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Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

Do you suffer from pollen, dust, or other pollutants?

Let me introduce you to a more unique way of cleaning your indoor air: the Himalayan salt lamp! In the natural living world, we tend to do lots of things that are deemed odd, but using a Himalayan salt lamp is definitely one of the crazier things to enter my home!

A Himalayan salt lamp is pretty much exactly what it sounds likes; it is a huge chuck of salt that has a hallowed out space in the bottom for a small light bulb. Yes, it is really just salt. I’ve heard tales of kids giving them a lick even!

These lovely warm glowing salt lamps then drawn in the pollen, dust, allergens, and even reduce EMF’s! They are great for anyone who suffers from allergies, asthma, or even depression.

Head over to The Pistachio Project to discover the details of Himalayan salt lamp benefits, how they work, and tips on buying them.

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