Scratch Mommy editor, Crystal Allen shares her Easy Spicy Pickled Carrots Canning Recipe. Easy and delicious they are crunchy, sweet, salty, sour & spicy.

Easy Spicy Pickled Carrots Canning Recipe

Have you ever eaten pickled carrots?

If you haven’t, you are missing out. Crunchy, sweet, salty and sour all in one bite… they are delicious. When my husband and I first started dating we used to attend the Circle Craft Christmas Fair every November. We would spend hours strolling through the aisles of handmade fares, holding hands, buying Christmas gifts and sampling homemade goods. It was at this fair that I discovered my love for pickled carrots (and pickled beets, garlic scapes and green beans).

This past summer I took a food preservation class where I learned the art of canning. I spent the entire summer canning everything that I could get my hands on, because summer is when people can isn’t it? I think that 90% of all canning is done in the summer. One of the reasons I love pickled carrots is because carrots are readily available 365 days a year, which means you can can them all year long.

I experimented with my pickled carrot recipe and gave it a bit of a kick by adding chilli flakes. If you don’t like spicy foods you can leave the chillis out. My family loves getting homemade pickles for Christmas so this year each of my family members will be getting a jar of spicy pickled carrots in their Christmas stockings.

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