From disregarded clothing with holes, to rags. What do YOU do with your old clothing? How do YOU upcycle?

A Fun & Handy Way To Recycle, Reuse, & Upcycle Old Clothing

Meet George.

George was our awesome Saint Bernard, weighing in at 180 lbs. He was a big, cuddly, ball of messy fur. More than his massive and gorgeous physical appearance, Georgie-Porgie was a great friend. They call these doggies Gentle Giants for good reason.

When we brought George home at 10 weeks old, he weighed 40 lbs. If you’ve ever had a puppy, you know that they like to chew. Have you ever had a 40 lb. puppy? Well, they like to chew, too, just a little more intensely than say…a Shitzu puppy. The chewing is a bit more graphic in nature.

Why am I telling you all of this? Sure, it’s nice to reminisce about old Georgie (who left us, too soon), but that’s not the main reason. I’m telling you this so you can learn from my almost mistake, turned money-saving, green tip! Enter…an idea to upcycle old clothing!

This just looks like a pile of dirty old clothes, huh? Look more closely. See all of those holes? Well, thank you very much, Georige-Porgie…he managed to chew and rip into about every pair of lounging pants that I owned. I didn’t throw them away though…oh no! I still wore them, in fact, up until last week when I broke down and purchased some new lounging pants (on sale, of course).

I almost threw these out (with some sadness to see them go, as they make me think of sweet George), but then I stopped short.


These hole-ridden pants are still good. They still serve a purpose! I got out my scissors and started cutting.

Do you have any old clothing laying around? You just can’t seem to throw it away? Here’s some motivation for you…

  • First, you’ve heard it before, but I’ll reiterate: I say to donate ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you haven’t worn in a year. Seriously…you probably won’t wear them again (you know that it’s true…just do it). 😉
  • Second, what is not in donate-able condition, cut up for instant rags!
  • Third, it was a lot of fun ripping and cutting up clothing for repurposed rags (see pictures below)…and a nice stress reliever, too!

What have YOU done with your old clothing?
I’d love to hear!!!

Until next time…

Jess, aka Scratch Mommy

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    1. That is awesome, Tracy! I love it!!

      I wish I was more creative like that. I have tried my hands at crocheting a few times over the years and just can’t figure it out. One day I’d like to take a class (I’m a hands-on, visual learner, so I think that’s the only way I’ll learn). 😉

      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Wow, I actually own and still wear those same gray snowflake pajama pants! Love it. Great idea making the old clothes into rags.

  2. My partner is an artist and uses our soft cotton cast offs, usually shirts and blouses in her studio as paint rags. She even says that they inspire her to create.
    My mother always kept a bag of old clothes handy to use as cleaning rags.
    Fun and great blog idea!

    1. Hello Collette
      My name is also Collette, and I am an artist….great ideal about using them in the studio, I already do with small ones. Also you can be more creative and braid, strands of rags and make a DIY throw carpet…be creative with it……add your own touch…follow a color sequence….or all white and tie dyed…..copyright © by ColletteLM

  3. I am rehabilitating a litter of orphaned opossums that we found in our yard as tiny pouchlings after our neighbors’ dogs killed their mother. At first, I used old t-shirts to wrap around their heating pad and also for them to snuggle into in their box. When they got old enough to be able to climb, they switched to a larger cage (a dog carrier). For their bed I made a hammock out of an old t-shirt by poking the hem end through the air holes on one side and pinning with safety pins and then poking the sleeves and collar through the holes on the other side and tying with a thick rubber band. This idea came from the National Oppossum Society and it works great! I love it and so do the baby ‘possums! I keep a box of my husband’s and son’s old t-shirts next to the cage and it’s very handy to change my babies’ bedding.

  4. Some old clothing including jeans and old uniforms, I cut in strips sewed together, and crocheted a rub. Old towels I used around my blackberry bushes and put mulch over them, as weed barriers. Old t shirts make great dusting rags, oil rags, polishing anything.

  5. You know how after awhile the stuffing in the dog bed just mats down and gets really gross smelling but you hate to throw away the perfectly good, washable cover? An awesome way to use old clothing, towels, and blankets is to use them to refill the dog bed. And now you have a washable stuffing and you can stuff that bed till it’s really full and comfy!

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