Irritated Skin Scalp Spray - Knock out your red, dry, itchy scalp...naturally! Scratch Mommy

Irritated Skin Scalp Spray

Nothing is more embarrassing than an itchy, flaky, red scalp. Not only does it keep you from wearing black shirts out of the house, but it can be uncomfortable, and even downright painful.

Thankfully, this DIY irritated skin scalp spray recipe will give you the soothing comfort you need.

While the root cause of an itchy, red, and scaly scalp is often an imbalance in the body (or using hair care that disrupts the scalp’s ph – check out our ph balanced shampoo recipe), there are several steps to fixing the problem. An imbalanced gut microbiome can cause an itchy irritated scalp, so eating the right diet is crucial, but it also can take time and some tweaking before you figure out what works for your body. In the meantime though, you still have an irritated scalp, and maybe other skin issues to deal with.1

This is where soothing organic herbs &/or wild-harvested essential oils, and the ever classic raw apple cider vinegar come in.

Apple cider vinegar helps to control the fungal growth that causes dandruff and flaky scalp. And the essential oils used in this spray contain active constituents that improve the appearance and soothe the skin. Unlike conventional products, this irritated skin scalp spray recipe doesn’t just mask the symptoms.

This spray doesn’t just have to be used on your scalp, but it can also be used to soothe skin and promote a healthy hormone and microbe balance on any of the skin on your body.

Grab The DIY Irritated Skin Scalp Spray Recipe HERE!

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