Clover Earth Footwear are the perfect mom shoe. They're comfortable enough to wear all day long while you are out and about with the family & they're cute!

The Clover Earth Shoe: A Perfect Mom Shoe

I have a confession to make…I am addicted to shoes.

And not in a “oh that’s cute” kind of way… more like a “it’s almost a real problem” kind of way.

I can’t help it. I am a woman who loves shoes. I also look at shoes as quite possibly the best accessory to an outfit, so having many different styles in many different colors is crucial…right? Even my 5 year old daughter is becoming addicted to shoes already!

Personally, I especially love heeled shoes. But the problem is that so many heeled shoes are just not comfortable enough to wear all day. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have kids yet, if you have kids and work outside the home, are a stay at home mom, a work at home mom, or anything in between; our feet carry a lot of burden. I know for me, with my days spent working and also chasing around two young children (can I get an amen, my fellow mamas?), my feet take a beating. Good quality, comfortable shoes are an absolute must. Did I mention they really must be comfortable?

And then in walks the Clover Earth® shoe

A Perfect Mom Shoe.

Earth® Brand is best known for their original wellness shoes with a negative sole, the Kalso Earth Shoe, which originated in the 1960’s. The brand was created from scratch 🙂 by a young yoga instructor, and the company is a leader in sustainable footwear design, and now manufactures four lines of wellness and fashion shoes.

As someone who tries to be as environmentally conscious as possible, I love that Earth Brand is committed to the protection of the planet (see their various environmental endeavors on their Community page), and use sustainable materials in their products.

As someone who is interested in health and wellness, I love that Earth Brand Shoes were born out of the idea of incorporating wellness into everyday shoes.

As someone who tries to think and live progressively, I love that Earth Brand Shoes started out making a social statement with their Kalso shoes (a favorite of nonconformist flower children at that time) and continues to provide innovative and thoughtfully designed shoes.

And as someone who loves fashion, comfort, and quality (which is often hard to find in one product), I love that Earth Brand Shoes offers contemporary styling while providing comfort and high quality in their products, especially in their newest line – Earth®.

Besides loving their mission and practices, a few other things I’m in love with are:

  • They are stylish
  • They are stable (and I believe that even those who do not wear heels often will have no trouble walking in these shoes)
  • They are made of quality materials and can be worn in the office or in a casual daytime or nighttime setting
  • The strap is attached to the shoe with thick elastic which eliminates the chance of cracking over time

Clover Earth Footwear are comfortable enough to wear all day long while you are out and about with the family, I am proof of this.

Not only that, I was amazed that, for me, my feet did not sweat at all after wearing these shoes without socks for six plus hour periods. I can only attribute this miracle to the high quality leather footbed, and as someone whose feet usually get very sweaty I really appreciated this.

Bottom line – I think they are the perfect “mom-shoe” without even looking like such!

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I received a pair of Clover Earth Footwear shoes (a $109.99 value) to review, but was not otherwise compensated and all opinions in this review are mine.

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