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DIY Natural Stain Remover

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I’ve been that lady covered in peanut butter smears whose kids are wearing clothes stained with who-knows-what that you’ve seen at the grocery store. I’ve accepted that we won’t all be clean at one time until my kids are at least 14. We just won’t. However, I do still want some unstained clothes for all of us to wear for special occasions or when I’m just sick of my kids looking like ragamuffins…I mean, that’s reasonable, right!? After the 20th brand new shirt immediately got a ketchup stain I knew I needed to find a way to get the stains out. And then I remembered…

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While preparing for my second child’s birth (my first home birth) I went through the list that my midwives gave me of things to pack. One of the items was a bottle of peroxide. I didn’t know what it was for, but I packed it up anyway. As it turns out peroxide is an amazing stain remover. Peroxide saved our white carpet from being forever ruined.

Since peroxide is such an amazing stain remover I thought I’d try it on our clothes. I added some lemon juice for some acidity to break down the stains and to make it smell nice. I also added lavender essential oil because it’s my favorite scent and it’s safe for everyone. You can use your favorite essential oil. Oil of oregano can help disinfect (the lemon juice does this, too). This stain remover gets out foods stains as well as blood stains, grass stains, and even mildew!

DIY Natural Stain Remover

DIY Natural Stain Remover Recipe (effective, easy, non-toxic stain removal)- Scratch Mommy
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DIY Natural Stain Remover Recipe


Make It

  • Add ingredients to an opaque container (peroxide is photo sensitive).
  • Squeeze a small amount onto the stain and let sit for 10-30 minutes. Add a little more and use an old toothbrush to scrub the stain.
  • At this point the stain should be about 99% gone.
  • Throw the article of clothing into a cold wash with detergent and it should be done! You can double or triple this recipe and store it for future use.

Stain Removal Tips

Even the best stain remover won’t work if you aren’t using it right. Here are some tips for getting the most from this DIY natural stain remover.

  • As soon as you notice the stain, treat it with cold water (warm water will set the stain). One way to do this is to let cold water run through the back of the stain (so the water forces the stain out the front).
  • Treat the stain as soon as possible.
  • After treating the stain and washing the clothing, check to make sure the stain is gone before placing in the dryer (again, the heat will set the stain).
  • If the stain is not gone repeat the stain removal again or leave the stain remover on longer.
  • Add salt with the stain remover for extra stain fighting power as you scrub.

This DIY stain remover has been a life saver for us. As long as I notice a stain relatively early on, I can usually get it out. It’s saving us a ton of money since we don’t have to constantly buy new clothes!

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    This is amazing and I cannot wait to try it! The conventional stuff is so awfully chemical – it burns my nose the second I open it.

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