How to eat real food when you travel post

How To Eat Real Food When You Travel

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Come grab our favorite tips for how to eat real food when you travel!- Scratch Mommy
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Going on trips with the family is always an incredible adventure. Traveling presents the opportunity for experiencing new surroundings, spending time together bonding, and forming lifelong family memories together. The downside to being away from home is being away from your kitchen and the ability to prepare fresh, home cooked meals.

We are fortunate enough to travel regularly as a family and I have a number of go to strategies for how to eat real food while traveling that I’m sharing with you.

The most convenient option when travelling is to stay in accommodation with a kitchen, so you can fully prepare your meals. That may not be the case if you need to stay in a hotel, as we did on our recent Hamilton Island trip, so I’ve included suggestions for hotel stays as well.

Take Food From Home

Depending on how far you’re traveling and the restrictions of your destination, taking ingredients from home can save you time (and money) when you get to your destination.

Take along travel snacks, such as…

I usually take a box of long life organic milk and our favourite organic granola. That means that even if we get to our destination and I don’t have time to go out and get any food or delivery isn’t an option, the boys can have a bowl full of their favourite granola with milk – a perfect holiday meal no matter what time of day it is. (Note: My preference is for fresh, organic milk, though for the couple of times a year when we travel I make the exception. I figure that it’s better than fast food, so am willing to make the sacrifice. We also love raw milk!)

Another fun favorite is instant chia pudding. I take along a couple of pouched of organic fruit puree (also known as baby food, mango or banana works best) and mix it with Chia Seeds. Pop it into a disposable cup, give it a good stir and if you can leave it in a fridge for a few hours to thicken you have a delicious, fruity chia pudding! Learn all about chia seeds here!

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Visit Local Farmers Market and Supermarkets

An amazing way to explore the local food culture is to visit a local farmers market and enjoy the bounty of local, in-season produce. Stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables that are easy to prepare. To find local farmers markets, simply use Google before you get to your destination so that you can make sure you’re in the right place at the right time.

During our brief Dublin visit earlier in the year we stayed in a hotel and just wanted a “home cooked meal,” even though we had zero cooking facilities. The answer? I bought a whole, free range cooked chicken which was pre-cut into portions, as well as a choice of ready cut vegetables so I could make a salad to enjoy on the side. I also got a pack of freshly baked sourdough rolls to fill with our chicken. It was just what we craved and the perfect meal.
Note: If you are looking for local farmer’s market quality food where you live, but have trouble with access…check out our post here about how to how to support a local farmer when you don’t have one close to you.

Have Food Delivered

As with finding local farmers markets, Google search local food delivery services that can deliver freshly made real food meals or the ingredients for you to prepare them yourself, if you have the facilities.

When we visited England last year, I spent AGES slowly going through every page on a local supermarket’s website, ordering food items to keep us nourished through our stay. Our food order was delivered to our AirBnb location a few hours after our arrival and made cooking real food meals a breeze right from the get go.

Remember Eating Tools

Remember to take along eating tools including knives, forks, spoons, cups, bowls, plates, and also a sharp knife. Note that if you’re traveling with hand luggage only then avoid taking knives!

How To Eat Real Food When You Travel Video

I filmed a short video while we were on our most recent trip, with some of my top tips about how to eat real food when you travel. Take a look:

I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below with your tips for how to eat real food when you travel.

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