Introducing a Cookbook…and a New Grain-Free Baking Technique!

Publisher Note:
Hey friend! It’s Jess, the original Scratch Mommy, here to share something very special with you. Megan has been a Scratch Mommy Contributor for a while now, so you might have read some of her posts here on our site (like How To Make Beef Broth and Why You Should Buy Organic).

Megan has quite the story to share, so it’s no wonder she has written her own cookbook, that might just help YOU to live a more happy, full, and especially more health-FULL life! You see, by the young age of 40 Megan had been diagnosed with 5(FIVE!) serious health conditions, including arthritis, Hashimoto’s, and other autoimmune diseases.

Five short years ago Megan was given not very long to live…but now, she is THRIVING!

How did she do it? Megan has healed 2 out of 3 of her autoimmune diseases with The GAPS Diet. She has also healed her daughter of asthma, through homeopathy, diet, and hydrotherapy.

Megan has written a very unique cookbook with a very unique (but EASY) way to cook. Her cookbook showcases the tips, tricks, tools, and delicious RECIPES that helped to HEAL her and her family. She is here to share a bit about her cookbook with you today. I am amazed at the amount of healing that has taken place, by simply changing a mindset and the ways in which she has been eating. The key……? A NEW way to cook grain-free and refined sugar-free.

Can you do it to help heal your own gut related issues, autoimmune issues, and regain your health? Yes. Yes, you can!

Megan- I am so proud of you and happy for you. You are the epitome of a Mommy Living Life From Scratch and working to eat truly healthy, healing, ‘from scratch’ foods. Thank you for writing this amazing cookbook and sharing it (and your story!) with the world. You have a #1 best seller on your hands, and you absolutely deserve it.


Do you ever bake grain-free?

Is refined sugar less desirable to you?

For instance, do you prefer using raw honey, pure maple syrup, coconut sugar, or stevia? If your answers are yes to one or both of these questions, I have a really special cookbook to share with you.

A grain-free, refined sugar-free cookbook, with 5 FREE bonus videos (Cheers!)

Keep Reading..!

This cookbook is unique because it does not use almond flour, meal, or butter. It introduces a new baking technique that’s from scratch- but just as easy!

I am totally biased- and yet not- because I wrote this book, spending the last three years on recipe research and development. I am so thankful and happy to say that it is already a #1 New Release on Amazon; and I am hoping it will be a big help and boon in your home.

Almonds are great; no doubt about it! But they are high in omega-6s, so should be eaten sparingly, in moderation. And, unfortunately, most almond products sold are not sprouted. So any good we are trying to do our bodies by eating almond butter or flour is negated by a hard-to-digest, dormant food. Even blanched almond flour is usually rancid, with a short shelf life and long storage preceding its sales.

Years ago when I began my grain-free, refined-sugar-free journey I noted these drawbacks and set out to find a better option for my family. We had to be content! We needed foods that would satisfy, so we would stay the course and get well!

Well. We’ve achieved some amazing results on the GAPS diet; (I’m also a huge fan of similar diets: Paleo, AIP, anti-candida, SCD …)

Eliminating grains and sugar helps the body to heal.

Through our diet we’ve put into remission two autoimmune diseases, not to mention face rashes, dyslexia, asthma, constipation, arthritis, and a bladder disease!

If you think you might be interested in a new way of making grain-free baked goods that’s just as fast, just as easy, but is easier to digest, read on.

By the way, my cookbook is called EAT BEAUTIFUL: Grain-free, Sugar-free and Loving It. We are offering the eCookbook + 5 FREE Bonus Videos!

You should nourish your body inside and out…outside and in! Check out the goods in my handcrafted organic skincare shop…they provide the ultimate in nourishment that you seek!



So what is this new grain-free baking technique?

The new method uses nuts soaked in saltwater; but they are neither dehydrated nor ground into flour.

It looks like this: the cook puts raw nuts, salt and water into a bowl the night before she plans to use them (or just a few hours before, in the case of cashews or seeds). In the morning she rinses them off in a colander; and they are now ready to use! That’s it.

We call this, “soaked and wet.” There is almost no labor, less than 5 minutes. And the nuts are much healthier than store-bought butters or flours. This method also yields a great texture in baked goods. That’s because the batter is moist; and it stays moist after being baked.

