Give the gardener in your life something that says "Thanks for all the yummy homegrown food" this season with these 8 fabulous gifts for the gardener.

8 Gifts for the Gardener in Your Life

Give the gardener in your life something that says "Thanks for all the yummy homegrown food" this season with these 8 fabulous gifts for the gardener.
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December is upon us and that means the Holidays are literally just around the corner. I would love to spend this time of year sipping hot chocolate by my tree, but instead I often find myself at the mall or staring at my computer on trying to figure out what my loved ones might want.

Or worse, trying to figure out what I want.

In my family you have for sure secured a space on the Naughty List if your Christmas list isn’t in by December 1.

This is hard for me because I am pretty simple and I like the gifts I give to be heartfelt — I guess that’s because I am a gardener.

Most gardeners are down to earth and pretty content. We are not in the market for the latest and greatest new tech gadget or a huge sparkly bubble (Although, dear husband, if you are reading this… I guess I wouldn’t hate it).

Instead, we find our excitement in pulling carrots and entertainment in our backyard hens.

Are you a gardener and stumped when asked, “So, what do you want for Christmahannukwanzadan?”

You’ll want to check out my list of functional, yet pretty and fun gifts to get some ideas.

Many of the items are things that I already have and love using in my own garden. You can see me in an Ice Milk apron on my recipe homepage on my personal blog, Bloom. Also there, my vintage spoon herb markers make an appearance in almost any post about the herbs I have growing. And, of course, my own wide brimmed hat is the focal point in Bloom’s Facebook cover photo.

Or, maybe you have a gardener in your life who never asks for anything but you know they deserve something great.

This list is for you too.

Your beloved gardener provides you with fabulous homegrown food throughout the year and she loves doing it. Give her something to say “Thanks” this Holiday Season… and to make her get excited for the next growing season!

Happy Holidays to you all!

And, Happy Gifting!

1. Grow, Cook, Eat by Willi Galloway

Gardeners of every level will find Grow, Cook, Eat very informative and interesting. The author runs through a plethora of vegetables sharing tips for planing, tending to and cooking each one.

2. Compost Container

Pretty enough to sit on the kitchen counter, yet incredibly functional for storing vegetable scraps before they are carried out to the compost bin. This container is a great price on Amazon but they can also be found at any kitchen supply store.

3. Vintage Spoon Herb Marker

These beautiful vintage spoons add a little whimsy and a lot of purpose to any herb garden or collection of planters. Etsy is full of unique gifts with customization options.

4. Gathering Basket

This sturdy basket from Williams Sonoma’s new garden brand “Agrarian” allows dirt and debris to fall away from the latest harvest and garden tools. You can also find some great antique gathering baskets like this and this on Amazon.

5. Garden Apron

Well made and practical from a cute little company out of Atlanta, this apron helps free up your gardeners hands with plenty of pockets for seed packets or tools. It also offers the option for personalizing. Here’s another apron that has a cute leaf pattern on it.

6. Herb Kit Planter

This beautiful planter is perfect for any culinary focused gardener and looks great on any windowsill. Herb Kits also include good instructions and all the seeds needed for this indoor herb garden.

7. Natural Bug Spray

Keep bugs off your gardener and bites to a minimum with this effective yet light, natural bug repellent from Scratch Mommy.

8. Sun Hat

Help your gardener fight the strong sun, but still look chic with a wide brimmed hat or any of the other great pieces of garden apparel from Terrain.

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