DIY Hair Taming Oil - Only Two Ingredients.

Non-Toxic DIY Hair Oil (an effective hair taming recipe)!

I am a little past due to see my hairdresser. (When I say “a little,” I am totally exaggerating…it’s A LOT). I adore her, so that’s not the reason I haven’t been. I love getting out of the house for pampering, so that’s not the reason, either.

Maybe it’s because I have a 21 month old toddler and a husband who travels…a lot. Yeah, that’s probably it. 😉

What happens to your hair when you haven’t had a trim for a while? Do you frizz at the ends? Maybe you are like me and frizz out of control most of the time anyway, let alone when you are past due for a trim?

Well, whatever the case, I think that a lot of women (and men with long hair) look for ways to tame those frizzy ends (and split ends, which I have plenty of going on right now). Out of desperation for a cheap at-home solution, I started researching and experimenting a couple of weeks ago. I finally got it. I am so impressed with the way this easy, simple, and cheap concoction is working for me. Before I divulge the recipe, let me explain why I found a DIY hair oil recipe to be necessary. Let’s tame those frizzies!

My Mission

Many of you know that I am on a mission to replace all of the toxic products in my home with natural, healthy, *real* products…….that actually work. When I looked at the ingredients on the two products that I had been using for hair frizz, I was disgusted.

Here are some of the top ingredients listed in the two popular products I have now thrown out…

  1. Dimethicone– I wrote about this ingredient in this post about skincare. To reiterate a bit here, Dimethicone is an oily emollient that works to trap water in the skin to help with moisture. However, this is actually a bad thing, as things can get trapped in the skin and the skin is not able to sweat and do things that it normally would do (here is another post I wrote detailing skincare 101, in which I write about the main purposes of skin). This ingredient is also bad for the environment, as it does not biodegrade.1
  2. Butylphenyl Methylpropional– This is used as a fragrance. “The topical application of this ingredient has been shown to cause irritation and allergic reactions in many individuals. The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) has restricted its use in fragrances because of the potential dermal sensitization. The European Cosmetics Directive lists this ingredient as an “allergenic” substance, requires all cosmetic products containing it to indicate the presence of Butylphenyl Methylpropional.”3
  3. Too many color additives to name- Green Momma does a great job of detailing a few food dyes (also used in skincare products) and why we should avoid them.
  4. Mineral Oil– Again, I wrote about why this petroleum-based product is bad, bad, bad in this recent post (if you haven’t read it yet…you should).
  5. Vinyl Caprolactam/Vp/Dimethylaminoethyl Methacrylate Copolymer– Yes, that is the name of ONE ingredient. It has been found to cause irritation to both skin and eyes. “May be hazardous to environment. Water should be given special attention.”4 Hmmm, what do we do after we put a hair smoothing treatment on our hands? Rinse them in water. Ugh.

I am going to stop while I’m ahead. Between the two products I analyzed, there were THIRTY-FIVE (35!!!) ingredients.

I’d like to propose one handcrafted product with only TWO (2!!!) ingredients…and it actually works.

Sound good?

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  • Apricot Oil (organic, cold-pressed, unrefined)– Numerous studies have shown the moisturizing properties of apricot oil to be healthy for not only skin, but for hair as well, as it contains high amounts of Vitamin E and A. 5678
  • Water– I found apricot oil on its own to be a bit too oily for my hair. I found that simple water is a great vehicle to get the oil onto my ends without putting the oil directly on and causing a greasy mess.

Non-Toxic Hair Taming Recipe!

  • 5 tablespoons of organic apricot oil– Place this into a 12 oz spray bottle [as I mentioned in this recent DIY post, use a glass spray bottle if you steer clear of plastics].
  • Fill with water.
  • Shake the bottle before you use it to distribute the oil and water more evenly as it sprays out.

Get apricot oil delivered right to your door from this company (I use many of their products and have not been disappointed) and here’s a decent bottle, too.

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In the words of my good friend, Kathie…Easy-Peasy, Lemon-Squeezy!

Let me know when you give this easy, effective hair tamer spray a try. I can’t wait to hear your stories!

For more *real* skincare products, visit my online shop.

Oh…and don’t forget to enter my giveaway. 🙂

Until next time…

Jess, aka Scratch Mommy

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  1. Ok, now I need to go out and get some apricot oil! My hair is always frizzy and static-y and I love that this is natural! 🙂

  2. I know your probably like no not avon but remember this a. I am on social security for disability and my kids are grown and out living their lives so I’m a stay at home pet parent to the most awesome foursome ever basically I’m desperate for additional income(not working at all) with every dollar earned I have to invest double back into my business for brochures, shipping costs etc… B. they sell amazing products that aren’t cosmetics or fragrances such as tiny tilla which are products for toddlers and children there’s jewelry I can go on but I have to reply to the post so here goes. I’m an aromatherapy whore ( forgive my choice or wording) but that’s the best description I have. home made soy candles with ing that are vegan friendly some ing are editable as in waxes so naturally we can make body products with it also. I have old fashion tips on dryer issues throw a towel in and your clothes will dry quicker, put a washcloth in with some essential oils to make dryer sheets for great smelling clothes …
    now, I have literally bins filled with hair care products idn what I have anymore brand new items that haven’t even been put to the test no doubt they’ll all disappoint me like the rest I won’t use specific names but the bottom line is most of them are salon quality all that means to me now is I’m paying for brand a @$50 and the ing are the same in brand B. @$4

    my hair is thinning I color it probably two x a year I hate the process and I can’t afford the pampering even if I could it’s the same theory as the products I just spoke of paying so much more for the same product, my hair used to be oily and needed daily shampooing now it’s dry and I too am over due for a cut. I want to thank you for your great DIY ideas
    keep them coming!!!


  3. Can I use apricot oil in your detangler recipe? I am allergic to aloe vera; I like your recipe for the detangler but need to use something other than aloe vera.

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