DIY Color-Boosting Hairspray

DIY Color-Boosting Hairspray

DIY Color-Boosting Hairspray
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I’ve had my hair back at its natural hair color for over five years now. I gave up hair dye when I learned abut the not-so-nice chemicals that make up most of the ingredients. I’ve come to terms with my natural hair color and I generally like the color it is.

However, sometimes I just want a color boosting product to help my hair out a little bit.

I’ve been making my own hairspray for a while and I love the recipe I use. It’s natural and yet has great hold; it’s a great product all by itself. However, I recently heard of people using teas to dye everything from napkins to hair and thus my color boosting solution was born.

I combined the hairspray that I often use on my hair with the color enhancing benefits of tea and I now have a great color-boosting hair spray! Two products in one!

DIY Color-Boosting Hairspray
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Now, this spray will not completely change the color of your hair. You can’t expect tea to make blonde hair go brown. This hairspray will only boost your natural hair color.

If you have blonde hair, you can get a bit of a blonde boost. Brunettes can add a bit of warmth to their hair. Redheads can bring out those fiery shades. This is also not an instant color change.

You likely will not notice a change for 2-4 weeks. That said, if you are already applying hairspray to your hair, you might as well make it a color boosting hair spray!

Color-Boosting Hairspray
  • ½ c filtered water
  • 1 tea bag or 1 T loose leaf tea (organic; see notes)
  • 2 t organic sugar
  1. Heat water and steep tea. Let tea steep 5-10 minutes before removing tea bag/leaves.
  2. While tea is still warm, stir in sugar until fully dissolved.
  3. When liquid has cooled, transfer to a small spray bottle.
  1. Use as you would normally use hair spray. I find that a lighter mist does better than a heavy mist, due to how natural hair sprays work.
  1. Since there are no preservatives in this hair spray, keep an eye on it and replace when it starts looking strange or every few weeks. Alternatively, I’ve found that adding a bit of vanilla extract can increase the shelf life due to its alcohol content. Plus it makes it smell extra yummy.
Blondes: Use chamomile tea

Brunettes: Use black tea

Red Heads: Use rooibos tea

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