My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets!

I am a sucker for kitchen gadgets. Well, I’m actually a sucker for all kinds of gadgets. I think it comes from my Daddy. 😉

Below are a few of my favorite kitchen gadgets (and NO, I’m not getting paid to recommend any of these things…these are just some of my favorite tools and I thought it would be nice to share the knowledge with all of you).

Food Processor

Can you live without a food processor? Sure. However, I have had one for a little over 6 months now and I can’t imagine going back. I can process fruits and veggies (and make dough!) in less than half of the time it took me before owning one.

I did a lot of research and settled on this one, and it has never disappointed. I like the smaller inside bowl for smaller jobs, the multiple blade options, the exact slicing blade is very cool, and it has tackled every job I’ve thrown into it. I highly recommend this Kitchenaid food processor.

Dough Scraper

I’ve mentioned this one on my blog before, but have to highlight it again. It is one of the most simple tools and very cheap, but so very versatile. I use it when baking (for breads, crackers, etc.), for chopping and scraping veggies into a bowl or pan, scoring things that need scored, and much more. This is a must have in my kitchen. Do you have one? Do you love it, too??

LARGE Measuring Cup

Again, can you live without a LARGE measuring cup? Sure. Is it super-de-duper handy to have? YES! It’s just one of those little timesavers that’s nice to have on hand. When you need to measure 3 cups with a one cup, that means you go back and forth 3 times. Not with this LARGE baby. For me, this one was money very well spent.

Digital Kitchen Scale

I gotta admit…we had this thing in our cabinets for about 2 years before I realized its true function for us. Back before I realized the truth about diets and learned about *real* foods, we thought we would use this scale for one of those silly fad diets. It was used a handful of times and shoved into the back of a cabinet where it remained for years.

About a year ago I pulled it out when I ran across a recipe that used grams for measurements. It’s been on the counter since and used almost everyday. I use it for cooking (and baking…a LOT) and it gets quite the workout for my skincare products. A lot of DIY projects will be completed much more easily with the use of a simple kitchen scale.

Nested Bowls

Not only do these bowls make sense for storage, but they make ANYTHING you cook in the kitchen WAAAAAY more simple. I love putting my spices together in the small bowls for easy pouring into recipes. I use them a ton for baking, too (you know…those recipes that say to mix wet ingredients together in a small bowl and pour into dry ingredients in a large bowl!??)…yeah, super nice to have on hand.

It’s great that they are glass, too. No nasty plastic leaching into my foods!

Bamboo Spoons

Once again, no nasty plastic leaching into my foods! Plus, I feel like my grandma when I use these. I love old wooden spoons (I do have some from my Mom and each Grandma), but these sustainably created bamboo spoons are a great addition to my collection.

Cast Iron Skillets

Once again…I feel like my Grandma when I use these lovely babies! When seasoned correctly, they truly are nonstick and you know that you aren’t getting nasty chemicals from today’s nonstick skillets. This one is a great size to have and is irreplaceable in my kitchen. Do you use cast iron, too?? Try them…you’ll LOVE them.

Okay, there’s a nice start to a few of my favorite tools for the kitchen.

What are some of YOUR favorite tools. I would love to know!!!

Until next time…

Jess, aka Scratch Mommy

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