband grew his beard, I thought beards were low maintenance. Sure, you obviously would have the food debris issue, but I never really thought about washing, conditioning, or styling a beard. (I guess it’s like scalp care for those with no hair. You don’t suddenly ignore your scalp, do you?)

Now, however, I am much wiser in the ways of the beard. I’ve learned (read: been taught) all about beard oils, balms, waxes, and even the different combs and brushes. Much like women’s cosmetics, beard products can be quite pricey, and some of them are laden with extra (often toxic) junk.

There are many amazing and natural beard products out there (like Jess’s Pronounce Skincare Beard Balm), but you definitely don’t want to be slathering your beard (or your man’s beard) with a poor quality product.



Making a beard balm or beard wax requires three necessary components:

  1. Beeswax – The more beeswax, the more hold and the stiffer your balm will be.
    Always look for organic, raw, unrefined, sustainably-sourced beeswax.
  2. Butter – Moisturizing butters are important and help condition not only the hair, but also the skin underneath. Learn all about body butter options (and how to use them in DIY skincare) in this detailed post.
    Always seek organic, raw, sustainably-sourced, and unrefined (or refined as little as possible) butters.
  3. Carrier Oil – Go for (at least some) non-greasy oils here. Feel free to mix multiple types of oils and again think about what will help the hair and the skin underneath the hair. Learn all about carrier oils in this fantastic and truly informative ‘All Things Carrier Oils’ post here on Scratch Mommy.
    Always source organic, cold-pressed carrier oils.
  4. Essential Oils (optional)- These are personal preference (as well as optional in a beard balm). If you use them, go for something masculine and woodsy or fresh and minty for the best pairings. Remember not to mix too many scents and to start simple. Add around 4 drops and see how you like it. If you want to go stronger, add another 2 drops.
    Always use high quality, sustainably-sourced, organic &/or wild harvested essential oils.

This beard balm is fun to create and easy to put together no matter what experience level you have with making personal care products. Feel free to experiment and play with your ingredients until you find your own personal sweet spot. My extra hold beard balm recipe below has pretty strong hold, but if you want a softer balm, just lessen the amount of beeswax in the recipe.

It’s always great to know where your products come from. It’s even better when you make your own products. And It’s the best when you can surprise someone else with a personal care product that you made just for them!


DIY All-Natural, Extra Hold Beard Balm
Serves: Appx 5.5 oz
  1. Prepare container(s) on counter (ensure they’re clean, dry, and open/learn more about safely creating personal skincare products here). Meanwhile, in a double boiler (or a heat prof bowl set in a pot with a few inches of water) over medium heat, combine all ingredients except the essential oils.
  2. Stir until the ingredients have melted, about 5-7 minutes.
  3. Once melted, remove from stove and add essential oils (start with 2-4 drops and work up from there based on how strong you want the scent to be).
  4. Pour the balm into the prepared containers and allow to set until hard (about 30 minutes-1 hour). Do not cover/seal the container until the balm has cooled completely.

See, super easy! These would make great gifts for the dooooodes on your list, don’t you think!?

Not feeling DIYish (or have no time)? Jess makes and sells fantastic Beard Balms for you over in the Pronounce Skincare Shop! Those make great gifts, too!


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