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In EAT BEAUTIFUL: Grain-free, Sugar-free and Loving It I share recipes for every kind of baked good using this technique. Moist muffins or loaves are made quickly: just pop the wet nuts in the blender with eggs, butter or coconut oil, honey and a few other ingredients and you have a wonderfully easy, delicious baked good!

There are also cookies, scones, pancakes, waffles, savory casseroles and more, that utilize this technique. For those who can’t have nuts, there are roughly 45 nut and seed-free recipes and 28 AIP recipes. Many of the recipes offer dairy-free, egg-free, coconut-free and other food sensitive options.

We know food allergies in our own home; and I am so happy to help provide alternatives!

What about the videos? They’re lovely! 1 video shares more information about the new grain-free baking technique, seen nowhere else on the web, its origins, development and benefits. 4 of the videos are additional bonus recipes, not included in the cookbook~ including an AIP Pie Crust and what I call Lazy Man’s Custard, my favorite recipe in the whole world.

Raw Strawberry Pie
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So what are ya waitin’ for? Here’s the deal and we hope you’ll join the party! I am so available via email if you have any questions; and I hope this eCookbook will be a huge benefit in your home! If you prefer the softcover version, it can be purchased through {We’re sorry; it does not come with the 5 FREE Bonus Videos.}

Cheers, friends, thanks for your interest and may this eCookbook + the 5 FREE Bonus Videos be of huge practical help to you, in making grain-free, sugar-free eating more fun, feast-worthy, and easy to digest!

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  1. Your cookbook is quite intriguing to me! I was viewing it on Amazon’s preview and was trying to determine if you offered substitution guidelines. For instance, I cannot have coconut, eggs, dairy and several other things due to food intolerance issues. It was mentioned above that many of the recipes provide dairy free, egg free, and coconut free options, yet the recipes that I previewed didn’t seem to offer any substitution options. Are the substitutions specified somewhere else or do the previewed recipes not include modifications that can be made? Just trying to determine if I’d like to purchase the cookbook, as I’ve purchased many only to find out that they’re based on something that I cannot have. Thanks for time!

    1. Post

      Hi Holly, thanks for your question. There will be many recipes you can have. However, in the baking recipes there are not, for instance, alternatives for baking the recipe without eggs. There are a few baked goods without eggs- cookies and pancakes; but most of the baked goods contain eggs without a variation. You could certainly try them with gelatin or flax eggs; but most recipes either contain them or they don’t. Subbing for coconut or dairy, however, is really easy; and you could even email if you weren’t sure with a specific recipe how to sub. I think the egg-free issue would make this cookbook hard for you unless you were happy with lots of recipes for pies, beverages, toppings etc. Baked goods like muffins or cake will be more limited. Hope this helps. Cheers and blessings.

  2. Hi Megan. I came upon your website via Scratch Mommy. I follow Sally Fallon’s practices, including soaking flour for baked goods and pancakes. We drink raw milk & do not consume sugar but rather use raw honey and pure maple syrup. We have been a real food family for over ten years. I have been seeing a homeopathic doctor for about seven months and we have addressed food allergies but I am still having some issues. I am 42 years old and have tophaceous gout. I have improved very much and have very infrequent bouts of discomfort. I still have rashy skin on my face and it seems to be getting worse. I was free from feeling itchy for a few months but it has now returned. This is the type of itchiness that causes me to feel like I want to pull my skin off. I homeschool my children and already have my hands full with homemaking and educating. In addition I have a very limited budget for groceries. I would like to try a GAPS diet for our entire family and my question is, is it realistic to switch to a GAPS diet, continue homeschooling, and stay within a $125 per week food budget? I would greatly appreciate your honest answer. In live in SC. Thank you! -Rosa (Psalm 23:1)

    1. Post

      Hi Rosa, thanks for your question. Just as a side note, have you already ruled out a histamine allergy? Before going on GAPS you should look into this, unless you already have. The rash makes me wonder. GAPS foods like bone broth and kraut contain histamines. If you already consume these with your WAFP traditional diet, that may be one main issue; and you can easily resolve it by pulling out the histamine foods. That said, and if that isn’t an issue, I do believe you can, yes. It is all about where you source your bones from and, as you already are, being frugal and looking for special ways to buy what you need, in bulk etc. If you end up going that route, please feel free to email me and I’m happy to help. Best and warmly, Megan

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