It's not always a smooth ride to get your kids on board with their chores. Why not create a DIY chore chart that puts fun back into it all? It's so easy!

DIY Chore Chart

Getting your kids to do their chores on a regular basis can often be challenging. It’s a good idea to get them started at an early age when ‘helping out mom’ is still a fun thing!

For toddlers, you want to choose chores that are simple and easy for them to understand and accomplish — such as putting away their toys, picking up their dish from the table, and helping to make their bed.

To make it more exciting, why not start a chart for the kids so that when they finish a chore they can go and mark off what they’ve finished. It’s nice for them to see what they’ve done and gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Here’s a very simple DIY Chore Chart that you can do at home with some help from your children. When you’re finished, make sure to hang it at your child’s height so they have the independence to look at what chores need to be done and to mark it off themselves.

Click here to view Salma’s DIY Chore Chart tutorial

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