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Homemade Cough Drop Lollipops (and cough drops)!

Cough drops are amazing things. They can help quiet a cough in an instant and they taste pretty amazing, too! Young or old, who doesn’t like getting candy when you are sick? However, most store-bought cough drops contain some less than natural ingredients; ingredients that are not going to help you get better and might even cause some not so great side effects. Sugars, food dyes, and even soy can be found in many cough drops and they are all unnecessary!

On top of having some unfavorable ingredients, cough drops are also not very kid-friendly. Cough drops are essentially tiny pieces of hard candy and it’s easy for kids to choke on them. However, kids need something for their coughs, too! Enter the cough drop lollipop. Turning a cough drop into a lollipop makes them kid-friendly!

Homemade cough drops and homemade cough drop lollipops are incredibly easy to make yourself. These cough drops are made with just one ingredient…you can’t get easier than that!

Head over to The Pistachio Project to learn how to make your own cough drops and cough drop lollipops!

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