Kid safe lice away from Plant Therapy

My Secret “Therapy” for Preventing Lice

Want the secret to preventing lice? Kid safe lice away from Plant Therapy is the answer! Mix with water, spray in hair and keep lice at bay!
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It’s an experience you never forget– Lice.

I was seven years old when I got it. I had spent a week at summer camp, communing with nature, hanging out with other kids, swimming, doing arts and crafts, and getting my hair infested with little bugs. My mom was helping me dry my hair after my shower one night and she noticed the little buggers. My poor, poor mother. This is a photo of me at seven years old.

Notice anything? (Besides the happy grin, horrible buck teeth and crooked bangs?) Long, THICK, hair. The kind of hair that makes it almost impossible to find every single louse and nit. My mom tried for weeks and used every single horrible, toxic, lice shampoo she could find. There was no way she could get every single one, and every time we thought we were lice free, they would come back. It just takes one nit and it’s game over.

Finally my mom had no choice. She took me to the salon, told them the situation, and this was the result.

Awful right? The kids at school called me hubcap. It was pretty brutal. There is something about a girl and her hair. Your hair can completely change your look. Bad hair can zap your self confidence and that’s exactly what happened to me. Notice my eyes in the picture? Each school portrait in the years before the photographer had commented on my long, pretty hair. Not this year.

Luckily I managed to make it through the rest of my school years lice free (thank goodness), and once you’re out of school, nobody thinks about lice anymore– Until you become the parent of an elementary school child.

Yes, now my daughter is in elementary school and the thought of lice is back, front and center of my mind. Does a school year ever go by without a “there has been a case of lice reported at the school” letter coming home? I think not. Parents live in fear of lice. No one wants their child to come home with lice. The grownups whisper about it as they pick their kids up from school, wondering who has it, hoping and praying that their child doesn’t “catch” it.

No parent wants to have to face the endless hour of combing their child’s hair until every single bug and nit is gone — not to mention having to wash all of the bedding and towels EVERY SINGLE DAY and vacuuming every piece of furniture that your child has sat on. It’s not fun.

What if I told you there was a way to prevent lice?

Would you love me forever? Want to be my best friend? It’s ok, no bribes necessary. I’m going to share my secret for preventing lice with you! You can thank me later– Get Em Gone from Plant Therapy.

Lice Away is made with a blend of Palmarosa, Cedarwood Atlas, Citronella, Tea Tree, Geranium Bourbon, Marjoram and Coriander. Lice avoid these oils at all costs, so if your child’s hair smells and tastes like them, they are going to find hair that is more habitable for them to live in.


Mix one tablespoon of Lice Away with 3 cups of water and spray into your child’s hair each morning. Not only does it smell great, it’s also all natural and will do the trick keeping those creepy crawlies away. We keep a spray bottle of it on our bathroom counter and use it each morning. It’s a great way to calm bed head, and the essential oils provide a nice “wake me up” in the morning.

If you’re too late for prevention, and your child already has lice, Kid Safe Lice Away can be mixed with shampoo, kept in for 15 minutes and then combed out to help kill the ice and their eggs.

With a little luck, and a bottle of Kid Safe Lice Away from Plant Therapy, these two little faces will never have to worry about the whether every last nit and louse has been picked from their hair.

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This post is sponsored by Plant Therapy, however, the opinions and photos are of our own. Authenticity is important to Scratch Mommy so we would never promote any brand or product that we wholeheartedly don’t believe in or wouldn’t use ourselves.

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  1. HELP!! I just discovered my daughter has lice!!!! We are freaking out!!!

    Thank you so very much for your recommendation on lice prevention. I only wish I had seen this sooner.

    I will try lice away in shampoo and use a nit comb. How do you recommend we treat bedding, clothing, carpeting, the cat etc.

    Oh my gosh this is awful!!!

    Gratefully, Julie

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