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Grow A Skin Healing Flower Garden

Spring is here and many of us are turning our thoughts to gardens full of beautiful flowers, delicious fruits, and tasty vegetables. In all that planning, designing, and planting don’t forget to include flowers that are not only beautiful, but also healing and useful to the skin.

Take time to create and grow a skin healing flower garden so that later this summer and fall creating your own body products will be as easy as a stroll through a garden.


These beautiful flowers not only help to soothe and soften skin, they’re also known for helping wounds heal faster. There are many different varieties and colors of calendula making it a lovely burst of color in the garden. It’s easy to grow, very hardy, and tends to re-seed itself year after year in most climates (for folks in colder growing zones, saving the seed is easy too in case it doesn’t re-seed). Learn more about calendula from Founder Jess in her post Calendula-Hula, Who!??.

Use calendula in these skin healing DIY projects…


These flowers so many of us use as a relaxing night time tea also have skin soothing properties. These beautiful and delicate flowers are another annual that self-seeds in most climates so you’ll have it year after year. Chamomile tea can be used as a compress (either hot or cold, or even alternating) directly on the skin to fight inflamed and sore muscles. That same compress can be used to help fight puffy eyes.

Use chamomile in these skin healing DIY projects…


This beautiful and fragrant perennial is loved by bees and humans alike. Plant it somewhere with good drainage and it will likely thrive for a very long time in your garden, giving you access to all its amazing and tasty greatness for years to come.

Use lavender in these skin healing DIY projects…

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Roses come in so many different shades and varieties that there is surely something for everyone. Be sure to pick shrubs that grow well in your climate – have a good long talk with local greenhouse owners or other gardeners to find out what works best in your particular area. Roses smell amazing and also soothe our skin.

Use rose in these skin healing DIY projects…

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This perennial can be down right invasive in some climates so choose the spot to plant it wisely and be brutal in cutting it back so that it doesn’t take over. Yarrow is great remedy to help stop bleeding and has anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties making it a delightful for skin care.

Use yarrow in these skin healing DIY projects…

Get out those gardening gloves, hit the seed store or local greenhouse, and get planting this spring.

Remember to make the garden even more useful by including flowers that not only look gorgeous and smell wonderful, but also heal your skin at the same time!


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  1. I clicked through to one of the MIY links you provided and was happy to find that you had included your method for getting the herby goodness from garden plant to beauty product. Thank you! That makes this page an absolute treasure trove. Thank you for sharing it on the Healthy Green Party Hop. (Think I’m missing a few words there. It’s a very long-titled party hop.)

  2. I love this page and plan on planting these in my flower garden. Can’t wait to see what else I can learn.

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