The Perfect Crunchy Stocking Stuffer for Moms

I love filling stockings for loved ones, yet each year I find it more difficult to find the right thing for the right person. Being original and tailoring stockings to items that embrace one’s personality is my goal. For me, a Christmas stocking should house a trove of little treasures that were thoughtfully chosen for the recipient.

It seems like each year I try to outdo the former one with more unique and creative treats. The old fashioned feel of a stocking is a tradition I can’t let go of because my mom made it so special for me when I was a child.

This year I am choosing hand crafted, locally purchased, and sustainable gifts for the many Christmas stockings I will be filling.

As a crunchy mom myself, I enjoy giving stockings to the other like-minded moms in my life who will appreciate originality over the obligatory candy cane and fast food gift card.

I was delighted to discover some beautiful 100% pure essential oils made by Plant Therapy as a perfect crunchy stocking stuffer for the other moms in my life. I love these particular oils because they are non-toxic, celebrate a natural lifestyle, and Plant Therapy even has a whole line dedicated to Kid Safe synergies! In addition, this particular company donates a portion of their proceeds to a large variety of charities both here and abroad.

The options for using essential oils are truly limitless, everything from aromatherapy to scenting homemade dryer sheets.

I’m going to assemble a variety of Plant Therapy oils such as Lavender, Frankincense, Lemon, Chamomile, Tea Tree and even a Germ Fighter blend for my mama friends. Essential oils provide so much benefit for self care, yet can be pricey. I was so pleased to find Plant Therapy prides itself on offering oils of the highest quality at an extremely reasonable price; this allows me to give my mama friends essential oils as a gift.

Each of these oils have specific properties in them that will provide a well rounded supply to keep mama healthy and hopefully more relaxed!

For example, Lavender oil has a large range of healing properties. Everything from treating headaches to using in deodorant. I love to use it in my cleaning supplies and even dab on my pillow at night for relaxation.

Chamomile is favored for its help with insomnia and I love to use it in the bath. Sometimes I will use a few drops in my kid’s bath as well (wink, wink). Sleepy time for them means a break for me!

Frankincense is lovely in a diffuser — it is one of my favorites, especially at the holidays because it makes my home smell amazing!

I use Lemon for its fresh bright scent it lends and I love to use it on my hair after shampooing for the cleansing effect it gives.

The Germ Fighter Synergy is a must for families, especially since relatives tends to take home the gifts but leave behind their germs. This is a great oil to protect yourself and your family from sickness. Simply putting a few drops in a carrier oil and massaging into the feet is all you need to do. Plus it smells great.

If you have little ones in the house, you can use Plant Therapy’s Germ Destroyer — a specially formulated Kid Safe synergy that is as effect as the Germ Fighter but has oils tailored to the safety of your little ones.

Finally, I like the Tea Tree oil and I use it in deodorant or any time I battle dry scalp which is often in the the winter. Plus, I love to use all of these as ways to scent my cleaning solutions, counter spray, laundry detergent, and room freshener.

I will want to share with my mama friends the ways to use the various oils so I’ll also be tucking in some easy recipes that will help them.

Gifts such as this are perfectly geared for the wholesome lifestyle pursuing mother.

If I can provide stocking stuffers that not only serve a purpose but indulge mom a little bit, all the better!

In addition to the oils I’m adding some local handmade soap, organic herbal tea, fair trade dark chocolate, hand knit socks, a new set of knitting needles, and a diffuser to use with the oils. This really is such a thoughtful way to spoil mom who rarely ever takes time for herself, don’t you think?

Save even more on essential oils during Plant Therapy’s 25 Days of Christmas Sale!

From now until December 20, Plant Therapy is holding a brand new sale every day so you can save even more on essential oils. They offer free same day shipping on US orders (no order minimum) and low-rates on International shipping. That means you can take advantage of their sale each day without incurring any shipping costs.

Just be careful, you’ll become addicted to opening your email every morning to see what new sale is going on!

Join their newsletter so you can receive savings to your inbox every day until December 20. If you don’t want another email coming to your inbox, join their Safe Essential Oil Recipes Group for fantastic advice on using essential oils and daily updates on the sale.

Want a chance to win these essential oils? Head on over to our Plant Therapy giveaway (click on the photo below)!

This post is sponsored by Plant Therapy. However, the opinions and photos are of our own. Authenticity is important to Scratch Mommy so we would never promote any brand or product that we wholeheartedly don’t believe in or wouldn’t use ourselves.

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