Need inspiration on which books to read to your toddler? Here are 10 of our favorite books for toddlers -- some of them being classics we all know and love.

10 Favorite Books for Toddlers

Need inspiration on which books to read to your toddler? Here are 10 of our favorite books for toddlers -- some of them being classics we all know and love.
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Growing up, I loved reading. Some may have called me a ‘book worm,’ and it was an apt description. I would read anything I could get my hands on and I couldn’t stop until I got to the end.

After having my own children, it was important to me that they appreciate the world of reading as well. So as soon as they were a few months old, we began including reading into their everyday schedule.

Before nap time and before bed we made it a point to read books. Now, as toddlers, it’s still part of their routine and they love books.

Over the last five years we accumulated quite a collection of books but we do have some favorites.

Here is a list of our ten favorite books for toddlers:

1. “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See,” by Bill Martin and Eric Carle.

This is a simple book with colourful pictures of animals. But it’s the simplicity and rhythm of the words that makes this book a hit with young ones. Find Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See here.

2. ‘The Water Hole,” by Graeme Base.
As soon as you open this book, you will be struck by the beautiful illustrations. The story is about different animal wildlife that are all looking for water. Be prepared for your children to ask you to read this book over and over again. Find The Water Hole here.

3. “Dear Zoo” by Rod Campbell
Dear Zoo is a story that kids can relate to, it’s about a boy looking for the perfect pet. It’s not only entertaining, but education as well. And to put it over the top, it’s also a lift-the-flap book which children love. Find Dear Zoo here.

4. “The Book of Sleep” Il Sung Na
This is a great bed or nap time, board book about how different animals sleep at night and it’s wonderfully illustrated. Make sure to look for the owl that may be hiding on each page. Find The Book of Sleep here.

5. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” By Eric Carle
This classic children’s story was published in 1969, yet is still captures and fascinates children today. It’s a story about a colorful caterpillar who can’t stop eating. Find The Very Hungry Caterpillar here.

6. “Pouch!” by David Ezra Stein.
It’s a fun book about a baby kangaroo named Joey, who is apprehensive about leaving the comfort of his Mama’s pocket. Kids will love chiming in every time Joey calls out, “pouch!” Find Pouch! here.

7. “Hug,” by Jez Alborough
A book that focuses on the word Hug, needs to be in every household. Although it’s a simple story, there is a deeper meaning behind it for children. And another bonus is that you will also be getting a lot of hugs. Find Hug here.

8. “Barnyard Beat,” by Lindsay Craig and Marc Brown
This was a fun book with great rhyming words and a beat to it. When I used to read it to my kids, they were usually up and dancing as I almost sang the words to them. Find Barnyard Beat here.

9. “Counting Kisses,” by Karen Katz
This was one of my favorite books to read the kisses. Not only does it introduce numbers to the little ones, it’s an excuse to give them lots and lots of kisses! Find Counting Kisses here.

10. “Goodnight Moon,” by Margaret Wise Brown
I had to complete the list with one of our kid’s favorite bedtime books, Goodnight Moon. This classic story that was first published over 50 years ago is timeless in its gentle storytelling and beautiful nighttime tradition. Find Goodnight Moon here.

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  1. These are great books! Another I would recommend for kids today is “How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight”…it is my personal favorite to read to my twins 🙂

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