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Savory Chicken and Apples

Do you have a recipe that is your tried and true? A meal that you know you can whip up for company and it will be a winner? A dish that you’ve made so many times that you really do not need the recipe card anymore? Savory Chicken and Apples is that dish for me.

I have been making this chicken and rice dish for almost as long as I’ve been married now. It’s been a family favorite that thankfully everyone loves and it’s simple to make so this mama doesn’t have to go crazy in the kitchen. Just a few basic ingredients and you are ready to go!

Apples make this meal amazing although you can definitely leave them out if you don’t have any on had. However, the herbs and spices are the real stars of the show! I never really thought much about herbs and spices…until this dish. I used them occasionally but never realized how amazing they can make a meal taste until I started using thyme, sage, and paprika for this dish. Those were three ingredients I rarely if ever touched, and now they are the most used items in the spice cabinet!

Once you try this dish you will find yourself wanting to make if at least once a week if not more often. It’s just that yummy!

Head over to The Pistachio Project for this mouth watering Savory Chicken and Apples recipe!

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