10 tips for how to have a modern hippie Christmas- sticking to your morals and way of living without giving into consumerism.

10 Tips For How To Have a Modern Hippie Holidays

What is a Modern Hippie? Well, a Modern Hippie is me, and most likely you too if you’re on this blog. A Modern Hippie wears homemade deodorant, can explain why bone broth is a super food, and is conscious of the environment and sustainable living, all while maintaing the appearance of a put-together-mama.

What is a Modern Hippie Holiday? Basically, it means not “falling off the wagon” and abandoning your regular health and wellness beliefs just because it’s the holidays, and remaining conscious of  humanity, community, and the environment.

Although Christmas is a tempting time to throw your beliefs out the window and fall into the consumerism, booze, processed food, and wasteful-wrapping paper trap, it doesn’t have to be this way! Stay strong my fellow, Modern Hippies! We can get through this season, together, guilt free, and I’ll explain how.

Lastly, a Modern Hippie Holiday doesn’t mean turning into a total scrooge, either! You can have it all!

Here are 10 helpful tips for a successful Modern Hippie Holiday.

1. Buy Used

There’s nothing wrong with giving like-new gifts, especially to kids, whom likely won’t even know the difference. There are so many lightly-loved toys at second hand stores, garage sales, and on Craiglist and Facebook Mom-Swap groups etc. You’ll be saving money, and recycling a toy.

Buying used goes for decorations too! Second-hand stores are full to the brim with Christmas decorations this time of year! There is NO reason to go out and buy new ones. And if you’re lucky, you’ll even score some antiques!

Proud confession: Last year, I bought a tree from our local thrift shop for $15! It’s beautiful and still had a $299 price tag on it — true story.

2. Encourage a Secret Santa Gift Exchange

How is works: Participant’s names are drawn from a hat, budgets are set, and you’re to buy a gift for the person whose name you’ve drawn…secretly, hence, “Secret” Santa. Secret Santa is not only fun, but it cuts down cost and consumerism.

3. Use Energy Efficient Lighting

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the season and go a little over-board with Christmas lights, but if your family has turned into the Griswolds this Christmas, opt for energy efficient LED lights, which use up to 90% less electricity and last 10 x longer.

4. Don’t Buy Wrapping Paper

As a child, past memories of Christmas morning, include feelings of excitement, hot chocolate, eggs benny, and sitting is a living room full to the brim with unwrapped presents and crumpled, wrapping paper. We’d gather up all the wrapping paper and throw it in the fire, or worse, put it in a plastic bag and toss it in the garbage — which is sheer craziness, what a waste of paper!

There are so many creative ways to wrap a gift that doesn’t involve buying wrapping paper.

  • Use paper bags and allow your kids to decorate it with stickers, crayons and a colourful ribbon
  • Look for second hand wrapping paper, christmas boxes, tins or bags in local thrift shops
  • Use hand made stocking stuffer gift bags, like THIS
  • Use fabric, and wrap your gifts the Furoshiki way
  • Children’s art makes great wrapping too!

5. Shop Local

Specifically in smaller towns and communities, shopping local is a great way to boost your economy during this high volume shopping season. Small and independently owned shops often depend on your support during the holidays to make it through the slower, winter months. Support families instead of large, foreign companies.

Spend an afternoon cruising around the shops in your community before visiting Big-Box stores. Your money will go into the pockets of local families. We spent a day doing this and found so many great gift idea, all under $50! Check out what I found in my small, shopping community HERE.

6. Make Gifts

I love making and receiving homemade gifts — they’re creative, affordable, and thought-felt. Last year, lucky members of my family received homemade liver pate, cookies, lip balmdeodorantbody butter with aloeavocado and honey facial cleanser, and laundry soap with “How To Make” instructions — all of which were a huge hit, and proved to my family that the Modern Hippie alternatives prevail!

7. Give Generously to Those in Need

Although Christmas is a joyous occasion for many, it’s also a dark and lonely time for others less fortunate.With this in mind, give generously to those who need it most. Clean out your pantry and send your non-perishables to your local food bank. Or better yet, visit your local food bank and see what items they’re in need of most! Don’t forget to take your litte-ones along for a great life lesson.

8. Cook From Scratch and With Love

It’s easy to fall off the wagon during the holidays, but try not to let the hard work you’ve done during the year go down the drain. Instead, in true Scratch Mommy form, continue to cook from scratch, eat real food, and keep health and wellness at the forefront. Try to continue as per usual, but with a holiday twist…a dash of nutmeg here, a couple cranberries there…see what I’m saying?

9. Don’t Use the Holidays as an Excuse to Turn into a Raging Alcoholic

I’ll admit it, I’m speaking from experience here (pre-motherhood, I should add). Booze will be a-flowin’ ’round every corner you turn, and although it sounds fun, and “all the cool kids are doing it,” try to restrain yourself from time-to-time. Your liver, waste-line, and wallet will thank you. As a bonus, you may even be able to dodge a few, belligerent family-feuds (still speaking from experience) – just sit back, with your Probiotic Lemonade, and enjoy the show.

10. Don’t Fall into the Consumerism Cyclone

Try not to buy just for the sake of buying. The perfect example of this type of activity: stockings. If you find that you’re filling stockings, just for the sake of filling them up, usually with plastic, junk, then I say, don’t fill ’em at all! It’s just so darn wasteful. However, if you can’t part with the age-old stocking, and are looking for some useful, “crunchy” stocking ideas, check these out!

There you are! My 10 Tips for having a modern hippie Christmas!

All of us here at Scratch Mommy wish you and your families the happiest, healthiest holiday season! We’d love to hear your tips for having a Modern Hippie Christmas. Share them in the comments.

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