Late Summer Produce Recipe Roundup

Late Summer Produce Recipe Roundup
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I have always loved this time of year.

The weather is great. Hot, yes. But, I like it that way.

As a kid, I really looked forward to getting back to school. I spent lots of time carefully picking out new clothes, getting folders and pencils organized, and dreaming up lunch box ideas during the weeks leading up to the first day.

I enjoy sports, so it’s fun to welcome football back. I love hearing the marching band from the nearby school play on Friday evenings and starting Saturdays with a Bloody Mary at a tailgate at my Big Ten alma mater. There’s also something about the scent in the air during the late afternoon right now that instantly transports me back to high school field hockey practice.

Another reason for loving this time of year? Both of my siblings and I have August birthdays so, in my house, there are a lot of reasons for celebrations.

But, I think my favorite thing about mid to late August is the food.

As someone who tries to eat as seasonally as possible, this time of year is seriously like Christmas.

My backyard garden is so full of life. Farmer’s Markets are booming with produce. Seasonal restaurant menus are bursting with a cornucopia of fresh ingredients.

To capitalize on, and get creative with, all the flavorful fruits and vegetables available at this point in the season, check out the following great real food recipes from a variety of natural minded bloggers.

Appetizers and Snacks:

Main Dishes:


Salads and Sides:

Have you tried any of the listed recipes? Have any to add?

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