Super easy peasy smashed potatoes recipe (only 4 ingredients)!- Scratch Mommy

Easy Peasy Smashed Potatoes (4 ingredients for a scrumptious side)

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Running short on time, but still need to get something nourishing on the table? You need our easy peasy smashed potatoes recipe.- Scratch Mommy
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Who doesn’t want a heartwarming, soul pleasing, deliciously warm breakfast in the morning? Sounds good, right? How about all the work that goes along with it? Hmm, not quite as good.

Well, worry not, because while I love scrumptious meals, I definitely don’t love hours of prep and clean up. And, let’s be honest, who has time for that? Definitely not me…mornings are hectic. Usually by the time I actually set down for breakfast, the preschooler is tearing through the toys, the baby is clawing at whatever breakfast the preschooler has been picking at for the last half hour, and the dog is itching to go out.

Every minute counts when I prep and cook, so I want food…not extra work. If I can get extra time for anything, I want it to be for sleep, not for prepping a meal! If you know my struggle, rest easy – you can get in an extra hour of sleep (or an extra hour to run after the kids) and a delicious and easy breakfast. That’s what we call a win-win!

Learn how to make easy peasy smashed potatoes!- Scratch Mommy
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These easy peasy smashed potatoes are crowd pleasing, easy, and require minimal hands on time.

To me, this is always a perfect accompaniment to breakfast – it replaces the traditional hashbrowns with healthy, homemade, from scratch, option that begs to be placed beneath a runny egg. …but this side doesn’t stop at breakfast. This would be great with some grilled salmon, add the necessary crunch of potatoes beside a burger, or be a family-approved side with just about any meal.

The best part about this meal is that the hardest part is a bit of whacking with a pan – you could even enlist the rest of the family to help out. It will be the most fun a meal has ever been!

Easy Peasy Smashed Potatoes (4 ingredients for a scrumptious side)
Materials needed:
  • 1 sheet pan
  • 1 pot (the heaviest pot you have – for me, I use my stock pot)
  • 1 large tea towel (dish towel or flour sack towel, or whatever you call these towels where you live)
  • 1 large piece of wax paper, parchment paper, or 2 silpats
  1. Boil potatoes until tender and allow to cool until they’re cool enough to handle.
  2. Preheat oven to 425.
  3. Once cool enough to handle, lay out your tea towel and line with wax paper. Line half of the wax paper with potatoes, leaving 1 inch between potatoes. Fold the tea towel in half, so the potatoes are fully covered with wax paper and the tea towel.
  4. Take your heavy pot and use it to pound down the potatoes – usually one heavy smack of the pot will work. The thinner you make the potatoes at this point, the crispier they’ll be.
  5. Transfer smashed potatoes to your sheet pan and drizzle both sides with olive oil. Top with sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper.
  6. Place in oven for 30 minutes, flipping once after 15 minutes. If you like your potatoes super crispy, feel free to leave them in for a couple of minutes extra.
  7. Serve hot and top with shredded cheese, sour cream, green onions, hot sauce, or any of your other favourite toppings.
To make prep the day of easier, you can boil the potatoes the day before. I wouldn’t recommend smashing them until right before baking, as they’re more likely to fall apart, but if you need to pre-smash, it is best to refrigerate them on the pan, so you won’t have to move them at all.

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